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Successful Information Management With Knowledgebase Manager Pro Is Reality.

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1 Successful Information Management With Knowledgebase Manager Pro Is Reality

2 Key Benefits of Using Web-based Knowledge Base Software Customer care improvement Staff is able to find necessary information faster Retention of intellectual property Customer support costs decreasing Employee training time reduced Knowledge accumulation and usage is a key to business success

3 What are key components of success? KMP (Knowledgebase Manager Pro) Robust system Easy to learn and use Convenient capture of data Exceptional product support Complete integration Fast to implement

4 Robust System Stable and solid Recovery of accidentally deleted articles Roll-back articles to previous versions Flexible and effective user permissions Built-in backup and restore routine

5 Easy to Learn and Use Intuitive user interface Context help and hints Extensive documentation Completely web-based Support for all popular web browsers

6 Exceptional Product Support Friendly, expert technical support by real people Available by live chat, email, tickets, Skype, and phone Dedication and commitment to problem resolution Fair software maintenance subscription model

7 Convenient Capture of Data Easy to add new data Collect and re-use feedback Data importing support Fast switch between edit and view modes

8 Complete Integration Customizable layout and design Integrates with your website API (XML-RPC) Single Sign-On LDAP (including Active Directory)

9 Fast to Implement Easy to install Supports data import Migration service is provided Deep customization feasible Flexible user access settings Two product versions: owned (on-premise) and hosted (SaaS).

10 Owned (On-premise) Advantages MySQL and MS SQL supported for database storage Works on any server: Linux and Windows; Apache, IIS, Lighttpd and Nginx.

11 Hosted (SaaS) Advantages Quick start We take care about – Installation – Software Updates – Daily backups – Security – and everything, to help you staying focused on your business. 99.9% uptime

12 Trust the World Leaders Our happy customers:

13 Contact Information For more information contact us: Phone: 1-877-744-1221 (Toll Free for US & Canada) Phone: 1-213-270-1944 (US & Worldwide) Email: Web: management/ management/

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