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© 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. VMware EUC Solutions for Device Diversity and K-12 Online Testing Presented by: Jim Lorenz VMware End User Computing.

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1 © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. VMware EUC Solutions for Device Diversity and K-12 Online Testing Presented by: Jim Lorenz VMware End User Computing Specialist SLED East May 29, 2014

2 2 Today’s Agenda – Welcome MEEC Members! 1:1 and Device Diversity VMware K12 Solutions Online Testing Challenges and Solutions Case Studies CONFIDENTIAL TODAY’S TEAM Pat Collins MEEC Member Services Coordinator Jim Lorenz VMware End User Computing Specialist SLED Select MD Karen Firkser VMware End User Computing Specialist SLED Select MD Alex Queller VMware Enterprise Account Executive SLED MD and DE Brad Kaplon Data Networks Director of Marketing

3 3 VMware K-12 Device Diversity Solution K-12 schools worldwide are looking for ways to enable equal access to digital content and applications for students. The VMware K-12 Device Diversity Solution delivers the same user experience no matter what device is being used. So whether it is a school issued device as part of a one-to-one (1:1) program or a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenario, students have access to the same resources to complete their coursework.

4 4 One-to-One Computing for K-12 School Districts Goal: provide a device that will give students uniform access to computing, applications, and data. Challenges: – Capital cost – Ongoing cost – Selecting the right device or devices – Management of devices – Future proofing of devices

5 5 The Evolution of K-12 Computing 198419901995199820102011 Apple McIntosh Windows 3.0 PCs Windows 95 PCs Apple iMac Apple iPad Google Chromebook What’s Next? The Pace of Innovation is Accelerating

6 6 Does One Size Fit All for K-12 Students? Results from a survey conducted in a K-12 school district in the state of Washington Kindergarten to 2 nd Grade – Profile: Just learning how to use computers, small fingers – Preferred device: iPad Mini, Kindle Fire… 3 rd Grade to 5 th Grade – Profile: Just learning how to type – Preferred device: Chromebooks 6 th Grade to 8 th Grade – Profile: Want the latest cool computing devices – Preferred device: iPad, MS Surface? 9 th Grade to 12 th Grade – Profile: Need powerful computing for multimedia – Preferred device: Macbooks or Windows Ultrabooks

7 7 VMware Device Diversity Solution Delivers a virtual desktop to any device Secure delivery of applications and data Adobe Flash support Leverage existing computers Future proof investments Ensure compliance with school policies Support for legacy applications with different browser versions using Remote App or ThinApp publishing Equal access to centralized computing power for all users Optional hardware accelerated 3D graphics delivered to any device Tablets/Phones Laptops Thin and Zero Clients Desktops Chromebooks

8 8 The Same Windows Desktop on Any Device Mac Desktop Tablet Smartphone

9 VMware K-12 Solutions

10 10 VMware Chromebook Solution Google Chromebooks are being used in 22% of all U.S. school districts – 6,000 Schools with a deployment – Estimated one in four devices bought for Education in Q4 2012 was a Chromebook (Futuresource Consulting)

11 11 VMware Chromebook Solution VMware partnership with Google – Announced May 2014 – VMware DaaS Certified on TestNav 7.5 Online assessment/testing – Announced Feb 2014 – Delivers a Windows desktop to Chromebooks leveraging VMware Blast Standardize on one device for both students and faculty – Students can use browser based Chromebooks applications – Faculty can still have access to legacy Windows applications Windows desktops and apps as a service from the cloud to a cloud device – Your choice: desktop virtualization from your cloud or public cloud

12 12 VMware Windows on Mobile Solution 1. Device support – Anytime, anywhere, any device access to coursework – Control and deliver a consistent end-user experience to any device, reducing helpdesk calls – Location aware printing enables on-campus printing from mobile devices – Copy and paste between virtual desktop and device 2. Security – Access shared coursework between institutions and research institutions can protect IP since data stays in the datacenter 3. Application Compatibility – Support for legacy applications with ThinApp 4. Fast application availability – Provision new applications for students instantly 5. Support for complex 3D applications – Virtual desktop support for engineering coursework and other graphically intensive courses

