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©2010 eSATS all rights reserved 25 Years of Advocacy Has Finally Taking Hold Ted Kraver PhD Phase Deux (Two) e01026iNACOL.

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1 ©2010 eSATS all rights reserved 25 Years of Advocacy Has Finally Taking Hold Ted Kraver PhD Phase Deux (Two) e01026iNACOL

2 ©2011 eSATS all rights reserved Insolvable Problem => Solution From ‘Vicious Cycle’ of narrowly focused and ineffectual reforms The ‘Virtuous Circle’ of strategic and innovative system transformation has arisen. Everything is changing. EducationEconomyWorkforce

3 ©2011 eSATS all rights reserved One Organization Lead to the Next Intellectual Infrastructure ATIC eSATS GAZEL GITA ALTP TPO ATII AICI PFF ASPED CLIN LRE ASET AeLTF GELIA ENSPTF AZ eLearning Task Force Enterprise Network Strategic Planning Task Force Greater AZ eLearning Assoc. eLearning System for AZ Teachers and Students Global eLearning Industry Assoc. Government Information & Telecommunications Agency Mayor Goddard’s Phoenix Futures Forum AZ Strategic Plan for Economic Development Community Learning Information Network Governor Telecommunications Policy Office Learning/Research/Enterprise AZ Learning Technology Partnership AZ Information & Communications Institute AZ Telecommunication and Information Council AZ Strategic Enterprise Technology AZ Telecommunication and Information Institute 1980s 1990s 2000s Pathway of Aquarian Conspiracy and Community of Monks who had Faith in Emerging Technologies and Task Team Organization. eLearning Broadband - Information

4 ©2011 eSATS all rights reserved Grand Challenge Road Map Vision, Why, Methodology, eLearning Base Competitive Opportunity to Transform Situation Assessment, Strategies Implementation Critical Factors, Immediate Action Interorganizational Structures Success Measures Resources Impact: Education, Workforce, Economy Used Arizona’s Bioscience 2002 Roadmap As Model

5 ©2011 eSATS all rights reserved Arizona Goal 25% Increase in Learning Pace with Current eLearning Technologies Takes Arizona to Finland Level In Ten years Expect 50% as eLearning Evolves. Latest Intelligent Tudor Research => 500% !!!

6 ©2011 eSATS all rights reserved Huge Cost Savings as Student Pace of Learning Increases Acelerates K-12 Completion eLearning System Saves $1,000 per Student (10%) Savings Become $1.2 Billion/Yr. by 2020 While eLearning Savvy Teachers Earn a 17% Raise. Show Me the Money 10 Year Financial Analysis

7 ©2011 eSATS all rights reserved K-12 Legislation Raised Awareness Later 1990’s Cox Network, Wiring of Schools and 1 computer for 8 Kids. Several $Million for Data System, Needed $10’s of Millions but Could Not Get It. Arizona eLearning Task force Failed: Digital Curriculum Institute, Personal Learning Plan, Chief Education Innovation Officer, Statutes Review and Transformed. Bob Rosenberg’s Pioneering Efforts

8 ©2011 eSATS all rights reserved Massive Societal Change Is Underway K12 Education Attributes 1800’s1900’s2000’s ResponsibilityParentsStateStudent and Parents ExpectationsSocial ReplicationSuccess for AllIndividual Choice ContentPractical SkillsDisciplinary Knowledge Learning How To Learn PedagogyApprenticeshipTeachingInteraction AssessmentObservationTestingEmbedded Assessment LocationHomeSchoolAnywhere CultureAdultPeerMixed Age RelationshipsPersonal BondsAuthority FiguresComputer Mediated Interaction

9 ©2011 eSATS all rights reserved Time to Stop Trying to Fix the Past And Focus on the Future

10 ©2011 eSATS all rights reserved See Public Education as a System 60,000 Educators, 1.2 Million Students 2100 Schools, 225 Districts, 12 Counties, 20+ Colleges, Several State Agencies, Boards, Governance Critical eLearning Aspects: Fed/ National State County/District School Teacher-Student Educator Education- Prof. Development-Training Broadband: Desktop-Home Digital Curriculum Research: Pedagogy-Technology Statutes, Rules, Regulations Curriculum + Technology Directors Data Based Decision Support Formative Assessment Technical Support 1 to 1 Computer Interface Teacher Workstations Leadership

11 ©2011 eSATS all rights reserved Rise In Support Across the Board Public/Private Leadership Talent Superintendent John Huppenthal AZ Legislature and ADE Mark Masterson ADE Data System Craig Barrett Intel and the World Rebecca Gau Governor’s Dir. Education Innovation Bill Harris Science Foundation Arizona Aaron Sandeen AZ CIO and His Innovation Team Cathy Poplin Creighton and ADE Debra Duvall AZ School Administrator Assoc. Jim Zaharis Greater Phoenix Leadership Andrew Morrill AZ Education Association Dee Andrews DOD Research and Modeling and Simulation Consortium Sandra Watson Arizona Commerce Authority Rich Crandall, Doris Goodale, Andy Tobin + Rest of Legislature John Kelly TPO => Intel => Triadvocates

12 ©2011 eSATS all rights reserved Superintendent John Huppenthal Increase the % of high school graduates in four years to at least 85% by FY2015 By June 1, 2015, launch the “Transformative Schools” initiative… By June 1, 2013, launch a redesigned classroom to achieve breakthrough- levels of academic gain Develop and implement a student accountability and information system that meets the needs of schools, students, parents and ADE by July 1, 2014. Increase by 10 percentage points the % of students in grades 2 and 9 above the 50th percentile on norm- referenced tests by FY2015 Increase by 10 percentage points, the % of Arizona students exceeding national averages of students scoring at or above basic scores in NAEP reading and math, by FY2016 Refocus From State => Student

13 ©2011 eSATS all rights reserved eSATS Finis eSATS will follow the proud tradition of LRE, AICI, TPO, ALTP, GELIA, which closed and soon faded away, only to give rise to the next advocacy incarnation: eSATS Deux Farewell speech to congress after being fired by President Truman during the Korean War. General Douglas MacArthur, “…I still remember the refrain of one of the most popular barrack ballads of that day which proclaimed most proudly that "old soldiers never die; they just fade away.“ And like the old soldier of that ballad, I now close my military career and just fade away, an old soldier who tried to do his duty…”

14 ©2011 eSATS all rights reserved eSATS => eSATS Deux Michael Crow, “Traditions are the enemy.” John F. Kennedy, “For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” Craig Barrett, “Innovate, integrate, innovate, integrate, that's the way the industry works,... eSATS Deux will leave active meetings, planning, design, implementation and legislation in good hands. eSATS Deux will play the role é minence g rise to be keeper of the dream and as Zeus to throw a well aimed lightening bolt when needed.

15 ©2011 eSATS all rights reserved eSATS Duex Concept Define guard rails to keep implementation on track; Inject speed into the normal public-private snail’s pace; Publish the Grand Challenge eLearning Transformation Road Map for AZ – world; Float the concept with Op-ed, and other PR means such as; Develop champions “…to carry on, to carry on.”

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