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RigExpert Antenna Analyzers

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1 RigExpert Antenna Analyzers

2 Models of RigExpert analyzers
Top class models AA-600 AA-1000 Economy class models AA-30 AA-54 AA-170

3 RigExpert Analyzers, top class models AA-600 – MHz AA-1000 – MHz Powered from 3 AA-size batteries or via USB, color display (320x240px)

4 RigExpert Analyzers, economy class models
AA-30 – MHz AA-54 – MHz AA-170 – MHz Powered from 2(3) AA-size batteries or via USB, black & white display (128x64px)

5 A key feature of all RigExpert analyzers is their ability to display various parameters of a load graphically

6 SWR and R,X graphs are used most frequently

7 AA-600/1000 are able to display reflection coefficient on Smith -or- polar chart

8 In addition, all parameters may be displayed textually

9 The MultiSWR mode (except AA-30) displays SWR at up to 5 frequencies at once

10 An easy-to-use menu system helps navigating through all the functions of the analyzer

11 A separate help screen is available for any measurement mode, so you do not need to have the user’s manual open at all time

12 In AA-600/1000, impulse response and step response graphs will help in finding discontinuities in transmission lines

13 Although you do not need to adjust or calibrate your analyzer for everyday use, AA-600/1000 have a built-in open-short-load calibration to improve measurement accuracy

14 All RigExpert analyzers can be connected to a personal computer via USB

15 The LCD2Clipboard program takes screenshots of the analyzer’s LCD

16 The AntScope software lets a user see parameters of a load on a big screen

17 See for details

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