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Phrasal Verbs By Laécio Miranda. Phrasal Verbs Em inglês, para se referir à combinação de um verbo principal com preposições ou advérbios, utiliza-se.

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1 Phrasal Verbs By Laécio Miranda

2 Phrasal Verbs Em inglês, para se referir à combinação de um verbo principal com preposições ou advérbios, utiliza-se a denominação genérica de phrasal verb. Entre os falantes nativos desse idioma, existe uma tendência a utilizar os phrasal verbs em lugar dos chamados single-word-verbos, isto é, os verbos propriamente ditos. Para falar inglês de modo menos formal e mais próximo do cotidiano dos falantes dessa língua, é fundamental conhecer os phrasal verbs. O quadro abaixo apresenta 50 exemplos de uso muito freqüente.

3 Phrasal Verbs Ask for Pedir The police officer is asking for some information. Back up Fazer cópia de segurança Don’t forget to back up your files every day. Be out of Não ter; estar sem She was out of ideas about what to do. Break down Pifar; quebrar The car has broken down – again! Call off Cancelar Please call off my appointments for the rest of the day. Clean up Arrumar; organizar Why haven’t you cleaned up your room yet?

4 Phrasal Verbs Come back Voltar de algum lugar I’ll come back home later tonight, mom. Come into Herdar Sam will come into a million dollars when his wife dies. Count on Confiar em Jerry can always count on his brothers. Cut down Reduzir quantidades OK, I understand you can’t quit smoking – but can’t you try to cut it down?

5 Phrasal Verbs Deal with Lidar com pessoa, situação, problema Don’t count on anybody about this – you must deal with the problem on your own. Dress up Vestir-se bem; arrumar-se It’s an informal dinner – we don’t need to dress up. Figure out Entender algo ou alguém As a matter of fact, this is a mystery to me: I can’t figure it out. Fill in Preencher formulário If you want the job, you’ll need to fill in this application form. Get over Sarar; recuperar-se In order to get over the cold, Elisabeth stayed at home and rested for a week.

6 Phrasal Verbs Give back Devolver Give the book back to him when you’ve finished reading it. Give up Parar de fazer alguma coisa; largar It’s very hard to give up smoking. Go away Sair; ir embora Go away – I don’t want to talk to you now! Go on Acontecer What’s going on here, kids? Heat up Esquentar comida I’ll heat up some soup. Hold on Esperar Hold on, she will be back soon.

7 Phrasal Verbs Keep on Continuar I’ll keep on studying till I pass the exam. Let down Decepcionar alguém We trusted him, but he let us down. Lie down Deitar-se Please lie down – you must rest! Light up Iluminar It’s very dark – would you please light up the way?

8 Phrasal Verbs Log off Sair do computador You must read this article in our website before you log off. Log on Entrar no computador How can I log on if I’ve just forgotten my password?! Look forward to Aguardar ansiosamente I’m looking forward to some rest after so many weeks of hard work. Look like Parecer-se com My son looks just like me. Make up Inventar história; criar pretexto Melvin is always making up excuses to avoid doing his homework.

9 Phrasal Verbs Pay back Reembolsar; pagar I’ll pay you back as soon as I cash the check. Point out Apontar; assinalar Would you be able to point out the boy that stole your purse? Put away Guardar no devido lugar Children never put their toys away after playing. Put on Vestir roupa; calçar sapato Put on your shoes – we must go! Run away Escapar The burglar managed to run away with all our jewels. Rush in/into Precipitar-se Read the contract carefully – you should never rush into signing anything.

10 Phrasal Verbs Set up Instalar; montar Follow the instructions to set up the software on your computer. Show around Mostrar algum lugar para alguém My cousin lived here and showed me around the city. Shut up Calar a boca Shut up – I’m still trying to fix this mess! Slow down Desacelerar; ir mais devagar Please slow down – you’re driving too fast. Speak up Falar mais alto She’s a little deaf, so you must speak up.

11 Phrasal Verbs Speed up Acelerar; ir mais rápido When I was almost reaching him, he speeded the car up. Stand by Ficar de prontidão, de reserva Please stand by in case we need your assistance. Take away Levar embora I ordered two pizzas to take away. Take back Devolver; levar de volta Don’t forget to take these books back to the library.

12 Phrasal Verbs Take off Tirar roupas, óculos etc. Take your sunglasses off – I want see your eyes. Throw away Jogar fora The children cleaned their room up and threw away a lot of old things. Turn into Transformar-se em According to legend, vampires can turn into wolves and bats. Wake up Acordar Wake up – it’s nine o’clock! Watch out Tomar cuidado Watch out! This track is very dangerous!

13 Phrasal Verbs

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