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Closer to us… At first from 1919 to 1932 our school was The Teacher Training Seminar.

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3 Closer to us…



6 At first from 1919 to 1932 our school was The Teacher Training Seminar

7 Then, it changed into State High School of Pedagogical Education between 1932 and 1948

8 From 1948 to 1992 it changed many times. In 1992 our school was finally the XI high school. In 2007 we got a patron. Today it’s called the XI high school of Rotmistrz Witold Pilecki.

9 Witold Pilecki was a courageous hero of the Second World War and the man who with his life showed us that there are no limits of courage and sacrifice.

10 He was born in 1901. As a seventeen year-old-boy he took part in a defense of Vilnius during the First World War. In 1918 he volunteered for the emerging Polish Army, fought in the Polish-Bolshevik War of 1920, occupied Vilnius under the command of General Żeligowski.

11 In a September campaign of 1939 Pilecki fought in the Army “Prusy”. In November, he co- founded the Secret Polish Army, where he served as a Chief of Staff.

12 The Prime Minister Cyrankiewicz refused confirming that Pilecki was the creator of the underground Auschwitz(in1940 in Auschwitz he created conspiracy named ZWZ), and does not support the request for clemency. He got shot from soldiers in prison at Razowiecka street in Warsaw on 15th May 1948. He left alone his wife and 2 children... After the Second World War Pilecki was sentenced by the communist Polish courts for allegedly spying to the death penalty.

13 Like most schools XI LO publishes school newspaper. There are a lot of information about current school events, as well as there are jokes, interviews with teachers, reports of cultural events, and students’s poems.

14 Student council has a very important function in our school. It is responsible for organizing events like a grant awards Jedenastki, The Initiation Ceremony or Teacher's Day celebrations.

15 In our school, we got happy numbers, this system randomly selects the numbers, this person who got this number in register have day without unexpected tests. "Niepytka" works the same us happy number, but you can use it whenever you want.

16 In the XI high school works 65 teachers who encourage students to like the classes and to prepare them for the best results of final exams.

17 " Trops" Student Sport Club deals with training sportsmen from sports orientation for several years. Sections of sports orientation like running, bicycle riding and ski running team of 22 sportsmen in the categories from KM 12 to KM 45, and they are trained by Stefan Niczyporuk. The main point of the club is popularization of sports orientation beetween children and teenagers from Podlasie province. Most effective manner to achieve a set up point is organization of sport performance on orientation and course for animators, instructors and trainers for sports.

18 Xbox3360 We also have Xbox3360 with Kinect so you can easily come and play with each other! We have a library too, and there are a lot of books and computers. So during breaks you can come here to read books or just to use the internet.

19 The school group Caritas is led by Professor Jolanta Dziekońska. It exists since 1997. They are distinguished people who provide help to the needy.

20 At our school you can find some special places like “Shelf of free books”. You can borrow books there or give the books you don’t use. Everyone is honest and doesn’t steal the books.

21 The theatre group named "Prestidigitator" is a team of people, functioning in our school since 2001, who want to entertain in the theatre and take part in creation of artistic events.

22 On reigns attempt an unique atmosphere and certainly have lots of fantastic fun. While creation of spectacles we are equipped with proffesional audio and lights. Dresses and scenography are made by ourselves. We do not deal with only dramatic theatre, but we are intrested in other theatrical forms too: theatre of doll shades, artisticn theatre and also theater of shades and black theater. We take advantage of some of them in our spectacles.

23 Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights.

24 ‘Jedenastki’ - prestigious award of XI LO granted annually for distinctive students and school employees. People nominated and winning are choose by all school community.





29 Memorandum of Cooperation The XI high school collaborates with Dramatic Theater im. Aleksandra Węgierki in Bialystok. The main purpose is connect collaboration with artistic classes. The XI high school collaborates with Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska and Europejskie Centrum Sztuki Białystok.


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