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Introspection Self-observation and reporting of conscious inner thoughts, desires and sensations. Conscious and purposive process relying on thinking,

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2 Introspection Self-observation and reporting of conscious inner thoughts, desires and sensations. Conscious and purposive process relying on thinking, reasoning, and examining one's soul. Contemplation of one's self. Plato "…why should we not calmly and patiently review our own thoughts, and thoroughly examine and see what these appearances in us really are?"

3 12 Bhävanä भाव - भावना भाव्यते इति भावना –thinking over and over भावना भवनाशिनी –ends life cycle संस्कारपादनं भावना –creates extraordinary thought स्वाधीनोत्तम भावना –under our control

4 12 Bhävanä Why we need contemplation? We are product of ideas adopted from social surrounding We think, act, react with preconceived concepts around us We cling to dogmatic view We are attached to four instincts for ever We forget the purpose of life cont......

5 We have distorted view of the world. What attracts from distance does not look same at close range ~Mountain ~Mirage

6 Efficacy of Bhavanä These Bhävanäs : Give tools to examine life Create awareness of goal of life Create an atmosphere for righteous meditation Clearly distinguish between ‘self’ and ‘other’ Help to see life / world as it is Connect us to religion

7 5 Bhävanäs are addressed to soul अनित्य अशरण संसार एकत्व अन्यत्व 1 addressed to body / soul अशुचि

8 6 related to philosophy आस्रव संवर निर्जरा लोकस्वरूप बोधिदुर्लभ धर्मभावना

9 3 and 10 are objective 1,2,4,5,6 are subjective 7,8,9 are stages of development related to karma 11,12 are instrumental

10 Do we have a quest for truth? Ancient tradition for a new mendicant to observe nature One old leaf drops, new sprout emerges Death and birth are two waves of same ocean : Life Until we reach the ‘best’, we go through ‘bad’, ‘good’, and ‘better’ Behind continuous changes is the continuity of the changeless

11 अनित्य : The changeless beneath the changes Impermanence is a frightening word Because it is labeled ‘my’ Understand the impermanent and the permanent reality behind the ever- changing elements of existence in our lives Re-educate the mind to focus on permanent entity

12 Positive outcome of Anitya Bhävanä Sense of discretion Widens our perspective and vision We do not waste any energy on temporary things We become humble and generous towards shortcomings of others We do not fly high during prosperity and feel down or depressed during adverse situations. We start to experience a deep feeling of oneness with all life. We will have quest for permanent existence

13 अशरण : protection in an unprotected world When nothing is everlasting, where do we go for shelter? Our Kevali Bhagavants have shown the path of positive insight to lift us above fear No false promises New insight: I am my own savior You become your own light

14 Seed thoughts for meditation Asharan Bhävanä There is no escape from the evil consequences of our evil acts. I am becoming aware that I am without true protection. One by one, I see that the things and persons on whom I depend are themselves helpless. Let me turn my consciousness away from the temporary dependencies and connect with the pure stream of life, my inner world, my everlasting protection.

15 Positive outcomes of Asharan Bhävanä We find our own course in life and become self dependent Tread the path (shown by Jina) with vigilance, our own efforts and wisdom Realization that true shelter is under the Arihant, Siddha, Sädhu and pure religion

16 संसार : Cycle of death and birth Duals Ferris wheel We get caught in perpetual motion of up and downs Even the moments of pleasure are also illusive

17 How to be free? With awareness of purposeful direction one can use turn of the wheel to move towards freedom Cause of bondage can be used as a cause of freedom Stay unaffected by just being the observer Kaleidoscope : same elements by changing formation create new images

18 Seed-Thoughts For Meditation Samsär Bhävanä The ever moving is a continuous cycle of change, I am in the center; I am steady and aware. Let me watch the circumference from the center. Each turn of the wheel can be either a cause of my bondage or a cause of my freedom. With awareness, I can use each turn as a challenge to progress

19 एकत्व : Freedom from dependency As we have assumed many forms we do not see our true form Circumference has many points, center has only one we are bound in periphery Isolate yourself in center, but do not become self -centered

20 Another perspective : Oneness or unity with all mankind, all living beings Build a bridge to reach another heart

21 Positive outcome of Ekatva Bhävanä Awakens ‘Simhavrutti’ Awakens ‘Simhavrutti’ Nourishes self-dependence Nourishes self-dependence Pronounces individual liberty and individual responsibility Pronounces individual liberty and individual responsibility Helps to face calamities with full energy Helps to face calamities with full energy Makes us perseverant and patient Makes us perseverant and patient My family and my friends are not mine does not breed selfishness but brings non- attachment. My family and my friends are not mine does not breed selfishness but brings non- attachment. It teaches us to be deserving and capable. It teaches us to be deserving and capable.

22 Seed-Thoughts For Meditation Ekatva Bhävanä I am One. I came alone into the world. I will depart alone. I know how to stand alone, without dependence or support, apart from the herd, fearless and strong in my Self Let me be aware of everyone as flame, as living light, including myself. Let me realize the magnificence and potency of soul and become universal.

23 अन्यत्व : In search of incomparable That which is other than your essence or ‘Self’ Anya – where you have mistakenly identified yourself Sva – Your true self that is incomparable

24 What are the things we have identified with? body sensory objects family, relatives, friends possessions racial, cultural and religious labels ideas

25 Experience the difference between what is ‘Self’ and what is not What is yours can never be taken away from you and what is not yours never can be owned.

