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Parc d’Activités de Signes Avenue de Berlin BP 759 83870 SIGNES France TEL: + 33 6 88 67 07 35

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1 Parc d’Activités de Signes Avenue de Berlin BP 759 83870 SIGNES France TEL: + 33 6 88 67 07 35

2  Overview of the Company :  Founded in 2014 under the initiative of Mr. LARRIVE et Mr. ALCAINA, 2 technicians who decided to combine theirs knowledge's in the target of performance.  With many international success, we are able to offer a quality service. We work in several international championships, in consulting for manufacturers or prestigious teams who give us their trust.

3 - FRAME Measurement, Assembly, Repair, Adjustment, Design - ENGINE Metrology, Machining, Mounting, Revision, Surface treatment, Test bench (Engine dynamometer, Flow bench, Motorcycle dynamometer…) -ELECTRONIC Engine management, Software development, Dyno Mapping, Electrical Harness -ON-TRACK SERVICE Data Acquisition, Geometry and suspension set-up, Power and Traction control ECU management

4  FRAME METROLOGY A standard frame is issue from welding of casting pieces, so there are many differences from one copy to another. To know perfectly the dimensions of each frame, we produced in collaboration with the R&D department of Kawasaki Europe a metrology marble for Kawasaki ZX10R models. With it, we can define geometric constants for on- track set up of the bike. We are now able to assemble entire frame, add geometry setting systems or just compare several copies and establish a datasheet of each one. We offer various packages, parts and accessories to increase the performance of your bike and reduce your lap time.

5  MANUFACTURING SUPERSTOCK FRAME :  - Length  - Height  - Caster Angle

6  MANUFACTURING SUPERBIKE VARIABLE GEOMETRY FRAME  Develop for the Kawasaki ZX10R of World Superbike Championship, these frame allow the adjustment of the bike geometry :  ‐ Caster Angle  ‐ Frame length  ‐ Swing arm pivot height  For the steering column, it’s work with the exchange of two bushings, one for the caster angle and one for the length of the frame.  Time for modification : 20 min.


8  ENGINE METROLOGY A production engine is designed according to the standards of modern vehicles approvals, cost, reliability and pollution. We develop measuring instruments to control difference due to the disparities of industrial production. Practice on the track at various level require much more accurate assemblies due to the increase of mechanical and thermal stresses. The R&D work on the highest world level allow us to have the necessary perspective to optimize a 4 stroke engine and make a balance between performance, cost and reliability. Our perfect knowledge of international regulations and our collaboration with the R&D service of Kawasaki Europe allows us to respond at all the expectations of our customers and partners. (WSBK, WSTK,EWC,BSB,CEV,FSBK…) We offer various packages, spare parts, tools to help you increase the performance of the bike and reduce your lap times.




12  We offer a unique recently service in France.  Most motorcycles used in competition and/or recreation are now provided with injection system managed by an ECU. The growing demand of our customer to find an electronic solution to manage racing features : Injection and spark tune, shifter, traction control, engine brake management, launch control etc.…) and the difficulties to have official racing products push us to develop a unique solution in Europe.  We transform original harness and ECU into racing version with a dedicated software witch can be tune with an interface cable and a pc.  We can also make specific harness that depends on your needs : Shifter, Pit lane limiter, Map switch, Traction control switch, Voltage regulator displacement, Data acquisitions, Interfacing with PC.



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