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KAZAN, September 2009 Activities of CEN/TC 12 relative to ISO Standards.

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1 KAZAN, September 2009 Activities of CEN/TC 12 relative to ISO Standards

2 2 - KAZAN, September 2009 CONTENTS Standardization in Europe : CEN (and CENELEC) ISO Standardization of Oil and Gas equipment :ISO/TC 67 Technical Committee CEN/TC 12 Present Issues Conclusion

3 3 - KAZAN, September 2009 Standardization in Europe :CEN (and CENELEC) Standards in Europe are not mandatory, and EU regulations specify essential requirements (mainly linked with safety issues) defined in the European Directives. “Harmonized standards” have a presumption of conformity to these requirements. Other standards (i.e. “non-harmonized” ones) are checked not to be in conflict with these requirements. Standards can be developed within CEN committees, or can be adopted from other bodies such as ISO. The “Vienna Agreement” regulates this process between ISO and CEN. Each CEN standard is adopted in the national collection of each European country (and replaces any pre-existing national standard).

4 4 - KAZAN, September 2009 ISO Standardization of Oil and Gas equipment : TC 67 Technical Committee ISO/TC 67 covers the entire range of Oil and Gas materials and equipment for all segments of our industry : Exploration and production, Refining, Transport by pipelines, Natural Gas (including LNG), Petrochemicals. TC 67 is a very active committee with 6 specialized Working Groups and 6 Sub-committees. 140 standards have already been published, and 65 projects are in the present work program. Stakeholders worldwide are well represented.

5 5 - KAZAN, September 2009

6 6 CEN/TC 12 SCOPE TITLE: Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries SCOPE: Standardisation of the materials, equipment and offshore structures used in the drilling, production, transport by pipelines and processing of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons within the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries, excluding gas infrastructure from the input of gas into the on-shore transmission network up to the inlet connection of gas appliances (covered by CEN/TC234) and those aspects of offshore structures covered by IMO requirements (ISO/TC8). Note : CEN/TC 12 scope is nearly identical to ISO/TC 67 scope. The standardization within CEN/TC 12 is to be achieved wherever possible by adoption of ISO standards.

7 7 - KAZAN, September 2009 CEN/TC 12 CEN/TC12 is working according to the goal of the Industry : GLOBAL STANDARDS USED LOCALLY WORLDWIDE CEN TC12 adopts ISO/TC 67 Standards in EUROPE. Vienna Agreement between ISO and CEN fully applies. Normally 5 (or 3 by relaxation) European countries shall participate and nominate experts. Parallel voting of the common standards (or UAP for those standards which excludes gas concerns in Europe) Reminder : European Standards become National Standards in all 30 countries when accepted in CEN.

8 8 - KAZAN, September 2009 CEN/TC 12 WORK PROGRAM 61 Work Items (5 published since January 2009) Already published standards: 103 EN ISO (Identical) published standards +6 EN (ISO modified) standards (exclusion of gas infrastructure industries) +1 CEN TR 15549 (piping + ASME B31-3 + PED )

9 9 - KAZAN, September 2009 PRESENT ISSUES Liaison and coordination regarding various actions such as :  Transmission pipelines, with ECISS/TC 29 and CEN/TC 234  LNG equipment, with CEN/TC 282 in particular for prEN ISO 28460 (Ship to shore interface and port operations)  Collaboration with EASC countries, through Ad-hoc group AH8  Potential adoption of ISO standards in other regions of the world

10 10 - KAZAN, September 2009 CEN/TC 12 CHAIR During its Plenary meeting in February 2009, CEN/TC 12 decided to appoint Gilles Trican as new Chairman of CEN/TC 12 for a period of six years starting on 2009-02-05 ( Resolution 18). Note: Former Chairman Alain Loppinet was warmly thanked for his dedication and hard work during his long tenure. Alain will continue to be involved mainly as convenor or expert in the various ad-hoc groups of CEN TC12. In particular in AH8 (ad- hoc group 8).

11 11 - KAZAN, September 2009 CONCLUSION Global Standards Used Locally Worldwide


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