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Thinking about taking APUSH? This is what you should know...

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1 Thinking about taking APUSH? This is what you should know...

2 The class is a college-level course with a difficult textbook. Textbook: The American Pageant: A History of the Republic, Twelfth Edition by David M. Kennedy, Lizabeth Cohen, and Thomas A. Bailey

3 The summer assignment includes reading five chapters. For each chapter, the prospective APUSH student must complete four hand-written pages of notes and complete an on-line quiz. The summer assignment will be handed in the first day of class. A exam over the five chapters will be given during the first two weeks of the fall semester.

4 During the school year, there is at least one chapter to read per week; there are no vacations – reading is assigned over every vacation throughout the year. Book notes and the online quiz must be completed for each of forty-one chapters assigned in the book.

5 For every hour spent in class, a corresponding hour should be spent at home reading and studying.

6 The quizzes and exams are extremely difficult. The course includes writing of two different types of essays, the Free Response Question (FRQ) and the Document-Based Question (DBQ.) Both are timed writing and will be graded according to the College Board rubric for APUSH.

7 If you are signing up because you love military history, you should know that military history is a minimal part of the course. Political history, economic history and social history are the focal points of the course.

8 The College Board AP exam given in the spring is a four hour exam that consists of 80 multiple choice questions, two FRQs and one DBQ.

9 A successful APUSH student is committed to reading and studying. Reading comprehension is key, as is being an articulate writer and a critical thinker. And yes, there is a lot of memorization of names, dates, and events that go into the study of US History!

10 Questions? Contact Ms. Hartley at Or Ms. Michelena at


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