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Literature as a (Web) Service Peter Brantley Digital Library Federation 10 Feb 2009.

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1 Literature as a (Web) Service Peter Brantley Digital Library Federation 10 Feb 2009

2 DLF is a... {description} (member ()) (library ())

3 When we think of books … we think of books as objects … (albeit of a special sort)

4 sometimes we even behold them as works of art

5 hand°i°craft°Art, Vali..., Flickr

6 \\ books are machine things

7 M&H Type Arion Press Tour, inarge, Flickr

8 (sans dynamism, texture) (size shape proportions) 2 D (very limited conception)

9 the book is a social construction a successful commodity

10 a book is a machine to think with. - I. A. Richards - Principles of Literary Criticism - 1924

11 Nota Bene: books never static. we read books.

12 Northfield Carnegie Reading Room, Olivander, Flickr

13 reading is itself a social product

14 a commodity in concert with language, and a conception of personal space.

15 what the heck?

16 \ now our \ analog culture \ is being

17 uplifted | to | digital

18 The Rocket blasts off, Phil Gyford, Flickr

19 and what is a book is about to be redefined

20 not just in the context of itself

21 This is No Barnes and Nobel: El Ateneo Bookstore, longhorndave, Flickr

22 new form of commodity

23 a new set of relationships

24 books are now networked commodities

25 Network Operations Center at NPR, Collapse the Light, Flickr

26 reading becomes redefined

27 Things to do while traveling by train, Akbar Simonse, Flickr

28 reading (silently) always before a solitary act

29 1 person +1 book


31 reading many things [in the context of others]

32 reading will be increasingly embedded in & produced in highly networked contexts

33 So, what I want to say...

34 what is published

35 will become less about the books

36 than the people who read them

37 reading in the sun, gnackgnackgnack, Flickr

38 Books to People

39 extract whats important- [inside the books]

40 words, ceoln, Flickr

41 the words that the books contain.

42 words that represent fact beauty thought expression

43 digital words can be – describedby other words joinedacross books linked with data

44 MMMMathemmmmmatics, Flickroff, Flickr

45 words that: describe themselves words that: build new services

46 ah, let me explain that...

47 The P Word, racineur, Flickr

48 via a torturous analogy......... Gemeinschaft books Gesellschaft books

49 future: when we read a book (networked)

50 we dont need to stop at the cover of the book (read just the words in the book)

51 book cover collage,, Flickr

52 an environment of participatory engagement

53 environment is emerging across books

54 any book can be a passage into the world of all the thoughts that can be found in the book

55 books strung up by their spines, and the words that fell out of them, glitter feet, Flickr

56 books can now work together

57 words of books can be associated among each other

58 now, quinnnchick, Flickr (via Shelly Jacksons The Skin Project)

59 literature can become a (web) service

60 Teaching How to Dance, William Forrester, Flickr

61 Homework Exercise

62 Imagine- 1 : 1.All digitized non-fiction books 2.... a rough machine translation 3.... the major world languages

63 jumble of words ruptured contexts - but - knowledge tokens preserved

64 a highly derivative work indexed and searchable

65 awareness of knowledge becomes accessible to a huge portion of the world

66 book, mybloodyself, Flickr

67 Imagine- 2 : 1.Wikipedia entries 2.... machine-enhanced 3.... linked to books

68 data in wikipedia with data in books linking_data

69 Linked Data –. –using the web –to connect data –.

70 Linked Data uses words --- to join --- other words

71 Xarxa, Xarxes socials i llengües, Flickr

72 new awareness / new knowledge / machine generated machine enhanced

73 we can do these things : today :

74 (Google does)

75 Platinum spiral catalyzing methanol oxidation, ystenes, Flickr

76 we are thinking of the things you make the words the ideas

77 as a catalyst for new services (not products)

78 Δ requires changes

79 we have to think of (IP) rights in a new way

80 just as we think of our books in a new way

81 upside for developers of services

82 services generate renewable revenue

83 In …

84 books are empowered in the digital age

85 by w o r d s

86 And the people who read them.

87 At The Bookstore Café, erix!, Flickr

88 Google figured this out (Google Book Search)

89 When you think of literature as a catalyst

90 as a whole assemblage of thoughts concepts ideas

91 you are limited only by your imagination

92 Sweet dreams for Christmas..., carf, Flickr

93 kthxbai! peter at naypinya {twitter, skype, slideshare}

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