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The Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council December 10, 2012 Tecogen Technology Review 1 Bob Panora President and COO.

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1 The Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council December 10, 2012 Tecogen Technology Review 1 Bob Panora President and COO

2 Outline 2  Company Background  Key Technology Areas (CA Funded)  Microgrid Enabled CHP Module Commercial Applications  High Efficiency Water Heating (Ilios) Advanced Engine  Advanced Emissions Control System Application to Commercial Products Other Engines

3 Company Background 3

4 World Energy Use/Opportunity for Efficiency Improvement 4

5 Basis for Our Products 5  Remote Power Station Power is Inefficient  Substantial Improvement (~2X) Possible if…  Power Generation Distributed  Power Generation is Staged  Second Stage is Applied to Onsite Heating  Product Offering (3 general Areas)  Combined Heat and Power (CHP)  Air Conditioning  High Efficiency Heating (Heat Pump)

6 Combined Heat & Power Electricity out Thermal out 100.0% 30.4% 59.8% TOTAL EFFICIENCY > 90.2% (LHV basis) > 80.0% (HHV basis) Natural Gas

7 Tecogen’s Customer Base Depart. Stores Sports Arenas Ice Rink Hotels Athletic Clubs

8 1 T Recn Facility Hospital Nursing Home Hospital Recn Facility Hospital Govt Lab Apts Nursing Home Recn Facility College Recn Facility Nursing Home Hospital School Apts Nursing Home Hospital Nursing Home Recn Facility Nursing Home Hospital School Recn Facility College School Recn Facility Hospital College Recn Facility Govt (Jail) Nursing Home Hospital Nursing Home Recn Facility Govt Office Industrial Office Bldg Govt Recn Facility Nursing Home Apts Nursing Home Recn Facility School Apts Nursing Home Apts ** ** * * Nursing Home (off map:) 6/12 (off map:) College (off map:) Recn Facility FACTORY- SERVICED TECOGEN COGEN MODULES & CHILLERS IN BAY AREA TECOGEN Inc. – Many Local Installations & Factory Service

9 Tecogen Products For CA Market 9

10 Sample Tecogen InVerde CHP system CA Funded CHP Module (InVerde)  Development Funded By Pier (CEC) and SoCal Gas Funds  Utilizes Technology From Related Commision Projects  CERTS Microgrid  Ultra-Low Emissions  Important Features  Seamless Transfer in Outage  Utility Friendly Certification UL 1741  Emissions Compliant South Coast Rule 1110.2  CE Mark for EU Off-Grid System in NYC

11 Microgrid Feature 11  Demonstrated in Recent NY Outage (Sandy)  400 Unit Condo  Operated 5-6 Days  Fully Powered  SMUD Headquarters Demo  CEC Funded  Completely Seamless Transfer

12 Advanced Heat Pump Water Heater 12  Incorporates Two CA Funded Technologies  Advanced Natural Gas Engine (CEC Funded)  Ultra-Low Emissions (CEC/SoCal)  Important Features  Rule 1110.2 Compliant  Peak Efficiency >200%  Just Introduced

13 Gas Engine-Driven Chillers  Incorporates Ultra Low Emissions Technology  Important Features  Includes Heat Recovery Most Application (“Mechanical” CHP)  Sidesteps Utility Issues Interconnection Permit Mitigates All Electric Tariff Charges Including Demand Standby/Departing Load  Most Favorable Economics Sacramento Capital Extension Building

14 Favorable CHP Conditions  Fuel of Choice - Natural Gas  Supply Abundant/ Anticipate Long-Term Low Price  High Product Demand in Traditional/New Markets  Microgrid Capability Increasingly Important Feature  California  Historically Difficult Market Emissions/Tariff Issues/Interconnection  Positive Development Tecogen Emissions Breakthrough  Sept/Oct 20-Stop Road Show 14

15 Pollution Levels Comparable to Fuel Cells Engine Emissions 15

16 Advanced Emissions System 16  2008 Tecogen Was Awarded Research Contract by California Energy Commision and SoCal Gas  Goals System Compliant with Latest SoCal (SCAQMD) Regulations for Distributed Generation (DG)  Back Story  Several Years Earlier The District Had Exposed Shortcomings of the After- treatment Systems for Natural Gas Engines  In 2008 Issued New Regulation for DG Technologies (Rule 1110.2) Based on “CARB 2007”  Combined Heat in Power in CA Facing Uncertain Future Compliance of Engine-Base Systems Not Feasible Emerging Technologies Still Constrained by Cost, Other Shortcomings No Viable CHP Option in CA

17 Project Outcome 17  Faced Intractable Problem  Price of Very Low NOx is High CO  Price of Low CO is High NOx  Final Stages of Project Produced Unexpected Breakthrough  Highly Positive Attributes  Easily Commercialized  Modest Cost/Design Impact  No Significant Performance Penalty  Appears Transferable to Other Engines

18 Before….Low NOx, but non-Compliant CO 18

19 After…Highly Compliant all Pollutants 19 Company Confidential

20 Additional Testing  AVL Gmbh (Lake Forest CA)  2.5 Liter Automotive Engine  Natural Gas Fueled  Field Test (San Fernando, CA)  Standard Tecogen CHP Unit (Retrofitted)  24/7 Application  Continuous Sampling 4 Times Per Hour/3 Minutes  Source Test (San Fernando, CA)  Licensed Emission Contractor  Follow Mandated Process for Permit

21 Long-term Compliance * w/ 60% Efficiency credit

22 Performance (8000 hr Source Test) 22 1) Tecogen emissions based upon actual third party source test data 2) Fuel Cell emissions from Summary Report - Fuel Cell Emission, CEC Grant PNG-06-002, by University of California Irvine-Subcontract UCI-06-002. 3) Stationary engine BACT as defined by SCAQMD. 4) Limits represent CARB 2007 emission standard for Distributed Generation with a 60% (HHV) Overall Efficiency credit

23 Why Emissions Are Important 23 Advanced Tecogen System From Gas Boiler Pollution From Power Plant 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 From Typical CHP Unit EPA BACT 0 Annual Pollution Created (lbs/year) CO NOx 600 megawatt-hrs Electricity 40.2k Therms Heat CO n/a

24 Current Status 24  Available in All Tecogen CHP Products (“Ultra" Option)  Successfully Certified in NJ Clean DG  Air Permit Exemption  Patent Applications in Process (US/EU/Other)  Technology Published in Peer-Reviewed Scientific Forum  Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)  Up-fit Program to Industrial Water Pumping Engine  SoCal Gas/Local Water District  Lake Forest CHP Unit Source Test (Imminent)  Milestone Permit (Rule 1110.2)

25 California–Specific Market Barriers 25

26 California Policy and Regulatory Issues 26  Oct 2012 U.S. Clean Heat and Power Association Forum (DOE)  Panel “The California Conundrum– Policy vs. Practice”  Highlighting the Dismaying Evolution of CA CHP Policy  Main Points  Highly Varied Incentives and Exemptions Based on Technology Rather Than Neutral Parameters Should Have Technology Neutral Basis (Efficiency, etc.) Rule 21 Certification Not Available For InVerde (Manpower Constraints)  Complexity Burdensome Small Projects  Standby/Departing Load Charges

27 Thank You! 27 Tecogen Inc. 45 First Ave, Waltham MA 781-466-6401

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