13 13 VMware Desktop as a Service Solution CONFIDENTIAL Fast & flexible (Low Risk). Easy to try & easy to buy. Start small and grow. Get desktops immediately when needed No CapEx - all OpEx. No upfront costs. No Operational Skills Needed – consume desktops as a monthly subscription service and pay for desktop SLA. Multiple datacenters - desktops are hosted in nearest datacenter. Hybrid Model – deploy VDI for some locations and cloud for others Partner Network

14 14 Multimedia in the Classroom-Support for Complex 3D Applications Software 3D – Basic 3D graphics capabilities – No physical graphics card required Shared Hardware Graphics Acceleration – Share a single 3D graphics card with multiple virtual machines for high performance 3D workloads – Cost effective Dedicated Hardware Graphics Acceleration – Enables dedicated access to physical GPU hardware for 3D and high performance compute workloads – A true workstation replacement option

15 15 Common Core Online Assessment 87 of K-12 students in the U.S. live in states that have adopted the Common Core State Standards* 2014 - 2015 School year to be digitally ready for CCSS Online Assessments* % What is the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Consistent learning expectations for all students. Clear standards that focus on understanding over memorization. Emphasis on the critical topics students need to succeed after high school (Math and English) Faster testing results with a better, more focused online assessment system. ? *EdWeek, July 2013 READ MORE ABOUT THE CCSS

16 16 PARCC/Pearson vs. SBAC/AIR States Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) Pearson TestNav Platform Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) American Institutes for Research Platform

17 17 Pearson TestNav Overview Pearson Education – PearsonAccess – online assessment management system – TestNav – test delivery system VMware is TestNav Qualified – VMware Horizon View 5.0.1 – 5.3 – TestNav Qualified with TestNav 7.5 and 8.0 –

18 Online Testing Challenges and VMware Solution

19 19 Online Testing Challenges 1. Rolling Out Online Testing Applications – SBAC must install a secure browser on each endpoint 2. Uptime – High stakes tests must be administered continuously to ensure integrity of results 3. Security Concerns – Locking down machines and viruses 4. Testing Station Availability – Limited number of testing stations in labs at schools 5. Time Constraints – Hundreds if not thousands of students are expected to take tests in a short testing window – Preparing computers for testing and reconfiguring for computer lab use takes time away from general computer use

20 20 VMware Online Testing Solution 1. Rolling Out Online Testing Applications – Deploy secure browsers simply by recomposing Horizon View Desktops 2. Uptime – High availability of virtualized desktops – If a testing station fails, centralized delivery of testing ensures continuity 3. Security – Locked down thin clients or zero clients – Centralized antivirus 4. Testing Station Availability – A variety of endpoints to choose from including repurposed old PCs 5. Time constraints – Testing stations can be converted to general purpose computer labs in minutes and vice versa

21 21 1. Application Rollout View Composer – Recompose Offline  Best practices No more than 1,000 VMs per Linked Clone pool No more than 64 VMs per LUN (iSCSI, FC, FCoE) 140 VMs per LUN with VAAI support (check with your storage vendor) Support for many more VMs per datastore when using NFS Leverage Disposable Disks to slow growth

22 22 1. Application Rollout View Composer - Refresh View Composer can refresh a linked clone in as little as half the time it takes to delete and recreate the clone 20GB 5GB

23 23 2. Uptime High Availability Option Multi-Path Constant Replication End to End Redundancy Stateless Desktop

24 24 3. Security Ensure Test Integrity vCenter Centralized Virtual Desktops View Connection Server View Security Server View Client PCoIP DMZ PCoIP Microsoft Active Directory All data and processing of test stays in the data center High-fidelity display protocol is AES- 128 bit encrypted Secure access from remote schools using View Security Server Control or eliminate USB access and copy/paste capability Centralized Antivirus

25 25 4. Testing Station Availability A Variety of Stations to Choose From Tablets Laptops Thin Clients Zero Clients

26 26 Template 5. Time Constraints Provision Desktops in Minutes Automate provisioning from template On-demand provisioning Rapidly update images for testing. Simple roll-back capability when testing is complete. Manage and optimize user experience via Group Policy View Manager vCenter

27 27 Potential impact of VMware solutions on the online testing environment SECURITY Maintain security & privacy of student information Test environments secured COMPLIANCE No error messages Fast load time No noticeable lag time while interacting No significant lag with video, audio and test items Security from “login” to “submit” No access to other applications or content No screen captures, printing, or saving of the display screen All data is encrypted between client and server for the entirety of the usage period To be qualified on the industry’s online test delivery systems such as Pearson’s TestNav means that a vendor must meet the following requirements:

