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The Integumentary System

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1 The Integumentary System
Chapter 12 The Integumentary System

2 Overview of Structures, Combining Forms, and Functions
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3 Skin Primary Functions Related Combining Forms
First line of defense for the immune system. Waterproofs the body. Major receptor for the sense of touch. Related Combining Forms cutane/o dermat/o, derm/o

4 Structures of the Skin

5 Sebaceous Glands Primary Functions Related Combining Form
Secrete sebum (oil) to lubricate the skin. Discourage the growth of bacteria on the skin. Related Combining Form seb/o

6 Sweat and Sebaceous Glands

7 Sweat Glands Primary Functions Related Combining Form
Secrete sweat to regulate body temperature and water content. Excrete some metabolic waste. Related Combining Form hidr/o

8 Hair Primary Function Related Combining Forms
Aids in controlling the loss of body heat. Related Combining Forms pil/i, pil/o

9 Nails Primary Function Related Combining Forms
Protect the dorsal surface of the last bone of each finger and toe. Related Combining Forms onych/o ungu/o

10 Structures of the Fingernails and Toenails

11 Animations © 2009 Delmar, Cengage Learning

12 Click to play animation
The Skin [Insert Skin animation] Click to play animation

13 Click to play animation
Burns [Insert Burns animation] Click to play animation

14 Answers to Learning Exercises
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15 Chapter 12 Answers Matching Word Parts 1 12.1. bi/o 12.2. urtic/o
12.3. erythr/o 12.4. hidr/o 12.5. rhytid/o Matching Word Parts 2 12.6. melan/o 12.7. lip/o 12.8. kerat/o 12.9. pedicul/o dermat/o

16 Chapter 12 Answers Matching Word Parts 3 12.11. xer/o 12.12. myc/o
hirsut/o onych/o seb/o Definitions cellulitis dysplastic nevi alopecia areata hematoma diaphoresis

17 Chapter 12 Answers Definitions 12.21. cicatrix 12.22. bulla
debridement second-degree verrucae Matching Structures keratin unguis sebaceous glands mammary glands dermis

18 Chapter 12 Answers Which Word? 12.31. onychocryptosis 12.32. impetigo
laceration basal cell necrotizing fasciitis Spelling Counts psoriasis eczema abscess onychia scleroderma

19 Chapter 12 Answers Abbreviation Identification Term Selection
basal cell carcinoma incision and drainage lupus erythematosus malignant melanoma squamous cell carcinoma Term Selection granuloma pediculosis corporis erythema scales carbuncle

20 Chapter 12 Answers Sentence Completion 12.51. purulent
onychomycosis gangrene melanosis urticaria Word Surgery rhytid, -ectomy onych/o, myc, -osis follicul, -itis prurit, -us ichthy, -osis

21 Chapter 12 Answers True/False 12.61. True 12.62. False 12.63. True
Clinical Conditions sclerotherapy albinism hematoma abrasion petechiae

22 Chapter 12 Answers Clinical Conditions 12.71. scabies
Mohs surgery blepharoplasty abscess sleep hyperhidrosis Which Is the Correct Medical Term? paronychia comedo psoriasis koilonychia nevi

23 Chapter 12 Answers Challenge Word Building 12.81. onychomalacia
hypohidrosis rhinoplasty onychoma melanopathy onychectomy anonychia dermatopathy mycosis melanodermatitis

24 Chapter 12 Answers Labeling Exercises 12.91. cyst 12.92. pustule
vesicle bulla ulcer epidermis dermis subcutaneous sebaceous sweat

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