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TSP CNMP Teleconference December 12, 2006 Shannon Zezula Mike Cox Beth Clarizia Tony Bailey N K P.

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1 TSP CNMP Teleconference December 12, 2006 Shannon Zezula Mike Cox Beth Clarizia Tony Bailey N K P

2 Today’s Topics CNMP TechReg certification & categories CNMP Checklists IDEM Update Runoff pictures (discussion) Nutrient Management Planning issues Quality Assurance Questions & Answer Session

3 Issues to include/address Plan development w/ producer CNMP MWHS Inspection checklist CNMP Signature page (who can sign what?) Runoff pictures (discussion) Certification & training issues CNMP QA/QC (past reviews & ’07 plans) CNMP follow-up/implementation CNMP acre & AU definitions CNMP Connectivity (MMP & CNMP template)

4 TSP Certification & Categories Indiana NRCS TSP Website Technical Service Provider (TSP) Categories –CNMP Plan Development – Feed Mgmt –CNMP Plan Development – Manure & Wastewater Handling & Storage (MWHS) –CNMP Plan Development – Nutrient Management –CNMP Plan Development – Land Treatment –CNMP Plan Development – Total Plan –CNMP Plan Approval Certification & renewals

5 TSP CNMP Requirements CNMP Plan Development Category CNMP Trng CP Mods 1-5 RO or other AWMS Primer AWMS Level 2 Certified Planner NMXXX LTXX MWHS (or P.E.) XXXX FMXX Total Plan – all categories XXXXX Plan Approval X

6 Why would a producer prepare a CNMP? Good Question??? Required for EQIP cost share on: - Waste Storage Facility (313) - Waste Treatment Lagoon (359) EQIP CNMP Incentive ’07 EQIP Emergency and CNMPs Required on EPA 319 c/s for non-CAFO EPA CAFO Rule (anticipated workload)

7 So, What’s a CNMP? Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) A detailed plan to identify & address all of the environmental risks associated with a livestock operation (180 NPPH Part 600.5) 6 elements –manure & wastewater handling & storage* –land treatment practices* –nutrient management* –record keeping* (producer) –feed management –other utilization options CNMP Data Collection Checklist (revised 12/19/05)

8 Review & Discuss “CNMP Data Collection Checklist” with a title of “CNMP Guidance for Minimum Requirements” document (revised 12/19/05)

9 Acre & Animal Unit Issues Animal Units –All animal species on the operation Acres –CNMP covers all land under control of the operator (owned land at that operation and land under lease/rent) –At the minimum, CNMP covers acres in the EQIP contract

10 CNMP Manure & Wastewater Handling & Storage Plan Development Review “CNMP Manure & Wastewater Handling & Storage Inspection Checklist” (new 5/1/06)

11 CNMP Signature Requirements for EQIP Payment - Who can sign what?? Review “Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) Review Checklist” (revised 3/13/06)

12 IDEM Enforcement Cases - 2004 Causes Runoff (feed lots, storage, silage) – 6 Storage Pits (overflow, pipes, caps) – 8 Land Application – 7 2/21 resulted in fish kills (both were land application)

13 IDEM Update CFO Rule Update –revision CAFO Update –# of CAFOs –Revision of due dates NMP/CNMP = SCPP + CAFO NMP –Erosion to “T” –Leaching –Runoff Ag Liaison

14 CAFO Requirements that Differ from CFO Requirements Soil Conservation Practice Plan (SCPP) written & implemented for land owned or controlled by the CAFO owner/ operator by July 31, 2007. Comply with NRCS Nutrient Management Standard 590 by July 31, 2007. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP or SWP3) for production area Annual manure analysis and soil testing every three years Frozen ground land application prohibited unless in accordance with Soil Conservation Practice Plan

15 IDEM Contacts: Dennis Lasiter, Office of Land Quality   (317) 232-8732  1-800-233-6647 ext 2-8732 _____?_____, Agricultural Liaison  (317) 232-8587  1-800-451-6027 ext 2-8587






21 Nutrient Management & Land Treatment N & P Application Rates for Indiana The 590 & the Environmental Component

22 Chart B. Organic Nutrient Application Guidelines Based on Soil Test Phosphorus Soil Test Phosphorus Level (Bray P1/Mehlich 3 ppm / lb) Basis for Nutrient Application < 50 ppm (100 lbs)Nitrogen Based 50 – 99 (100 – 199 lbs)NTE 1.5 x Crop P2O5 Removal 1 100 – 199 (200 – 399 lbs)NTE Crop P2O5 Removal 1 200 ppm (400 lbs) +No P application 1 Found in Table 3 NTE = Not To Exceed ppm x 2 = lbs. / acre or lbs / acre x 0.5 = ppm

23 Additional BMPs Water quality protection - Setback requirements - No applications on saturated ground - Monitor weather forecast (24 hrs. prior) - Application to frozen/snow covered land - Application site potential to flooding - Do not exceed infiltration rate, minimize ponding & avoid runoff - Field tile outlet monitoring

24 Additional NM/LT Stuff Winter spreading –633 = Wastes shall not be applied to frozen or snow covered fields when the risk for runoff exists from field edge or to tile riser –CFO = surface applications on >2% must have adequate residue or a crop –CAFO = if part of the SCPP Setbacks –633 & CFO/CAFO

25 590 Standard - Summary Realistic yield Quantify sources - soil nutrient - legume credits - organic sources - commercial fertilizer Manure analysis Manure applications - (PAN) NTE planned crop N needs - STP (Chart B) Environmental evaluation (Chart A / ORI) - may impact app rates - address H/VH concerns Additional environmental requirements - setbacks - frequently flooded soils - HEL/frozen soils Actual application rate within 20% of planned

26 Quality Assurance (QA) Procedure for FY07 Previous issues

27 Additional Issues – past & future M&W H&S P.E. (resolved 5/06) Site investigation (resolved ___?) Continuing Education TSP NTE Rates CNMP Implementation/follow-up Meeting regulatory requirements Submission of CNMP to ____?

28 ??Questions?? and Answers

29 Contact Information Tony Bailey 317-290-3200 x345 Shannon Zezula State Resource Conservationist 317-290-3200 x388

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