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Bale Sumur Bandung Building By: 4 GENERATION.

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2 Bale Sumur Bandung Building By: 4 GENERATION



5 Yes, "Sumur Bandung" is meant is a well where ground water discharge that is now forgotten even by the native city of Bandung, but this well has historical links with the founding of the city of Bandung. Then why not many people know the existence of the old wells? The reason may be the location of the well itself, despite being in the middle of the city but is located inside a closed building and of course the lack of publicity. Gate of Bale Sumur Bandung

6 Perhaps according history, these wells are formed when Raden Adipati Wiranata Kusumah II who was then serving as Regent Karapyak (is now Dayeuh conservative) resting on the edge of Cikapundung When resting stick his wand that not far from where he sat. When the rod is pulled out the water that very clear from the hole. in order to water not wasted, he with Ponggawa Entourage made a well to collect water, that eventually in the future called the Well of Bandung. And with the approval of the district capital of Bandung Daendels, Karapyak moved to the area near the well, namely with the construction of the south "Alun-Alun" now.

7 Sumur Bandung is near of Pos Office Buiding, Savoy Homann Hotel, Cikapundung River, etc. Sumur Bandung at Asia Afrika Street.

8 If you want to visit Sumur Bandung,you can use plane and you take off at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, and then you use the Primajasa Travel, and stop at Bandung Super Mall. After that you can rest at Horison Hotel, position of Horison Hotel itself at Pelajar Pejuang Street. If you will go to “Sumur Bandung “ you can use Angkutan Kota “ St.Hall- Gedebage “ ( Green colour) until you turn down to Kosambi market. After that you use City Bus and turn down at Asia afrika street. Ooh I’m forget, if you want to come down from the city's transport, you say “ Kiri “


10 BRI Building Kantor Pikiran Rakyat Building And many more building… Interest? Let’s visit us and you’ll know the other building from Bandung, our city… let’s go to next page!



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