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The Local Organising Committee invites you to..….

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1 The Local Organising Committee invites you to..…

2 We promise……

3 Hotel Grand Chancellor Great Venues

4 Medical Science Precinct (University of Tasmania/Menzies Research Institute)

5 Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

6 We promise……

7 Local Produce

8 We promise……

9 A Holiday Destination

10 We promise……

11 A cutting edge scientific programme……

12 Lecture in Honour of Dr Trevor Beard “Dr Trevor Beard (1920-2010) – indefatigable anti-sodium crusader” Dr David Woodward Dairy Australia Lecture “Is there a calcium controversy?” Professor Connie Weaver Opening Address “Food safety and Food Security” Professor Tom McMeekin Public Lecture “Omega-3’s and Inflammation” Professor Les Cleland Including………….

13 Cancer Diet and Cancer: insights from human epidemiology Dr Allison Hodge Diet and Cancer treatment Professor Elisabeth Isenring Diet and carcinogenesis: a focus on mechanisms underlying colorectal cancer Dr Michael Conlon Plenaries..….. Food Choices Factors that may influence consumer choices between healthy and unhealthy foods Professor Boyd Swinburn The evidence on how consumer behaviour and food reformulation are impacted by food labelling and claims about nutrition and health Professor Simone Pettigrew

14 New plant foods “New” cereals and pseudo-cereals in Australia – hype or real nutritional benefit? Dr Tony Bird Seaweeds - are they good for you? Dr Helen Fitton Developing new foods by metabolic engineering of plants: their feasibility and sustainability Dr Surinder Singh New Foods for/from animals Will insects solve world hunger? Dr Alan Yen New strategies for feeding aquaculture species Dr Louise Adams Benefits of using Australian native shrubs in the diet of grazing livestock Dr Dean Revell

15 We can also promise……

16 Weather….

17 Calm waters and clear skies And/or …..

18 100Km/hour winds and rain

19 Maybe both on the same day!!

20 November 25 th -28 th 2014* We’ll see you there….. *25 th November: Master class & Public Lecture 26 th -28 th November: Conference ….bring a coat!

21 For further details check out

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