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Reveal moments Racial Microaggressions Today Diamond Law Training Diamond Law Training © 2014.

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1 reveal moments Racial Microaggressions Today Diamond Law Training Diamond Law Training © 2014

2 The Dominant Paradigm Antidiscrimination laws have worked. We are on a level playing field. Any remaining racism in society is caused by “bad” individuals. Nothing can really change that. Current racial inequality exists because minorities lack appropriate values, such as hard work. Diamond Law Training © 2013

3 Microaggression Theory Microaggressions are common, unintentional slights and insults related to race, ethnicity, gender, etc. Microaggression theory focuses on the effects rather than the intentions behind a person’s actions. Diamond Law Training © 2013

4 The Science Science demonstrates that unconscious racial prejudice persists even though we consciously endorse egalitarian values. Microaggressions occur because of negative unconscious beliefs about people of color. Diamond Law Training © 2013

5 Examples of Common Microaggressions Based Upon Race & Ethnicity Diamond Law Training © 2013

6 Asian-Americans are viewed as “not being from here.” Asian-Americans may be told “you speak good English” or asked “where are you from?” Asian-Americans are assumed to be good at math. Diamond Law Training © 2013

7 African-Americans and Latinos are followed by store security, stopped by police, or treated as threats. People unconsciously show fear when around black men. Diamond Law Training © 2013


9 Implications Microaggression theory combats the prevalent belief that we are on a level playing field. Microaggression theory proves that discrimination continues to be a factor in maintaining historic inequality. Diamond Law Training © 2013

10 Why does it matter? Discrimination goes against our shared values. We believe in fair opportunities for all as the starting point to have best society we can create. Communities of faith are well-placed to fight microaggressions. Diamond Law Training © 2013

11 The Harm of Microaggressions Microaggressions occur frequently and their impact accumulates over a person’s lifetime. Studies show that microaggressions cause psychological harm and contribute to negative experiences for people of color in school, work, and counseling environments. The cumulative effects of microaggressions are not “micro.” Diamond Law Training © 2013

12 The Great Divide Race discrimination claims increased 15 percent between 2007-2008, according to the EEOC. To victims, discrimination is increasing. Many people in the majority white culture believe that racism is over. Diamond Law Training © 2013

13 Implications Microaggressions contribute to racially hostile environments for many people of color/ethnic minorities. Current workplace EEO and religious tolerance training have not eliminated unconscious bias. Diamond Law Training © 2013

14 Microaggressions: the challenge Even well-intentioned white people who openly oppose racial bias will commit microaggressions based upon unconscious beliefs passed on by the dominant culture. It is not anyone’s “fault” that microaggressions exist. This is not about “blaming” white people. Diamond Law Training © 2013

15 Can We Stop Unintentional Racism? First we have to admit it exists, even though it is painful. Then we have to create a safe space for discussion for everyone. Diamond Law Training © 2013

16 What to Do About Microaggressions? Become aware. Be ready to intervene and seize the moment. Consider interrupting the speaker politely, and asking “what do you mean by that?” Discuss the behavior or words, not the person. Discuss strategies with allies and be open to feedback. Do a microaggressions audit of your organization. Diamond Law Training © 2013

17 Best Resources “Discrimination in the 21 st Century: Are Science and the Law Aligned?” 17 Psychology. Public Policy & Law 54 (2011). “Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Implications for Clinical Practice,” Sue, Derald Wing, American Psychologist (May-June, 2007). Microaggressions and Marginality, Sue, D.W., Editor (2010, Wiley). Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation. Sue, D. W. (2010, Wiley.) Diamond Law Training © 2013

18 Cont’ Gilliam, F. (2006) The Architecture of a New Racial Discourage: A FrameWorks message memo, Diamond Law Training © 2013

19 Websites Diamond Law Training © 2013

20 Books Diamond Law Training © 2013

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