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Chapter 12: Biodiversity: Preserving Landscapes

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1 Chapter 12: Biodiversity: Preserving Landscapes

2 12.1 World Forests Boreal and tropical forests are most abundant
Forests provide many valuable products Tropical forests are being cleared rapidly Temperate forests also are threatened Lowering Your Forest Impacts Forest Thinning and Salvage Logging

3 2007 Tornado Swath, Wisconsin

4 12.2 Grasslands Grazing can be sustainable or damaging
Overgrazing threatens many U.S. rangelands Ranchers are experimenting with new methods

5 12.3 Parks and Preserves Many countries have created nature preserves
Yellowstone, 1872 “America’s Best Idea” Not all preserves are preserved Poaching Illegal Logging Marine ecosystems need greater protection

6 12.3 Parks and Preserves Conservation and economic development can work together Being a Responsible Ecotourist Native people can play important roles in nature protection Species survival can depend on preserve size and shape

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