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Ashtik Softech. “Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful.

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1 Ashtik Softech

2 “Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination.” ~Albert Einstein~

3 The Beginning There is no single advice we would like to separate from the numerous words of advice we have received. But if we have to do so, we would probably say it is about ‘investing in people and empowering them’. we have learnt that it is only investing in the right people that innovations happen. And this is something which has got reinforced over a period of time and is one of the cornerstones for the success of Ashtik.

4 Vision To builds custom software and provides services like- Software Maintenance, Data Processing on any platform, Web development, Computer Networking, Corporate Training and IT project training for students to meet the world growing IT needs. Client Satisfaction Efficiency QualitySupport Cost Effectiveness

5 Mission Ashtik Softech is committed in delivering maximum value to our clients helping them succeed in this ever changing and challenging business world by providing you with a complete range of Products and Solutions which help in improving your business by attracting more customers to raise your profits.


7 Understanding Clients Needs Ashtik Softech team spends quality time with each client to understand client´s needs and objectives before formulating a dependable solution. We try to suggest number of available options and provide you with a competent advice which in turn helps you taking right decision for your organization.

8 Partnering with you Ashtik Softech is dedicated in becoming your long-term, trusted partner. We not only provide you with industry best technology solutions but we become your dedicated IT vendor by meeting your current needs and support your future needs for growing your business.

9 Earn your Trust and Confidence Ashtik Softech aims to build customer´s trust and confidence through commitment, passion for what we do and personal attention for long-lasting relationship. We will go an extra mile to deliver you a solution which fulfils your business needs to your full satisfaction and help you adopt and succeed in this IT world.

10 Our Working Platform Ashtik gives shape to the ideas, concepts of the clients..NET development platform emanates varied technologies that give us a wide scope to manoeuvre our skills to develop credible solutions. Utilizing the.NET platform we hone the needed skills, talent and experience that enable us to create vivid, robust and highly secured software´s. Due to this.NET development is usually preferred for creating large, complex and heterogeneous solutions.

11 Others Technologies We Use

12 Ashtik’s Major Career Partners OXFORD Daitm Rcciit Kolkata Police EZAME Adcon India RT Network Solutions Saha Furnisher

13 SERVICES OFFERED BY Ashtik Softech Ashtik Softech

14 Software Services In modernize technical world there may available lots of same categories software products. It may be good in given features, interface etc. But all these products work in their own existing way. That may not be fully required for your organization. In that case, either you have to compromise with your requirements i.e. you have to choose those existing software products or you should choose customized software product which will be developed or designed as per your actual requirements i.e. software has to be compromised with your requirements. It´s time to choose which one is the best for you. If you select the later one, then we will be there to support your decision; understand your requirements and suggest you the best way of implementation.  Customize Software development  Software Maintenance  System Enhancement  Data Processing

15 Web Services First time in India: We provide you an ASP.Net Website at affordable rates. Your website will be developed in, which is only used in highly secured web access environment likes- Bank´s Websites; Company´s sensitive data share Web Portal, etc. For grownup and make well-known of your business through online, website will be your first step of your modernization thinking. Customer can get touch of your business through online 24X7 hours. You can deal your business through online without Face-to-Face meeting. Customer can get all information regarding your business and reach to you just follow by your website.  Website Design / Development  Web Application  Cloud Computing  Computer Networking

16 IT Training We provide Corporate and IT Project Training for BCA, MCA, Btech, Mtech, Bsc, Msc students of IT, ECE, CSE and computer science. Our philosophy Updated learning with modern technology We take care on individual student 24*7 online support We support students to keep their new step on world


18 Inspire Students on Learning Willingness is the one of the most important power of every successful person. Willing is unconditional, unbounded power of human mind. Willing can take a person from 0 to uncountable position to give success in their life. Everyone has loves on different subject, that may be known by them or not. We are here to help them to know it and try to convert this love in willing to make an expert on their loving subject.

19 We Invoke Students to Increase Their Innovative Ideas Humans have their own unique ideas. These ideas come from their knowledge. Knowledge grows from environment, learning procedure and keenness to know, etc. We inspire students to bring into play with their innovative ideas. We invoke students to outcome and grownup their inventive ideas.

20 Learn Core From the Subject Learning is not only another word of knowledge. Through learning we have to know the core of the subject. If we know it from the core point then we can remember it for a long time, implement it in real life and we can expend it on a new way of the subject. So we are giving the heart of the subject to the student..

21 MAJOR PRODUCTS BY Ashtik Softech Ashtik Softech

22 C A S Manage Your Institute More Efficiently

23 C A S (College Automation System) Use CAS in any kind of educational Institute- school, Universities, colleges and training centres. You can easily manage a number of batches and courses, department within the same installation of CAS. CAS takes all your tired some job on own system as a friend. CAS solves two biggest problems encountered in the market today- Customizable System: Every education institute has own rules and regulation for managing their institute. The system or processes have undergone constant up gradation time to time. As a result they have different processes. CAS has solution for easy plug-in new module without altering main source code. You have the freedom to customize the education management software, the way you want. Easy to Use: To CAS, all level of users is expert user. Without basic knowledge of pc handling no extra knowledge is required for access CAS.

24 Core Modules of CAS Courses & Batches Multiple Syllabus Student Admission Student Registration Student Information Student Attendance Exam Schedule Activity Alert Internal Exam Result Semester Exam Result Single Student Result Group wise Student Result Back Log & Year Lack Pass Out Student Drop Out Student User Account User Login Data Management Custom Import Custom Export Quarry Based Records Customize Report Generation Backup & Restore Various Theme Management in User Respect

25 C A S flash (Sample Screenshot)

26 C A S Login (Sample Screenshot)

27 C A S Interface (Sample Screenshot)

28 C A S User Creation (Sample Screenshot)

29 C A S User Log (Sample Screenshot)

30 C A S Course Add (Sample Screenshot)

31 C A S Enrollment (Sample Screenshot)

32 C A S Report (Sample Screenshot)

33 W C Windows is in your hands

34 W C (Windows Controller) Windows Controller is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC by detecting and removing Junk files, Browser cache and other unnecessary files. It´s a lightweight utility to protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use, a small and fast downloadable free App. This application is very useful if you want restrict the use of USB ports, certain disk drives, Folders or applications on your computer for security reasons, and many more...

35 Key Features of WC Clean and Make Your PC Faster Protect Data from Unauthorized Access Secure Hard Drive/CD/DVD ROM Secure USB Ports Secure Folder(s) Secure Application(s) Remove Junk Files Clear Browsing Cache Boost up your PC

36 WC Interface (Sample Screenshot)

37 WC Sample Page (Sample Screenshot)

38 WC Security (Sample Screenshot)

39 “ Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi ~

40 Ashtik Softech

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