28 28 Potential impact of VMware solutions on the online testing requirement EASE OF MANAGEMENT Ease of deployment – just add secure browser and recompose to deploy to multiple endpoints Secure online tests are managed like any other application AVAILABILITY Reduced downtime & increased availability allowing more time for teaching & learning Reduce desktop repair time from weeks to minutes

29 Customer Case Studies

30 30 Case Study – Aledo Independent School District Pearson TestNav Platform Based in Aledo, Texas, Aledo ISD provides K-12 education to a student population of approximately 4,600, with 280 teachers and 145 administrative staff in nine schools. “We’ve had tremendous success using VMware Horizon View for Pearson TestNav. Testing season brings a lot of stress to not only students but the staff as well. VMware Horizon View allows IT departments to facilitate these tests in a high availability environment, which is extremely comforting.” Brooks Moore, DCS Technology Help Desk Manager, Aledo Independent School District

31 31 Case Study – School District of Somerset American Institutes for Research Platform Based in Somerset, Wisconsin, the School District of Somerset is home to over 1,600 students. In May 2013, the K-12 district was selected to participate in a pilot program to test the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium platform to meet the requirements of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. “With VMware Horizon View, we didn’t experience any technical issues when we did the [Smarter Balanced] pilot. People were concerned about audio sound quality, videos, mouse movements—those things that are critical in high-stakes testing—but we saw no performance issues whatsoever in our environment. The virtual environment performed the way we expected it to, and we’re very happy with the results.” Ryan Sicard, Director of IT, Somerset School District

32 32 Case Study Conneaut School District Provides a tablet to each of its 700+ high school students Uses virtual machines to turn the tablets into high-functioning computing devices “Virtualization turns each tablet into a secure Windows 7 device with 100 Mb storage capacity… Students can log in to the desktop from their tablet or any other Internet connected device, whether at school or home.” – Herb Bossard, teacher and technology integrator

33 33 Summary Schools around the world recognize that students need access to digital content both at school and outside of school. Programs such as 1:1 initiatives ensure that students have access at any time to their coursework but device and user experience support can be challenging for IT departments. The VMware Device Diversity Solution enables schools to offer students the same user experience no matter what device is being used while streamlining management for IT.

34 34 Summary Common Core standards were developed in 2010 to address uneven education performance in the U.S. and prepare students for college and work both domestically and internationally Compliance with Common Core is being driven primarily by the PARCC and SBAC state consortiums with a target for the 2014-2015 school year Challenges with complying with PARCC and SBAC online testing requirements include rolling out online testing applications, uptime, security concerns, testing station availability, and time constraints VMware Horizon View addresses these challenges and offers a proven and validated solution for delivering online testing in a virtual desktop environment

35 35 About Data Networks o Simplifying enterprise IT for our education customers since 1983 o Complete solutions include:  End User Computing  Data Center Optimization  Infrastructure and Security o Full-time staff of 60+ with flexible staffing model that scales to customer needs o Hold major contract awards throughout the Mid-Atlantic region o Strong vendor relationships with industry-leading manufacturers for single-source simplicity QUESTIONS? TOP 100

36 36 CONTACT US! Amy Bateman Account Executive 800-283-6387, ext. 3020 Cornel Einhorn Customer Service Representative 800-283-6387, ext. 3017 Robert White Account Executive 800-283-6387, ext. 3015 Linda Duffy Customer Service Representative 800-283-6387, ext. 3014 Mid Atlantic - K12 Named AcctsMaryland - State Gov Jan Silhavy Account Executive 800-283-6387, ext. 3022 Cornel Einhorn Customer Service Representative 800-283-6387, ext. 3017 Mid Atlantic – SLED Jennifer Hillesland Account Executive 919-270-0318 Kara Jones Customer Service Representative 800-283-6387, ext. 3021 North Carolina – Named Accts Alex Queller Enterprise Acct Exec – SLED, MD/DE 443-867-7645 Jim Lorenz EUC Specialist – SLED MD 336-255-0279 Karen Firkser EUC Specialist – SLED MD VMware Dwayne MacKenzie Principal Architect – Infra & Security 610-937-0143 Will Kaufman Principal Architect – Data Center 443-386-9914 Sales Engineering

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