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Welcome! 3/11/10 Do Now: What do you think free blacks want after the war? What do you think former slave masters want after the war? What do you think.

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1 Welcome! 3/11/10 Do Now: What do you think free blacks want after the war? What do you think former slave masters want after the war? What do you think the North wants after the war? Topics/Goals: Understand what everyone wanted after the war Why Reconstruction was hard Good notes on Reconstruction Agenda: Do Now Notes Wrap up

2 Hooray the war is over!

3 Map: the U.S. after the Civil War Effects of the War Overall, who was better off after the war, the North or the South? Why do you think this?

4 The different programs from…

5 Freedmens Bureau Some people wanted to help former slaves do well with their new opportunities: Created schools to serve all children who were denied an education before (i.e. slaves). Fought for former slaves to get land that the government promised to them after the war. Forty Acres and a Mule Also provided medical care and housing to ex- slaves in need.

6 Forty Acres and a Mule This was the idea that blacks were owed a small amount of land because they were the ones who had worked it for so long. How do you think Southern landowners responded? There was some land put aside, but not even close enough for all the former slaves. What ever will they do?? Many rappers today refer to 40 Acers and a Mule in the music – Extra credit, bring in a song that references 40 Acres and a Mule Lyrics, and music req. – School appropriate

7 Forty Acres and a Mule After the Civil War, the former slaves envisioned a new era of equality... A former slave interviewed in the 1930s recalled: One day a few negroes was sticking sticks in the ground when massa come up. "What you niggers doing?" he asked. "We is staking off the land, Massa. The Yankees say half of it is ourn. The massa never got mad. He just look calmlike. "Listen, niggers," he said, "What's mine is mine and what's yours is yours. You're just as free as I and the missus, but don't go fooling around my land. I have tried to be a good master to you. I have never been unfair. Now if you wants to stay, you are welcome to work for me. I'll pay you one-third the crops you raise. But if you wants to go, you sees the gate.

8 Quick Think: How do you think slaves responded to this situation?

9 Pre-Class3/11/10 QUICK REVIEW! What are 3-5 problems that faced the slaves in the south when they were set free? What is one way that people tried to fix these problems?

10 Welcome!3/11/10 Todays Agenda 1. Pre-Class & Roll 2. Share out 3. NOTES 4. HISTORY ON TRIAL! 5. Wrap up Announcements: Extra Credit: 40 acres and mule music. Lyrics & Music by Monday

11 Sharecropping The result was sharecropping Slaves returned to work for their former masters and would be paid through a share of the crop. Most former slaves, because of their inability to read and write, were taken advantage of. Former slave masters kept the ex-slaves in poverty so they could not buy their own place. The conditions that they were living and working in were as bad as when they were slaves. Rules of Sharecropping

12 Quick Think: Do you believe all masters were fair to their former slaves/current employees using the sharecropping program? Explain.

13 Black Codes Whats happening in the picture? March 23, 1867 In this view of Southern justice:Southern justice A Northerner and a black man are accused of murder and then lynched, while in the background, a Southern gentleman accused of murder is told not to do it again and let go.lynched

14 Black Codes Were very similar to slave codes – it said how they should live and how they should act. The only difference is that the freed black men are never actually called slaves. Even though they were technically free, they were still treated as slaves and looked at as if they were still slaves. These codes will eventually lead into the Jim Crowe Laws. These will be enforced in part by the KKK.

15 Civil Rights Amendments 13 th Amendment Originally Civil Rights Act of 1866 Officially ended slavery. 14 th Amendment Originally the Civil Rights Act of 1875 Said you cannot keep someone out based solely on race. Said everyone must be treated equal in theaters, restaurants, etc 15 th Amendment People could not be denied the right to vote because of their race.

16 Ku Klux Klan (KKK) The very beginning… Worked for white supremacy. Terrorized many blacks for no other reason than race. They will take a stronger stance as Reconstruction comes to an end.

17 Wrap-up Do you think the North and South could have handled this situation better? Explain how.

18 PUTTING HISTORY ON TRIAL! 4 Defendants will be put on trial – YOU are going to represent a group! North/Union South/Confederacy The Western World African Americans/Former Slaves Whos to blame? Who should be responsible for paying reparations?

