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To What Extent Should My Actions As A Citizen Be Shaped By An Ideology.

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1 To What Extent Should My Actions As A Citizen Be Shaped By An Ideology

2 To answer this question you will need to develop an understanding of the term citizenship A citizen lives in and is a member of a country A citizen votes A citizen has responsibilities like obeying laws and paying taxes A citizen has rights like protection from arbitrary arrest and freedom of speech

3 Reflecting On Worldview, Ideology and Citizenship Have you ever crossed an international border and have been asked by an official What your citizenship is? Most likely you answered your legal country of origin

4 Worldviews A world view is the way in which a person or group views the world It includes a view of past events and how they shape the present, of other cultures in relation to ones own, of ones place in the world, and of nature of ones society. Today, travel and communication puts people in contact with other people or groups – Thus creating worldviews

5 Legal and Political Understandings of Citizenship Legal Perspective: Based on two key principles – Jus Soli( right of the soil )place of birth and Jus Sanguinis ( right of blood ) the citizenship of the child and nationality of a child is the same as the parents. Most nations use Jus Soli and Jus Sanguinis as well as naturalization ( applying for citizenship)

6 Broader Understanding of Citizenship To some people citizenship is a matter of where you were born, to others it is a matter of where you work, live, where you see your future It can also reflect what kind of society you wish to support The citizen becomes a stakeholder in the community – political participation

7 Broader Understanding of Citizenship Civic participation can be direct or indirect Direct action – protesting Indirect action – letter writting

8 World Views and Ideologies World views and ideologies are linked together A Quebecois supporter will have a world view that is linked with his thoughts of Quebecs role in Canadian confederation A traveler to Africa who sees poor and hungry people may adopt a humanitarian ideology

9 World Views and Ideologies Modern times have highlighted conflicting world views and ideologies Example of the attempt of the US to install a liberal democratic government in Iraq An American may view this with pride An Arab nationalist may view this with rage

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