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MAKE BUSINESS We are Eagles Bux.

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1 MAKE BUSINESS We are Eagles Bux

2 Congratulations on joining Eagles Bux team! Welcome

3 ABOUT US and PTC WORLD We want you to knowing more about PTC world and EaglesBux LLC.  Some in the first, could not continue AND BUT  Some were after a short time, can not continue The few PTC’s can be permanent and stable For many years, a lot websites had risen for have activity in PTC Eagles BUX

4 What is the SECRET to help them ? SUCCESS

5 We want you to become more know about this SECRET The simplest way to success Success can be permanent If the investment is safe “ Communication Strong communication Licensed Licensed registered Experience Long experience Global For any country Eagles BUX

6 For example: To knowing more $100 membershi p $150 rented referrals $150 Profit each month $900 Profit In 6 month A user pay cost of $100 for the change himself membership and decide pay $150 to buy rented referrals So this user pay cost of $250 totally. Now a PTC, claim you can with the rent referral by amount of $150 RR, earn and make another $150 profit This user membership is for 6 month Him account is for 6 month and each month make $150 profit Eagles BUX m

7 Thus if we are reasonable to consider This PTC will be go down after a while Successful PTC’s founds collected investing in the internet business or other business and with this profit can be continue with power full PTC MUST BE COMPREHENSIVE Eagles BUX m

8 Successful PTC’s founds collected investing in the internet business or other business and with this profit can be continue with power full Eagles BUX THIS PTC IS a SUCCESSFUL

9 Success With Us EaglesBux with expert team and different project consider with use Secret of Success be with you FOR a LONG TIME EAGLES BUX FOR EVER Eagles BUX

10 Many PTC’s by same script and design like our PTC but had been go down. What is the truth!? Eagles BUX

11 TRUTH Eagles BUX This websites made a bad memory for you, it is natural we’ve been victim of these websites WE TELL YOU THE TRUTH

12 Few question for you Eagles BUX І Do you have made a profit until now from PTC websites? Do you have been investing without concern of the go down from PTC? ІІ On the whole, did you was successful in PTC? ІІІ Surely the answer is hopeless


14 We certificates proceed for get certificates like company registration Eagles BUX We take all necessary steps to get required certificates in Malaysia Country


16 $200,000 $300,00 0 $400,0 00 $500,000 reserve in bank OUR PURPOSE is YOUR FEEL of SECURITY We reserved $500,000 of money in BANK for our company’s stability and your safety Eagles BUX Do you believe? We decided in the Future: for each user have more than $1,000 Investment, EaglesBux will give BANK GUARANTEE for support him (coming soon)

17 BUT THE OUR SERVICE IN EAGLES BUX We Choose The Best Hosting High Speed The use of anti-attacks and DDOS protection EaglesBUX team response 24 hours a day You can use the Tablet and Mobile for earn money High Speed ​​Hosting Protected from attacks Quick response Designed for mobile phones and tablets Eagles BUX

18 To start create profit and earn money 6month: $59 12month: $99 After extensive investigations found that the “7LEVEL” project is profitable and this can have more benefit for users and our Company you can see as below EaglesBUX plans Eagles BUX TESTER EXPERTSUPERIORULTIMETE 6month: $199 12month: $299 6month: $389 12month: $589 6month: $679 12month: $979 Your way can be high profitability Guaranty your income for ever With this line Think of your dreams

19 EaglesBux surprise you in nearest future

20 EAGLES BUX CONTACT US Contact Information / for answer your questions See FAQ and TERMS OF SERVICE You can send email for us You can see our facebook & twitter page You can send a ticket from your account Eagles BUX

21 THANK YOU For your attention

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