19 HOW DO WE PLAY??!?! 1. Organize the courtroom! 2. STUDY our DEFENDANTS! 3. CREATE your DEFENSE 4. CREATE your ACCUSATION (attack! & blame!) 5. *Finalize our defenses/accusations work 6. *JURY DUTY 7. *HISTORY ON TRIAL! 8. *JURY DELIBERATION 9. *Reflection *Day 2

20 1. Organize the courtroom! Ok, organize yourselves into 4 groups (No more than 8 to a group!) Move desks into neat table Everyone sits Choose leader Wait for further instruction… Leader raises hand FIRST GROUP TO FINISH CHOOSES WHO THEY ARE FIRST!

21 2. STUDY our DEFENDANTS! 1. Everyone read the indictment for your group! 2. DISCUSS! (3 minutes) What is your group accused of? What reasons does the indictment give? List 3-5 in your notebooks, under pre-class. 3. Vote Is your group innocent? (option #1) Is your group guilty? (option #2)

22 Pre-Class3/12/10 Ok, organize yourselves into 4 groups (No more than 8 to a group!). Organize your desks into 4 large group tables Collect supplies. (2 pieces of chart paper, your indictments, half sheets, markers) Discuss the following: Are you innocent or guilty? Who is on the Defense Team? -- (4 people) Who is on the Accusation Team? -- (4 people)

23 PUTTING HISTORY ON TRIAL! Your honor, History must be judged! OH SNAP!!!

24 3. CREATE your DEFENSE! 1. Choose ½ of your group to build your defense Use chart paper, markers, and your indictment See model on side chalkboard! Defend yourself, back it up with reasons from indictment 2. DEFENSE TEAM MEMBERS WORK IN HALLWAY! WORK QUIETLY RESPECT OTHER CLASSROOMS/HALLWAY EVERYONE WORKS!!! ABSOLUTELY NO STANDING/SITTING AROUND NO EXCUSES PLAY LIKE CHAMPIONS…

25 4. CREATE your ACCUSATION! GUILTY OR INNOCENT SOMEONE ELSE HAS GOT TO TAKE THE BLAME! 1. If you are still here, you are in charge of accusing others of the crime! 2. Decide who is really to blame Whos fault is it really? Who should pay? You can blame 1-4 defendants (yes even yourself) 3. Build your accusation (attack) Use chart paper, markers, other groups indictments SEE MODEL ON SIDE CHALKBOARD! Study the indictments, find reasons to blame others!

26 CLEAN UP! Please return all art supplies! Stack up indictments on my desk 1 pile for each indictment type Stack up your chart paper on the windowsill Put desks back and return to your seat, sit quietly.

27 5. FINALIZE YOUR WORK! You have 5 minutes to finish your chart paper posters. GO TO WORK Defense team in the hallway Accusation team in the classroom

28 6. JURY DUTY If I choose you to be a juror please sit with the jury, everyone else sit with your groups… Jurors stand, raise your right hand, place your left hand on the textbook… Do you promise to be completely neutral in this case; to leave behind all affiliation and connection to your group; to examine all the facts and make a wise decision on who is guilty and responsible for paying reparations so help you African-American History?

29 7. HISTORY ON TRIAL! 1. In Clockwise order from right of jury… State your plea (innocent or guilty) Present your reasons for your plea State your accusation (whos really to blame?) Present your reasons for your accusation 2. Jury Questions Defendant You may ask 2-3 questions Ask them to explain themselves, repeat anything, do you agree with their plea? DONT LET THEM OFF EASY! 3. ROTATE…EVERYONE PRESENTS!

30 8. JURY DELIBERATION 3 MINUTES! Jury step outside make your decision! Prepare a ruling, and 3 reasons why! EVERYONE ELSE WRITE! Make a prediction, what will the jury decide? 3 lines! Write in your notes. Discussion Do we agree with the decision? What did you predict, were you right? What do you think?

31 9. Reflection (HW!) Do you think reparations are something that should be paid considering what you know about the horrors of African-American slavery? Are reparations deserved? (1/2 page) WE STILL TALK ABOUT REPARATIONS TODAY! Do you think reparations should be paid to the African-American descendants of their slave ancestors? Why/Why not? (1/2 page)

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