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Helaman 12-16 Samuel the Lamanite. Helaman 12-16 “ ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ We need to raise.

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1 Helaman 12-16 Samuel the Lamanite

2 Helaman 12-16 “ ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ We need to raise our voices with other concerned citizens throughout the world in opposition to current trends. We need to tell the sponsors of offensive media that we have had enough. We need to support programs and products that are positive and uplifting. Joining together with neighbors and friends who share our concerns, we can send a clear message to those responsible” (Elder Ballard, “Let Our Voices Be Heard,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2003, 18).

3 Helaman 12-16 TRI BOND (find the common bond between three elements) Tall Dark Handsome Deacon Teacher Priest Basketball player, soccer player, baby Santa, Kelloggs, Keebler Iron, Dog, Shoe Nurse, Lemon, Bull Surgeon, Cockpit, Orchestra Fortune, Bank, Story Fiancee, deck of cards, baseball field Prophet, Seer, and Revelator Read Hel 13:1-4. Read 13:5-6 looking for his role as prophet seer and revelator




7 Helaman 14 The Signs of Christ’s Birth and Death Read and compare the “Declared” and “Fulfilled” references below and identify the signs of Christ’s birth. DeclaredFulfilled Helaman 14:2 Helaman 14:3-4 Helaman 14:5 3 Nephi 1:13 3 Nephi 1:15 3 Nephi 1:21 Prophecy Signs appear in five years. No darkness at the going down of the sun. A new star.

8 Helaman 14 The Signs of Christ’s Birth and Death DeclaredFulfilled Helaman 14:20, 27 Helaman 14:21- 22 Helaman 14:23 Helaman 14:24 3 Nephi 8:19-23 3 Nephi 8:5-7, 17-18 3 Nephi 8:12 3 Nephi 8:8-10, 13 The sun, moon, and stars give no light Thunder, lightening, and earthquakes Mountains made low, valleys made mountains Prophecy Highways broken up, cities become delolate Now identify the signs of Christ’s death.

9 Helaman 14 ProphecyEvents about Christ’s birth Fulfillment Hel. 14:2Christ born in 5 yrs.3 Nep.1:13 Hel. 14:3-4No darkness for 1 day, night 3 Nep.1:15 Hel. 14:5The new star appears3 Nep.1:21 Hel. 14:6Many signs in heaven3 Nep. 2:1 Hel. 14:7People would fall to the earth 3 Nep.1:16-17 Hel. 14:20Sun, moon, stars darkened 3 Nep.8:19-23 Hel. 14:21 Thundering/lightning for hours 3 Nep.8:12, 17-18 Hel. 14:23Tempests, mountains made low 3 Nep.8:5-6 Hel. 14:24Highways broken up 3 Nep.8:8- 11,13 Hel.14:25 Graves open/mass resurrection 3 Nep.23:9-14 Hel. 14:16-19

10 Time

11 The Maya were obsessed with time, and they carved precise dates on their stone monuments that began with the count of 400 years, an interval called a baktun. Each baktun was made up of 20 katuns, an extremely important 20-year interval. If you will permit us some liberties with the text, Samuel the Lamanite warned the Nephites that one baktun “shall not pass away before... they [would] be smitten.” Nephi and Alma uttered the same baktun prophecy, and Moroni recorded its fulfillment. Moroni bids us farewell just after the first katun of this final baktun, or 420 years since the “sign was given of the coming of Christ.” What are the chances of Joseph Smith guessing correctly the vigesimal system of time-keeping and prophesying among the Maya and their neighbors? (Debating the Foundations of Mormonism: The Book of Mormon and Archaeology, John E. Clark, Wade Ardern, Matthew Roper, August 2005)

12 Maya Long Count Date Katun 20 years Baktun 400 years Book of Mormon Baktun Prophecies “Behold, I perceive that this very people, the Nephites... in four hundred years from the time that Jesus Christ shall manifest himself unto them, shall dwindle in unbelief.” (Alma 45:10) “And four hundred years shall not pass away before I will cause that they shall be smitten; yea, I will visit them with the sword and with famine and with pestilence.” (Helaman 13:9) “But the Son of righteousness shall appear unto them; and he shall heal them, and they shall have peace with him, until three generations shall have passed away, and many of the fourth generation shall have passed away in righteousness. And when these things have passed away a speedy destruction cometh unto my people...” (2 Nephi 26:9-10) “Behold, four hundred years have passed away since the coming of our Lord and Savior.” (Mormon 8:6) 1 Baktun and 1 Katun “... I would that they should know that more than four hundred and twenty years have passed away since the sign was given of the coming of Christ.” (Moroni 10:1)

13 Helaman 12-16 How did Samuel know? Helaman 15:7-8, 17 What are the signs of Jesus’ birth in people? And what about his death? Read Helaman 16:1–3, 4-5 and look for the reaction of the Nephites to Samuel’s message.

14 How did the wicked explain the prophecies of the coming of Christ? 1.Prophets “guessed right” in some of their prophecies, but not about Christ’s coming (v. 16). 2.Christ’s coming is “not reasonable” (v.18). 3.Prophecies of Christ’s coming are only the result of “wicked traditions” (v. 20). 4.We do not believe anything unless we can see it “with our own eyes” (v. 20). 5.The great mysteries the prophets know can only come from “the evil one” (v.21). Helaman 12-16

15 The living prophet has the power of TNT. By that I mean “Today’s News Today.” God’s revelations to Adam did not instruct Noah how to build the ark, Noah needed his own revelation. Therefore, the most important prophet, so far as you and I are concerned, is the one living in our day and age to who the Lord is currently revealing His will for us. Therefore, the most important reading we can do is any of the words of the prophet. –Ezra Taft Benson, BYU Speeches of the Year - 1980. Helaman 12-16

16 “To be firm and steadfast is to be constant, consistent, and vigilant in one’s faith and approach to living the gospel” (Joseph Fielding McConkie and Robert L. Millet, Doctrinal Commentary, 3:419). Helaman 16:2

17 Helaman 12-16 Samuel the Lamanite

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