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Pilot Instructor Currency

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1 Pilot Instructor Currency
Meeting the Challenge of Record Keeping and Regulatory Compliance Wolfgang Becker│CEO MINT MIDDLE EAST

2 Pilot Instrcutor Currency
Agenda Pilot Instrcutor Currency Business Challenges Compliance Monitoring Process Currency Rules Process Automation Reporting and Auditing

3 Business Challenges of Compliance Monitoring
What are the Business problems to be solved to keep Instructors current? There are various interpretations of compliance rules Multiple methods for tracking the expiration of an instructors qualifications Complexity of rules and their interaction No clear assignment of responsibility and/or accountability to maintain instructor training records These problems all contribute to instructors being assigned to train students on events for which they are not qualified.

4 Importance of Compliance Monitoring
What are the consequences of non-compliance? Monetary fines from regulatory agencies Instructors must “recertify” their qualifications, resulting in them being removed from the schedule Students must be retrained Operation is subject to additional rules and regulatory oversight

5 Compliance Monitoring Process
Authorization Qualification Setup Rules Update License / Qualification Compliance Monitoring Automated Currency / Expiry Date Updates Reporting Currency Queue Renewal Workflow Signoff / Approval Recurrent / Continuation Training

6 Setting up a Monitoring Process
What are the steps to monitor compliance? Document the Rules for Currency Tracking Identify the Roles & Responsibilities Verify the Interpretation of Rules Identify the Consequences of non-compliance

7 Example of Instructor Currency Rule Set

8 Example Setup of Instructor Currency Rule Set

9 Involved Parties Planners and Schedulers drive the process by Scheduling Currency Events Fleet Management Monitors Instructor Currency Reports identify when/why Instructors’ Qualifications may Expire

10 Involvement of Event Planning and Day of OPS
How is the planning of training events involved? Identify Training Subjects which can be used Associate Monitoring Items to Training subjects Signing Instructor events Update of Expiration Dates for Instructor Qualifications

11 Benefits of Automating the Monitoring Process
How can automation improve this process? Consistent application of compliance rules Common naming conventions & terminology Transparent view into instructors’ qualifications and recurrent training requirements Standard method for monitoring employees qualifications

12 Benefits of Automating the Process in a TMS
What additional value is obtained by tracking currency in a Training Management System? Full integration with qualifications, requirements, and scheduling tools. This prevents the assignment of instructors to events for which they are not qualified Auto-management of record keeping for recurrent instructor training. This enables the accurate and effective maintenance of currency records which supports the automatic update of expiration dates for instructor qualifications Support for the planning process through identification of recurrent training for instructors Workflow with included Notification component

13 Reporting and Auditing
The dates are updated automatically, but … be prepared for Audits also… When was his last QC? Was the Evaluator qualified? Show me her records? Did he conduct 4 LOE’s last year? When is she due for the Standardization meeting?

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