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2 We are at the end of our common path, now we have to draw conclusions about we get and we learned from this important project. REPORT at the end of COMENIUS

3 We are satisfied. The project was born by an italian idea, but talking to German friends, we found the same intent In 2007 we began to work to develop community program.

4 The preliminary meeting gave the common idea of food in the context of different cultures in different countries.

5 To plan the project was good work, we were superficial and not very creative for:

6 The choise of logo

7 WE ARE WHAT WE EAT by Ludwig Feuerbach The choise of project’s title

8 Were very innovative the ideas of a platform MOODLE and of a teamwork between the different nationalities that could be compared by computer.

9 Moodle was born to support socialization between students of different nationalities, but it wasn’t used, because the students preferred direct contact in different and successive meetings

10 Teachers received a cultural and emotional wealth. It was interesting to go out from the habits, “Italy: pizza, spaghetti maccheroni” … and we estimated professionalism of all the colleagues

11 We tried to be more European and we are sure that you have become more Italian. We found friends and we had professional exchange with you.

12 We would like fondly remember Merce’ Blanche, directress of Montcau School. She was so kind and available during first meeting in Pomezia and in Spain

13 SLOVENIAN Colleagues show deep culture, are friendly and kind people

14 GERMAN colleagues are realists, rational, dispassionate, reassuring people

15 AUSTRIAN colleagues hospitable, concrete, frank… good people

16 SPANISH colleagues, certainly are timely and diligent, pleasant…welcoming people

17 RESULT of school Our school respected commitments, students and teachers affectively Collaborated to built growing desire to participate meeting

18 Mobility (48) has been respected, exceeding minimum that project established. This is good result with ratio student/teacher = 3,3

19 Teachers and students worked in the afternoons using extracurricular time, often they worked in team, studying with patience using multimedia technology. We made this activity by continuous exchange of opinions and articles.

20 As determinated by project were involved other schools, legal institutions.

21 Local associations, food industries of our territory and parents of our students. We worked inside and outside the school.

22 Perhaps, it’s excessive to say that project’s results overcame what we thought !

23 Students found interesting to know other cultures, kind of foods and learned many aspects of them. We learned to relate with another language and we wanted to improve our English.

24 It was born emotional cooperation among teachers. We are sure it’s good to have future collaborations.

25 After that, it’ s possible to realize an idea of European country, where citizens are cooperative and respectful of many cultures. Human Civilization showed all cultures during millennia.


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