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Involuntary Commitment

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1 Involuntary Commitment

2 Involuntary Commitment
The practice of using legal means or forms as part of a mental health law to commit a person to a mental hospital, insane asylum or psychiatric ward against their will or over their protests

3 Purposes of involuntary commitment
Observation Containment of danger to self/others Treatment of illness

4 Involuntary commitment
Governed by state law Procedures vary from state to state Regulated by mental health acts/mental health hygiene laws

5 Involuntary commitment The Michigan Mental Health Code
whose judgment is so impaired that he or she is unable to understand his or her need for treatment and whose continued behavior as the result of this mental illness can reasonably be expected, on the basis of competent clinical opinion, to result in significant physical harm to himself or herself or others

6 Involuntary commitment Oregon standard
been committed and hospitalized twice in the last three years, is showing symptoms or behavior similar to those that preceded and led to a prior hospitalization and, unless treated, will continue, to a reasonable medical probability, to deteriorate to become a danger to self or others or unable to provide for basic needs

7 Involuntary commitment Washington DC
Mentally ill and as a result of such illness, likely to injure self or others (DC Code )

8 Involuntary commitment Washington DC
Mental Illness is psychosis or other disease which substantially impairs the mental health of a person (DC Code )

9 Involuntary commitment Washington DC
Injury does not have to be physical or involve violence, can involve in putting oneself in a position of danger or likelihood to suffer harm.

10 Involuntary commitment Washington DC
FD 12- (Form ) DC Code Allows to be taken for evaluation without warrant Physician, psychologist, agent of DMH, accredited officer Valid 12 hours

11 Involuntary commitment Washington DC
Form 522 (Form 2) DC Code Required for hospitalization By a psychiatrist or psychologist Should examine the patient and recommend that hospitalization is least restrictive treatment Valid 48 hours

12 Involuntary commitment Washington DC
After 48 hours petition to court is required (DC Code ) Signed by the CMO or designee Valid for 7 days maximum Should be filed within 24 hours of 522

13 Involuntary commitment Washington DC
Continued detention Probable cause hearings scheduled within 24 hours in DC Superior Court

14 Involuntary commitment Washington DC
Petition for Commitment (541, form 3) Filed within 7 days of continued detention order DC Code

15 Involuntary commitment Washington DC
Revocation of Outpatient status 548, form 4

16 Involuntary commitment HUH
Currently no involuntary patients Involuntary Sites: St. E, GSE, PIW Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) (202)

17 Involuntary commitment Criticism
violation of substantive due process under the United States Constitution deprive them of liberty of speech and writings protected by the First Amendment Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination

18 Involuntary commitment Criticism
Thomas Szasz and the antipsychiatry movement Use with criminals Mentally Abnormal Sexually Violent Predator" laws

19 Involuntary commitment Alternatives
Community based treatment Community treatment orders Behavioral advance Directives

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