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Emanuel Finn, DDS, MS Chief, Oral Heath Division DC Department of Health Washington DC.

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1 Emanuel Finn, DDS, MS Chief, Oral Heath Division DC Department of Health Washington DC

2 4/30/06 2 District of Columbia Income and Household Size by Ward Household Income, 2003 estimates from Avg. Household Size, 1998 estimates

3 4/30/06 3 Is Washington D. C. A Bourgeois Town?

4 4/30/06 4 Dental Administration Currently DC DOH has embarked on a five year plan to establish a dental infrastructure Clinical services administered by PBC/DCGH until May 2001 May 2001- DCGH & PBC abolished Clinical services privatized through a DCDOH Managed Care contract

5 4/30/06 5 W. K Kellogg Foundation Community Voices Collaborative The Kellogg Foundation working though the DC Community Voices Collaborative Funded an oral health initiative which has revived public oral health activities in the District and at the DC DOH

6 4/30/06 6 Public Oral Health in DC Last Oral Health Needs Assessment conducted in DC was in 1985 Survey of post treatment interviews at the PBC clinics No local baseline data was available No dental directive at DC DOH or any local agency for more than a decade and a half The school-based dental program folded in 1981 DC water supply system is 100% fluoridated

7 4/30/06 7 Oral Health Assessment Used ASTDD Seven Step Model Survey of Communities in the various city wards Survey of DC Based Dental Practices Oral Health Screening of 2 nd & 3 rd Graders Focused groups in the Latino, Elderly, HIV/AIDS & Parents of CSHCNs

8 4/30/06 8 Oral Health Assessment Form Convenient for parents and providers Improved collection of data to better assist DOH in developing and improving the healthcare delivery system in the District of Columbia OHA forms available for public use in Summer 2004 The outcome: A standardized enrollment process for entry into all DC Public Schools, Head Start, Childcare, camp, after school and sports/athletic programs

9 4/30/06 9 Oral Health Leadership Summit First ever in DC- July 2003 Theme: Building on a Framework for Improving Oral Health in DC Summit Goals Broaden ownership for oral health in DC Increase awareness of scope of oral health problems in DC Discuss & develop: Prevention and access strategies for oral health in DC Strategies that enhance the coordination, distribution or replication of successful efforts Funded by W. K. Kellogg Foundation and the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors

10 4/30/06 10 Inaugural School

11 4/30/06 11 % Children in School Based Program w/ Cavities

12 4/30/06 12 Promoting Oral Health Program Panelist on the WTUSA-TV 9 Andrea Roane Show - discussion on childrens health in the District Presented at: National Primary Oral Health Conference (Dallas) PHS Region II Dental Coalition Meeting (Florida) National Oral Health Conference regarding DC Oral Health Program (Milwaukee) 2004 NASBHC Annual Conference (New Orleans)

13 4/30/06 13 DC Oral Health Coalition Formed Summer 2004 Goals Increase recognition to public oral health Advancing advocacy and resource development Initiate legislative grassroots action Initiate & engage in multidisciplinary discussions/forums Develop recommendations to improve oral health Subcommittees: Oral Health Promotion, Prevention & Consumer Education Media, Reimbursement & Improvement Policy & Infrastructure Development

14 4/30/06 14 Public/Private Partnerships Colgate Palmolive Bright Smiles/Bright Futures Program DCDS (GKASD), HDA, NDA, Robert T. Freeman Dental Society, ASTDD, HRSA, MCOs

15 4/30/06 15 Where Do We Go From Here? Certainly Up!!! Disaster Preparedness- Katrina, Bioterroism, Avian Flu epidemic!!! Oral cancer cessation in the District Access issues!!!! More partnerships

16 4/30/06 16 Are We Airborne Yet? 2 ND Oral Health Summit – November 2005 (Shaping the Future: From Cavities to Oral Cancer) Bioterrorism & Dentistry Plan in DC City Council has made more $$ available for adult Medicaid services Need more $$$$ for School Program Oral Health Plan

17 4/30/06 17 Question & Answer Do I have the bourgeois (public dental health) blues in a bourgeois town? - Huddie (Leadbelly) Ledbetter, December 1938 a) maybe b) sometimes c) most times d) all the time e) never

18 4/30/06 18 Questions/Comments

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