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Lydia N Collins Consumer Health Coordinator National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region School is in Session: Resources.

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1 Lydia N Collins Consumer Health Coordinator National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region LYDIA@PITT.EDU School is in Session: Resources for K-12 Educators

2 Careers Health Information Tutorials Lesson Plans Projects Spanish-Language Resources Biology Environmental Health/Chemistry Forensics and Medical Technology General Health Genetics HIV/AIDS NLM K-12 Science and Health Education Resources

3 General Health

4 Suitable for ALL ages Available in English and Spanish MedlinePlus includes information on: Diseases and Conditions Wellness Issues Drugs & Supplements Interactive Tutorials Anatomy & Surgery Videos Calculators & Quizzes Games and much more… MedlinePlus

5 Locate resources that cover: A page just for Kids!! How the body works What happens when you go to the hospital Quizzes Games Cool Websites safe for kids MedlinePlus Children’s Page

6 Health Information for Teens!!Locate resources that focus on: Health and Safety for Teens Teen Sexual Health Teen Violence Teenage Pregnancy Smoking Cessation Injury Prevention Prom Health and Safety Teen Dating Violence and much more… MedlinePlus Teens’ Page

7 Teach students how to… Surf the Web Safely Consider the source Focus on quality Critical thinking (‘Cyberskeptic’) Look for the evidence Check for currency Beware of Bias Protect your privacy Consult with your health professional Evaluate Internet Health Information (Tutorial) Evaluating Health Information (MedlinePlus Page) Tutorials/Additional Resources (MedlinePlus)

8 Suitable for grades 6-12+ Activities & Resources includes lesson plans and online activities. ‘Get Involved’ section where students can view different perspectives and share thoughts on global health issues. Against the Odds highlights stories of communities who, in collaboration with scientists, advocates, governments, and international organizations, are taking up the challenge to prevent disease and improve quality of life around the world. Against the Odds (online exhibit)

9 Environmental Health

10 The Environmental Health Student Portal provides a safe and useful resource for students and teachers to learn how the environment can impact our health. Suitable for grades 6-12 Environmental Health Student Portal

11 Suitable for ages 7-11 What’s in Your Home? Toxie the Cat helps children find the hazards hidden in each room and offers hints when needed. Available in English and Spanish “For Teachers” section includes 3 lesson plans with student worksheets/activities” Parent Resources ToxMystery

12 Suitable for grades 6-12+ Tox Town provides information on: Everyday locations where you might find toxic chemicals Non-technical descriptions of chemicals How the environment can impact human health Available in English and Spanish An afterschool Science Club Curriculum Tox Town

13 Suitable for grades 6-12+ HPD was designed to answer questions such as: What’s under your kitchen sink, in your garage, in your bathroom, and on the shelves in your laundry room? Do these household products pose a potential health risk to you and your family? What are the chemical ingredients and their percentages in specific brands? Which products contain specific chemical ingredients? Household Products Database (HPD)

14 Forensics and Medical Technology

15 Study the history of forensic medicine and… Explore significant cases, technologies, and people that have had an impact on the history of forensic medicine. Includes: Online Activities Lesson Plans Bibliography Radio interviews featuring forensic topics and more… Visible Proofs Forensic Views of the Body

16 Engage Students in discussion about… Critical thinking Medical ethics Electricity and muscle contraction Technology and scientific progress Online Exhibit includes Lesson Plans for middle school, high school and higher education. Suitable for grades 6-12+ Frankenstein penetrating the secrets of nature

17 Genetics

18 Suitable for grades 9-12 GeneED is a safe and useful resource for students to learn about genetics Topics to explore include: Cell Biology Biostatistics DNA, Genes, Chromosomes Epigentics/Inheritance and the Environment DNA Forensics Biotechnology Evolution Genetic Conditions GeneEd

19 Harry Potter’s World presents the following instructional resources for the educators in middle-and high-schools, and in higher education institutions. Explore genetics through the characters and creatures featured in Harry Potter! Includes instructional guides and materials Suitable for grades 6-12 Harry Potter’s World: Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine

20 Careers in Health Professions

21 Explore health and medical science careers Search by: Alphabetical List Education Required Interest Area Median Salary Use the Career Finder: Choose a job category, interest areas, skills and then see the results! Suitable for grades 6-12 LifeWorks

22 Locate a variety of information on… Health Care Careers Directory Health Occupations Information Sheets Art Therapist Cytotechnologist Dietitians and Nutritionist Music Therapist Perfusionist Osteopath Rheumatologist and more… Health Occupations (MedlinePlus)

23 Locate information on: Hazardous Agents Occupational Diseases High Risk Jobs Non-Occupational Activities Industries Job Tasks Processes Symptoms/Findings Haz-Map® is an occupational health database designed for health and safety professionals and for consumers seeking information about the adverse effects of workplace exposures to chemical and biological agents. Haz-Map®

24 Additional Resources/Services

25 “The Exhibition Program creates lively and informative exhibitions and educational resources that enhance awareness of and appreciation for the collections of the National Library of Medicine. Explore. Discover. Enjoy”. Topics include: Medicine & the Arts Science & Society Patients & Practitioners The Technology of Medicine Suitable for grades K-12 + NLM Exhibition Program

26 NN/LM MAR promotes the use and access to reliable health information by K-12 professionals in NY, NJ, PA and DE This is done through training on the numerous resources developed by NLM. These resources are designed to engage students’ interest in and foster their analysis of a variety of health and science related topics using: instructional templates lesson plans resource lists and more Learn more about NN/LM MAR Outreach to K-12 Professionals! Request training for educators in NY, NJ, PA & DE. Access resources for use in your K-12 setting. For those outside of NY, NJ, PA & DE locate your NN/LM Regional Medical Library: NN/LM MAR Outreach to K-12 Professionals

27 NN/LM MAR Guide to NLM Resources for K-12 Professionals

28 NN/LM MAR Membership- join today!!

29 Lydia N Collins National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region Consumer Health Coordinator LYDIA@PITT.EDU This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract No. HHS-N-276-2011-00003-C with the University of Pittsburgh, Health Sciences Library System. Thank you

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