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Content Who we are Strategic direction Values Commitment to Stakeholders SHEQ Policies FPC products’ and applications Products’ specifications Products’

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2 Content Who we are Strategic direction Values Commitment to Stakeholders SHEQ Policies FPC products’ and applications Products’ specifications Products’ typical Properties

3 Who we are? 120,000 MT of Normal Paraffin and 70,000MT of Linear Alkyl Benzene with UOP technology DETAL Process We are Farabi Petrochemical Company, a manufacturer of 120,000 MT of Normal Paraffin and 70,000MT of Linear Alkyl Benzene with UOP technology DETAL Process. FPC’s integrated Petrochemical Complex was inaugurated by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz in June 2006 during his landmark visit to Jubail Industrial City. We are a Saudi private sector petrochemical company established in 2002 under the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company is promoted by renowned Business Groups of the Kingdom, wherein the equity partners of the project include: MADA Investment Company for Industry and Trade His Highness Prince Sultan Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Kabeer Al-Fozan Holding Company Sara Development Sheikh Saleh Nasser A Al Sorayai Muhammed & Abdullah Al-Subeaei Investment Company Shiekh Omar Kassim Alesayi

4 Who we are? FPC has selected Jubail Industrial City as a strategic location because it provides several competitive advantages like feedstock supplies, cheap utilities and impeccable infrastructure to compete in the global market. FPC is associated with World Class Port Terminal facility for bulk movement in Al-Jubail for its products from port tanks & also having loading facility at site through road movement to meet customer preference on logistics. In addition, FPC also have dedicated tank facilities for different regional supplies.

5 Our strategic direction

6 HS&E commitment: We are committed to promote HSE culture throughout the organization by using world class HSE standards & practices & complying with the applicable HSE laws & regulations. Teamwork: We are committed to working together in a healthy work environment sharing knowledge, ideas and talents in total alignment to achieve our company's vision. Excellence: We encourage superior performance throughout our organization, taking pride and joy in all what we do and constantly challenging ourselves to perform even better. We measure results, reward high performance, and assume responsibility for all our activities and outcomes. Trust & Respect: We are trustful and respectful in all our dealings with each other, our clients, and the society we live in. Our Values

7 Customers Farabi Petrochemical Company recognizes customer satisfaction is the Key to its success and is committed to serve its customer with consistent quality products and customer service. Shareholders FPC sets itself to be one of the pioneer organizations to invest in, through sustaining an outstanding Returns On Capital Employed. Employees FPC believes that employees are intangible asset that enables the company to achieve its mission, vision and strategic objectives. Therefore, FPC is committed to employee development and provide them with a healthy work environment that encourages them to innovate, perform and grow. Commitment to Stakeholders

8 Society FPC is committed to the highest ethical standards in all the societies wherein it operates or sells its products. Therefore, protecting and developing the society is an unbreakable part of GFPC’s business. Partners and Suppliers FPC recognizes that its products and business efficiency depend on its partners and suppliers’ products and services. Hence, FPC seeks to create long term mutual beneficial relationship with them. Commitment to Stakeholders

9 Safety and Health Policy We are committed to safeguard Health and Safety of our employees, contractor employees and company visitors in addition to safeguard company assets and possessions. We commit to practice safety in all of our activities and consider it as the base of our culture across the organization. Environmental Policy We are committed to comply to all applicable local, regional and international environmental standards in order to ensure environmental friendly products and practices. We are also committed to prevent all types of pollutions in order to keep the environment safe and clean Quality Policy We are committed to adopt and comply to applicable Quality and Excellence Principles in all of our systems and practices to ensure company progresses and meets its stakeholders expectations. SHEQ Policies

10 Linear Alkyl Benzene (FARALAB) FARALAB is produced by DETAL process and is of superior quality in terms of Acid Wash Color, Bromine Index, LABSA Color, and LAB to LABSA Conversion ratio. The major application is as Cost effective anionic surfactant. Applications: Household detergents Laundry powders Dishwashing Liquids Liquid household cleaners Agricultural herbicides In emulsion Polymerization As an emulsifier and wetting agent In small quantity with other surfactant in toilet soap for foaming FPC Products and Applications