26 Seed-Thoughts For Meditation Anyatva Bhävanä What is living, sentient, and formless is ever- moving energy; that is me. What is composing and decomposing is insentient energy; that is body. I do not want to be agitated by bodily pains and pleasures. The world is not agony or pain. Pain is my own confusion, my possessiveness. I have allowed my limited mind to identify with ephemeral things and turn them into concepts. Binding myself to them, I have become bound. Now I turn to that light which can persuade the mind to loosen its hold. I want to free myself of dependency and perceive life clearly.

27 अशुचि : Impurity Body is itself impure, born out of things impure, and produces things impure. Without the existence of the soul within it, it is nothing but a structure of dirt and diseases. Even with the existence of soul within, it is constantly under the process of decay and deterioration Due to impurity of thought we do not behave with awareness

28 Positive outcome of Ashuchi bhävanä It destroys the pride our body, family, caste and race. It reduces and removes one's attachment for one's body, which causes neglect of soul and spiritual welfare. Reduces indulgence in material objects to satisfy the undisciplined cravings of the body. Purity comes from proper self-control, performing good and virtuous acts It should be properly maintained as it is the only vehicle to purify the soul शरीरमाध्यं खलु धर्म साधनम्

29 आस्रव : Observing the Inflow Vibrations streaming into consciousness from all sides From within From society From desires From emotions From conditioning From repulsion and attractions These debris muddies our pristine consciousness

30 The pollutants are : Passions 5 active sense organs with mind Unawareness No discipline Ignorance

31 Seed-Thoughts for meditation Äsrava Bhävanä It teaches how to observe our unlocked gates, our flaws, our unchecked addictions I stand back, watch the inflow, do not identify with them so it can go back outside as it came from outside Detachment is not going away from anybody; it is coming to my own self Let me see myself as a clean body of water, pure and sparkling

32 संवर : art of stoppage To close the window when the storm is about to come Storm of anger Control with power of steam engine Let out steam like a pressure cooker 3 steps to stop cycle of reaction ~Be aware of your feeling ~Retain the energy until balance retains ~Use gentle selective words in a clear effective ways

33 Storm of ego Know the difference between self-respect and ego Self-respect radiates from inner awareness, ego depends on external situation

34 Storm of greed Contentment should not hinder progress Storm of deceit When we do not have first three, we do not need mask of deceit We need courage, conviction, confidence and vigilance of a mountaineer

35 निर्जरा : The art of cleansing It is shedding off, breaking off bindings, attachments It need discipline like a river controlled with banks to protect and guide Things are not holding us, our desires are holding us

36 Seed-thoughts for meditation I want to free myself from limiting habits and reach my heights I want discipline from inner awareness, not from outside compulsion so my energy can flow towards permanent reality

37 लोकस्वरूप The Nature of the Universe The constituents of this universe are soul, matter, law of motion, law of rest, space, and time. Of these six, only soul is aware. The constituents of this universe are soul, matter, law of motion, law of rest, space, and time. Of these six, only soul is aware. Here we need to understand the nature of substance and its modification When I know the value of the day, I won't spoil it at any cost. I am living, conscious energy. Let me melt away my inner walls of fear, greed, possessiveness, anger, and ignorance. I want to free myself from all bonds and live beyond.

38 Positive outcome of Loka-svaroop Bhävanä Thinking about our attachment to the ever- changing matter makes us aware of its futility and our ignorance. Thinking about our trivial place in the vastness of the universe makes us humble and dissolves our pride.

39 बोधिदुर्लभ : The rare occasion Human form Favorable environment Virtuous family Right Guru Desire to progress Righteous vision Even after getting all favorable things, in the name of religion and tradition, we foster pride and attainment of Bodhi slips from our hands

40 लोगस्स उवसग्गहरं जयवीयराय

41 Rarity of enlightenment (Bodhi Durlabh) I am knowledge, Removing the veils, I am revealing myself. I am knowledge, Removing the veils, I am revealing myself. It is just to be and not to possess. Let me celebrate the unique moment when I realize that I am eternal, unborn, imperishable. When I experience this rare inner treasure, this will be my greatest achievement.

42 धर्म : The nature of our nature Reality Religion Truth Nature

43 Seed-Thoughts for meditation Let me stop being tossed and turned by the waves of unreality and step onto my steady island, my Dharma No one is commanding my life. I am commanding myself. All else is temporary. Reality is here on this island of Dharma

44 धर्म जागरिक Self Awareness कः अहम् ?Who am I? का मम जाई ?What is my Gati? किं च मे कुलम ?What family I belong? देवता गुरवश्च के मे ?Who are my God and Guru? को मम धर्म ?What is my religion? के वा अभिग्रहा मे ?Which are my Vratas? का अवस्था मे ? What is my status?

45 किं मया कृतं कर्तव्यं ?What duties am I executing ? किं कृत्यं च मे शेषम् ?What duties are not done? किं च शक्यं न समाचरामि ?Is my laziness responsible? किं मे परः पश्यति ?Which of my faults are seen by others? के च मयि दोषाः ?What faults do I have? किं वा स्खलितं Why I can not get rid of my faults? विवर्जयामि ?

46 Jai Jinendra If I have said anything against the teachings of Jina MICHCHHA MI DUKKADAM

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