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Mack McIntyre 4 th December 2014 Harsco Metals and Minerals Overview.

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1 Mack McIntyre 4 th December 2014 Harsco Metals and Minerals Overview

2 1 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD 1  Safety  Ethical in Thought, Word and Deed  Disciplined Thought, Disciplined Action and Disciplined People  Transparency  Personal Accountability and Responsibility  Customers  Targeted Market  BHAG  Envisioned Future  Value Creation  Value Capture  Value Selling  Be the Best  Sustainable Superior Performance (20-Mile March)  Customers  Employees  Shareholders  Suppliers Uncompromising Integrity and Ethical Business Practices  Harsco Integrity Framework:  Code of Conduct  Security Practices  Internal Control To build teams that win with integrity anywhere in the world Harsco's Core Ideology Core Values People – the "A Team"  Human Capital Framework:  Global Talent Management System for Recruiting, Developing, Retaining and Assessing Human Capital Continuous Improvement  Continuous Improvement Discipline through Lean and Six Sigma Methods  Business Transformation Value Creation Discipline  Economic Value Added (EVA®)  Value Selling Culture 3 24  Safety Practices  Global Management Practices Core Purpose

3 2 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD 2 Harsco Metals & Minerals Harsco Corporation A world-leading $3bn+ company providing specialist solutions to industries which are fundamental to global economic growth. Operating in 50 countries, and employing over 20,000 people. Harsco Metals Provides environmental and logistics solutions to metals producers in the steel, aluminium, zinc, nickel and copper industries. Operations at over 160 sites in more than 30 countries (sales $1.3bn). Harsco Minerals Provides environmental services to the utility and stainless steel industries. Harsco Minerals utilizes innovative metal recovery to give customers a cost effective raw material for production while manufacturing a full range of mineral products servicing the abrasive blasting, roofing, agriculture, turf, and mining industries.

4 3 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD 3 Worldwide presence Harsco Metals provides onsite services to the metals industry (incl. steel, aluminium, nickel, copper and zinc). Operations  over 160 sites in 30 countries  12,000 employees

5 4 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD 4 -Solving Metals & Minerals Challenges -Safety First -Continuous Improvement Journey -Customer-driven Innovation -Stronger as a Team

6 5 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Harsco Metals & Minerals Solutions: -Zero waste -Resource recovery -By-product solutions -Logistics & material management -Operation and Maintenance of assets

7 6 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD  Minimising raw material costs  Optimising logistical efficiency  Upgrading Product Quality  Achieving Environmental Sustainability  Minimising raw material costs  Optimising logistical efficiency  Upgrading Product Quality  Achieving Environmental Sustainability Engineered Solutions Logistics Product Value Recycling Today’s Industrial Challenges

8 7 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Engineered Solutions: Delivering Enhanced Value Logistics Raw materials handling Turning stock into cash Liquid metal transport Product management Essential maintenance Product value Quality inspection Defect detection Grinding & Slitting Recycling Scrap Slag Dust - Turning scrap into product - Turning by-products into raw materials - Re-selling to third parties Adding to product final value Refractory Sludge & slurry Metal Recovery Operation and Asset Management of Customer and/or Harsco Assets

9 8 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Zero Waste Solutions

10 9 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD The Zero Waste Principle There is often confusion about what Zero Waste means. It may seem a concept that is unachievable. All processes produce waste, no process is 100% efficient. However, we can plan for the elimination of waste. =>The Zero Waste goals: Maximise recycling Minimise waste Reduce Consumption Ensure products are re-used and recycled

11 10 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Benefits Of Recycling Cost avoidance from landfill charges. Commercial value of selling to different industries. Environmental compliance value – Move towards Zero Waste. Increase land utilisation. Allow customers to focus on their Core Business of Making Finished Products. Utilisation of all by products to produce a commercially viable product that returns benefits.  Environmental  Quality  Commercial

12 11 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Objectives  Find Technical & Economical Solution’s for Customer By Products.  Current arisings from normal production.  Existing stockpiles  Maximise the value in use for Customer  Optimise usage of high value by products  Consume by products to prevent landfill  Provide lower cost raw material substitutes  External sales revenue  Provide a future proof solution  Environmentally sustainable

13 12 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Briquetting

14 13 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Global Briquetting Experience Operate briquette plants in UK, Slovakia, Belgium, France, Italy, USA, Canada, China and India. Produce approx 1.7 million tonnes of briquettes annually Produce the following briquette types:  BF briquettesAlloy briquettes  BOS briquettesMetallurgical Additive briquettes  Coke briquettesOther speciality briquettes  Performix briquettesBespoke EAF and Ladle Slag Additives

15 14 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Reference Sites

16 15 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Pelletising

17 16 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Global Pelletising Experience Operate Pelletising plants in Europe, Asia and USA. Produce approx 1.8 million tonnes of pellets annually Produce Pellets which are fed into Sinter plant. Reference sites below:

18 17 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Pelletisation of By-products Pelletizing is the process of converting fine products into uniformed sized pellets that can be charged into the EAF/DR furnace. Addition of a binder enhances the strength of the pellets so that they can be handled into the furnace without generating dust but crumble to aid the fast melting after addition.

19 18 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Million Tonne ‘back-log’ dump purchased in 1996 and processed over 10 years All ‘current arising’ processed since 1997 (evergreen contract), on a ‘toll conversion’ basis Additional 100,000 Tonnes of ‘purchased’ material processed over the last 3 years (metal traders) Ferro-Chrome – Magoli, Krugersdorp South Africa

20 19 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Harsco’s Business Model & Value proposition 19  Harsco does not sell Technology / Equipment but is an Industrial Engineered Solutions provider  Harsco cultivates relationships and adopts the latest BAT-best available technologies  We are building on the strengths of ‘One Harsco’ to markets around the world, where customers benefit from our shared knowledge and ability to innovate  Harsco undertake extensive site studies and laboratory test work, and based on the outcome of these studies, Harsco provides a detailed technical and commercial proposal for the customer to evaluate  Harsco offer services on long-term contract arrangements, typically 5 – 10 years duration  Through adopting BAT-best available technologies, Harsco will work towards the highest level of ‘recovery’ and product quality from various by products

21 20 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD By Product Commercialisation Transport Products sold to third parties Resource (metal/mineral) Recovery Processing Product Development

22 21 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Innovative Applications of By-Products Road Surface Treatment New Zealand USA Asphalt Mixes Brazil Canada New Zealand Saudi Arabia South Africa UK USA Unbound Construction Applications Australia Brazil Canada New Zealand Norway Poland Soil Conditioning Brazil Canada South Africa USA

23 22 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Innovative Applications of By-Products Filter Media Canada New Zealand USA Stone Columns Saudi Arabia Cement/Concrete Brazil China Saudi Arabia Spain USA Rail Ballast Brazil Canada USA Insulation Norway Poland Shot Blasting Indonesia South Africa USA Metallurgical Additives USA

24 23 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Summary The following solution options are available: 1. On site handling for materials: raw materials, scrap, by-prducts, semi-finished, and finished products 2. By Product Processing & Resource Recovery 3. By Product market development and sales 4. Zero waste solutions: recycling and reuse

25 24 WE HELP BUILD THE WORLD Thank you Any Questions?

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