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Development as Freedom Amartya Sen

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1 Development as Freedom Amartya Sen
Hunter Schimpff, Doris Palomino, Megan Lane, Leigh Shoup, Dru Woodrooffe

2 “ We cannot lose sight of the fact that freedom is an inherently diverse concept, which involves considerations of processes as well as substantive opportunities” p. 298

3 Consulting Activity

4 Instrumental Freedoms
Political freedoms - i.e. civil rights, free speech Economic facilities - i.e. utilization of resources for consumption, production, exchange Social opportunities - i.e. education, health care

5 Instrumental Freedoms (cont.)
Transparency guarantees - i.e. openness & freedom to deal with one another, guarantees of disclosure Protective security - i.e. unemployment assistance, famine relief

6 Concepts of Freedoms Freedoms are linked together and can strengthen one another. i.e. political freedoms (free speech, elections) promote economic security i.e. social freedoms (education, health facilities) promote economic participation

7 Concepts of Freedoms (cont.)
Freedom is central to process of development. Evaluative Reason – “ assessment of progress has to be done primarily in terms of whether the freedoms that people have are enhanced” Effectiveness Reason – “ achievement of development is thoroughly dependent on the free agency of people”

8 Concepts of Freedom (cont.)
Freedom includes: Processes – allow freedom of actions (i.e. voting privileges, political & civil rights) Opportunities – available to people given their social circumstances (i.e. capability– to escape premature mortality, involuntary starvation)

9 Poverty & Capability Deprivation
Poverty must be seen as the deprivation of basic capabilities. Correlation between income poverty and capability poverty Advantages of Capability Approach income is not the only instrument in generating capabilities impact of income on capabilities is contingent and conditional

10 Markets & Social Opportunities
Growth vs. Development

11 Democracy & Development
Lee thesis economic growth is stimulated by denial of political & civil liberties Poor people will choose economic needs over political freedom Public discussion and debate necessary for development (i.e. need for opposition, openness)

12 Complexity of Development
Results are subject to internal and external variables Choices involve tradeoffs due to fixed and scarce resources Development is not often democratic

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