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Health as Expanding Consciousness

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1 Health as Expanding Consciousness
The Theories of Margaret Newman

2 Original sources Martha Rogers - The Science of Unitary and Irreducible Human Beings: The health of a human being is a unitary phenomena and it is developed with the interaction of human beings with environment. Itzhak Bentov – The concept of evolution of consciousness: The life is a process of evolution of consciousness. our body receives information from the outer world and capable of expanding the consciousness, it is the mirror of the whole world.

3 Original sources Arthur Young – The Theory of Process: A person passes through 4 stages of consciousness and ultimately discover the self limitation, at this point there is a transformation . This helps to move beyond oneself with higher level of consciousness. David Bohm – The Theory of Implicate: Health and Illness both are manifestation of underlying pattern of an individual.

4 Description of The Theory
Margaret Newman believed human beings as unitary, health and disease is inseparable from each other and they are the part of the same entity. Humans are open to the whole energy system of the universe and constantly interacting with the energy. With this process of interaction humans are evolving their individual pattern of whole. According to Newman understanding the pattern is essential. The expanding consciousness is the pattern recognition. The manifestation of disease depends on the pattern of individual so the pathology of the diseases exists before the symptoms appear so removal of disease symptoms does not change the individual structure. Newman also redefines nursing according to her nursing is the process of recognizing the individual in relation to environment and it is the process of understanding of consciousness.

5 Description of The Theory
The nurse helps to understand people to use the power within to develop the higher level of consciousness. Thus it helps to realize the disease process, its recovery and prevention. Newman also explains the interrelatedness of time, space and movement. Time and space are the temporal pattern of the individual, both have complementary relationship. Humans are constantly changing through time and space and it shows unique pattern of reality.

6 Completed Research with The Theory
Newman believed as theory comes from practice so theory must depicts practice both are interrelated. Her theory has been applied in different areas in nursing, examples: developing a plan of care for diabetic adolescents in school setting. Improving higher levels of consciousness among elderly nursing home residents. Patterns recognition among patients with cancer. Neil studied Transcendence and transformation in the life patterns of woman living with rheumatoid arthritis. This study also revels that theory of health as expanding consciousness generates caring intervention in many circumstances. Yamashita, Jensen, and Tall described the development of therapeutic touch in application of Newman’s theory.

7 Theory Applied In Nursing
Holistic Nursing: It is the understanding of the relationship among all the components like biologic, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of an individual and also it involves understanding as an integrated whole interacting with internal and external environments. There is the difference between cure and healing. Healing is a gradual understanding of self and its relation to others, it may be spontaneous also. Therapeutic touch: It is believed that human body has energy and produces an aura manipulating that energy can help in healing but it does not have any scientific base.

8 Application of Theory To My Nursing
Health as expanding consciousness is not only focus in treating the disease but it also helps to understanding the patient pattern of interacting with environment and how to move forward. It helps to recognize the life pattern of the individual as well as the community. Recently I took care of a patient with overdose of drug, I tried to relate the theory in my care. The patient is 33 yrs old woman has taken 30 tablets of cardizym with her impulsive behavior. She came with low HR, low blood pressure but she was apprehensive with all these. I tried to concentrate my care towards her in a way that the patient feels respected and can open to me. I asked her what was bothering her the most now? She started crying said her biggest concerned was her 2 children who were with her parents at this time. She gradually unfold her whole situation of being single mom, her husband did not help her any way and at this time she was at the point of divorce. All these stresses she was unable to handle by herself. Besides taking care of her symptoms I tried to pull other recourses like social work consult and other group therapy, child care and some financial support to help her to deal with the present situation. During her rest of stay in the hospital I felt she was more active in participating her whole care. She felt contented as it appeared. I think nurse can make a lot of differences by taking few more time to spend with the patient for qualitative care.

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