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Days with Vocabulary Frog and Toad.

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1 Days with Vocabulary Frog and Toad

2 Meet the Author and Illustrator:
Arnold Lobel Arnold Lobel was born on May 22, 1933, in Los Angeles, California. He used to tell stories to his friends at school when he was growing up. He attended art school in New York City. Arnold Lobel used to catch frogs and toads and keep them in his aquarium. He also had many pet mice. Arnold Lobel wrote and illustrated almost 100 books. He died on December 4, 1987. "When I write my stories, I always sit in the same chair."

3 The author and illustrator is Arnold Lobel
The author writes the stories. The illustrator draws the pictures. Summary: Good friends like Frog and Toad enjoy spending their days together. They fly kites, celebrate Toad's birthday, and share the shivers when one of them tells a scary story. But they come to discover that it is also important to sometimes be alone.

4 Genre:Story Look for: A story has characters, a setting and a plot.
A plot with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Story events that happen in order.

5 “Day with Frog and Toad”
Vocabulary for alone cheer fine meadow reason spoiled “Day with Frog and Toad”

6 Glossary Time Put your reading book on your desk. Open your book to the glossary. When you see the word “Glossary,” get ready to find the word in your book.

7 alone - not with anyone Glossary Word The walrus is alone on the ice.

8 cheer - make glad Glossary Word Frog wanted to cheer up Toad.

9 fine - very good Glossary Word
It is a fine day to go for a walk with Dad.

10 meadow - grassy land Glossary Word
The horses are grazing in the meadow.

11 reason cause Glossary Word Is there a reason pigs like mud?

12 The spoiled strawberries cannot be eaten.
- ruined Glossary Word The spoiled strawberries cannot be eaten.

13 Read and Remember alone - not with anyone cheer - make glad
fine - very good meadow - grassy land reason - cause spoiled - ruined

14 Say the words. Read the sentences. Fill in the blank.
Vocabulary Review Say the words. Read the sentences. Fill in the blank.

15 The rain _______ Eeyore’s day
alone cheer fine meadow reason spoiled

16 You should swim with a buddy because it’s not safe to swim _____.
meadow spoiled fine reason alone cheer

17 The rabbit lives in the _______.
meadow cheer spoiled reason spoiled fine The rabbit lives in the _______.

18 A bunny hug will ______ you up.
cheer reason alone spoiled meadow fine

19 The ________ I don’t have my homework is that the dog ate it.
spoiled reason meadow fine cheer alone

20 Granddad will feel ____ after his nap.
cheer reason spoiled meadow fine alone Granddad will feel ____ after his nap.

21 Match the Letters to the Words.
reason – ___ cheer ___ meadow –___ spoiled - ___ alone – ___ fine –__ - not with anyone - make glad - very good - grassy land - cause - ruined E B D F A C

22 Skill Sites Days With Frog and Toad: Matching exercise #1
Test Tutor: compare and contrast (Harcourt) Reading Rocket: compare and contrast (Harcourt) Lesson in compare and contrast Practice in compare and contrast: Contrasting Characters: Quia: Change y to i plurals Changing y to i and adding es/ Let's practice using a Venn diagram!! Grammar: Exclamations and Commands (Harcourt)

23 More Interactive Sites
Frog Facts Building Background: Days With Frog and Toad Space Kids: Things to do along. All About Frogs Color Me Frog! Coloring pages Frog & Toad Facts (Teacher Information) Green Frog - Paint online Toad - Paint online

24 Happy Reading Tweak by Anne Miller

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