11 Normal Paraffin (FARAPAR) FARAPAR is produced from well established UOP MOLEX process incorporating specially design, having very low Aromatics. NP major application is in LAB Industry. Applications: Linear Alkyl Benzene Manufacture of Chlorinated Paraffin Wax Barbeque Starters Lamp Oil Sealant Adhesives Manufacture of alcohol derivatives Lube Industry FPC Products and Applications

12 Heavy White Oil (FAROL - 250) Printing Ink Industry Household Paints Lubricants Industry Metal and equipment Degreasing Wood preservation Light White Oil (FAROL-100) Solvent carrier for Dye Industries Adhesives & glues along with other Solvents especially Natural and Synthetic rubber Used in Surface coating, printing inks, and house hold cleaners Degreasing agent for Mechanical use FPC Products and Applications

13 Heavy Alkylate (FARALUBE) Lube Industries Insulating Oil Cutting Oil Thermic Fluid Sulphonated Derivatives as Fuel Oil Additives FPC Products and Applications

14 Product specification-Linear Alkyl Benzene S. No.PropertySpecificationsTest Method 1AppearanceClear LiquidVisual inspection 2Linear Alkyl Benzene92% minUOP 673 3C- chain length distribution, Wt % :UOP 673 phenyl C91.0 max phenyl C105 - 16 phenyl C1130 min phenyl C1228 min phenyl C1310 - 30 phenyl C141.0 max MMW240 ± 2 Total 2- Phenyl isomer18 - 32 4Moisture (mg/kg)200 maxUOP 481 5Br-index (mg Br2/100g)10 maxUOP 304 6Dialkyltetralin / indane1.0% maxUOP 929 7Paraffin Content0.4% maxUOP 673 8Colour+ 30 SayboltASTM D - 156 9Specific Gravity @20ºC0.855 - 0.870ASTM D 1298

15 Product specification-Normal Paraffin S. No.PropertySpecificationsTest Method 1AppearanceClear LiquidVisual 2Bromine Index20 maxUOP - 304 3Color, Saybolt+30 minASTM D- 156 4Specific Gravity @ 15 deg.C0.74 - 0.76ASTM D-1298 5Aromatics, wt%0.15 maxUOP- 495 6Sulphur5 ppm maxASTM D - 5453 7Chlorides1 ppm maxUOP - 395 8Average MW 164 ± 2UOP - 915 9Carbonyl No8 ppm maxUOP - 624 10Moisture100 ppm maxUOP - 481 11Peroxide No.0.2 ppm maxASTM E - 299 12Normal Paraffin's distribution, wt%UOP - 915

16 Product specification-Normal Paraffin… S. No.PropertySpecificationsTest Method ≤C90.5 max C105 - 15 max C1128 - 55 min C1228 - 50 min C1320 - 30 min ≥C141.0 max Total Normal Paraffin98.5 min

17 Product Typical Properties-Heavy White Oil S. No.PropertyTypical ValueTest Method 1Specific Gravity@ 15 deg.C0.8220ASTM D-1298 2Viscosity @ 40 deg C3ASTM D-445 3Colour< 0.5ASTM D-1500 4Copper Corrosion1aASTM D-130 5Distillation IBP deg C260ASTM D-86 FBP deg C285 6Flash point, deg C115ASTM D-93 7Total Aromatics, Vo l%20ASTM D-1319 8Total Sulphur, wt ppm1000ASTM D-5453

18 Product Typical Properties-Light White Oil S. No.PropertyTypical ValueTest Method 1Specific Gravity@ 15deg.C0.71ASTM D-1298 2Total Aromatics, v/v %5ASTM D-1319 3Sulphur, Wt ppm10.0ASTM D-5453 4Distillation IBP deg C80ASTM D-86 FBP deg C110 5Flash point, deg C<3ASTM D-93 6Colour, saybolt+30ASTM D-156 7Viscosity, cSt @ 40 deg C<1ASTM D-445

19 Product Typical Properties-Heavy Alkylate S. No.PropertyTypical ValueTest Method 1Specification @ 15 deg.C0.8630ASTM D-1298 2ASTM Colour1.0ASTM D-1500 3Viscosity (cSt) @ 40 deg C23ASTM D-445 4LAB Content (Wt)0.02%UOP - 696 Heavy Alkylate content (Wt)99.98%UOP - 696


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