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Uniform Circular Motion

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1 Uniform Circular Motion
Physics I Class 12 Uniform Circular Motion

2 Newton’s Second Law - Yet Another Review!

3 Uniform Circular Motion

4 Acceleration in Circular Motion
When an object travels in a circle, its velocity is constantly changing (in direction at least). That means the object has a non-zero acceleration even if it moves at constant speed.

5 Important Facts About Velocity and Acceleration Vectors

6 What is the Direction of Acceleration?

7 “Centripetal Force” “Centrifugal Force”

8 Example: A Rock on a String
Twirl a 1 kg rock attached to a string in a 1 m radius vertical circle. The speed is 4 m/sec. What forces act on the rock and what are the directions of those forces?

9 Using Newton’s Second Law to Solve Problems - Review

10 Case A: Rock at the Top of the Circle

11 Case B: Rock at the Bottom of the Circle

12 Normal Force - A Concept We Will Use in Today’s Activity

13 Class #12 Take-Away Concepts

14 Class #12 Problems of the Day

15 Class #12 Problems of the Day

16 Activity #12 Ferris Wheel Thrill Ride

17 Class #12 Optional Material “Centrifugal” Force?

18 Accelerated Frames of Reference

19 The Inertial Forces

20 Discussion Swinging a Water Bucket Overhead

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