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2 C OMPANY O VERVIEW Prolific Research is a specialist research firm with a focus on International Research Management. We at Prolific Research serve our clients with high end sophisticated solutions and services for research. Our clients have the freedom to leverage their Agendas effectively and proficiently with the help of our core competencies. We have the ability to execute projects on multi-mode methodologies (CATI, CAPI, & Online) allowing our clients to select the most appropriate approach required for specific geographies and audiences which they intend to cover for their Research We have the expertise to handle Global Multilingual projects, where our clients have multiple dynamics of handling complex programming structures and global quotas; by centralizing data with the help of centralized programming and a single online project status report (Online customized dashboard) to monitor their project on real time basis The company encompasses group of people with varied experiences and high intensity to demonstrate their skills in this space which allows us to research global markets which spans across more than 70 countries worldwide. MISSION & VISION Our aim is to provide world best simplified research management capability at the most affordable prices as we very well understand the changing dynamics of the current economy and we are consciously building this research management expertise in emerging markets to provide cost effectiveness. “Our motto is to provide cost effective solutions to our clients”.

3 A BOUT U S Prolific Research is a specialist research firm founded in 2011. Management team at Prolific Research has over a decade of experience working with International clients on their research requirements with a focus on Simplified Research Management  We firmly believe in providing high quality results to our clients.  We have ability to execute projects on multi mode methodology (CATI, CAPI, & Online)  We help our Clients to manage their dynamic projects where they have multiple global quotas, CATI, WAPI and also help in their multilingual projects by centralizing data with the help of centralized programming and a single online project status report (Online customized reporting link – updated on real time basis).  We offer the following services to our clients on their International Research Agendas – Questionnaire Review Survey Scripting, & Hosting Data collection (Qualitative & Quantitative) Primary Research Secondary Research. Online Research Face to Face Research Data Analysis Tabulations Charting Infographics Quality Transparency Top Professionals Global Exposure Client Extension

4 K EY O BJECTIVES As a company our strong focus is to simplify research and give power to our clients of centralized simplified research management We are known to deliver high quality on market research initiatives, and also hosts a list of tools and solutions to enable our client monitor 24 x 7 live processes. Quality being our prime motto we ensure that each incident is recorded and is thoroughly audited before it reaches our clients. Our objective is to serve the industry with high end and high quality services in the space of fieldwork and tabulation through best pool of talent. Our values and revelations promote us to be one of the best in the industry. Our team of analysts and project managers are considered as veteran campaigners for knowledge process outsourcing because of their vast industry knowledge and exposure Our quality process guarantee’s that no loophole is missed in fulfilling our client’s requirements. We have four levels of quality check before any component of work is delivered to the client. We take complete responsibility of our work We believe that the clients are owners of their independent projects and have all the rights to barge in to the most micro level to understand what exactly is happening on the project. We welcome and facilitate our clients to monitor all aspect of their projects live through our multiple tools Simplified Research Management Quick Turn around and work as extension to our clients Best Pool of Resources Multi Level Quality Checks Complete Ownership of the Project

5 R ESEARCH M ODEL – M ARKET R ESEARCH S ERVICES Our Research Model is designed to help our clients leverage to influence the best possible approach for their projects so that; they don't end up paying more for what they deserve without compromising on the quality of services expected. We are able to cater each aspect of the business separately and as a whole which allows clients to accommodate their research agendas more effectively and efficiently WORK GROUPS  Project Management  Project Documentation  Programming & Hosting  Data Collection  Primary Research  Secondary Research  Online Research  Data & Voice Quality Management  Data Analysis and Deliverables Project Documentation Project Management Quality Management Programming & Hosting Data Collection Data Analysis & Deliverables Research Model

6 P ROJECT M ANAGEMENT Our Project Management team is responsible for Client and Supplier Liaisons; they work 24 Hours 365 Days over 3 Shifts Covering Asia Pacific, Europe, and Americas. Project Management team is responsible in selecting and managing the appropriate mix of resources from our in‐house employees, in country vendor partners, and specialist translation, panel and Sample providers globally which is very essential to our research model. They perform critical function of supervising the research process to ensure all workgroups are synchronized well and are working together effectively and efficiently in accordance to the client expectations. Our team strives to relieve our Clients from time‐consuming hassles involved in managing the multi‐step complexities involved in research operations assisting them with all operational aspects of Project from scripting, hosting to creating Tabulations and Charting. Our managers implement quality control measures by monitoring the progress of interviewers live on floor and also from remote stations. Interviewer productivity reports are generated regularly and are used to determine interviewer training needs which are fulfilled on timely basis to be in accordance to industry standards and ESOMAR guidelines. Their only objective of Project Management team is to provide our clients most appropriate solutions with optimum quality results. PLANACT EVALUATE REVIEW IMPROVE

7 P ROJECT D OCUMENTATION Our Project Documentation team is responsible for handling all documents pertaining to individual projects. Our team ensures that all the documents including RFQs, proposals, questionnaires, questionnaire review, quality feedback, client feedback etc. are produced according to our internal standards and usage of project management system is consistent and effective. Project Management team is accountable to safeguard every step in the research process is accompanied by appropriate documentation to ensure clarity and transparency across all workgroups and time zone shifts Functions Performed:  Review all project requirements and understand them well  Write research proposals and share cost estimates with the client as per their requirements.  Reproduce all documents in accordance to standard format and sharing it within intra departments.  To work in sync with Project Management team and identify correct methodology and time frame requirements on a project

8 P ROGRAMMING & H OSTING Our Programming team operates 24 hours 365 Days covering APAC, Europe and Americas. Our Programmers are capable to centralize programming on global basis for all projects – we do not outsource any programming requirements. Our team is well equipped with various programming tools available and have the proficiency to meet your programming needs, whether a budget friendly or a specific language solution. Our Programmers are well qualified using Java Script, ASP and programming surveys in Flash and are proficient at handling complex survey design to ensure the respondent is affianced. We have the ability to program complex multi‐lingual studies and questionnaires. Some of our features Includes:  Save‐and‐return functionality  Table of Contents organizing multiple survey sections or parts  Highly customized error messaging  Rolling back of incomplete surveys  Scripting conjoint and discrete choice modeling  Online advertising testing and virtual shelf testing  Transfer of data into our Real Time Reporting Optimizer  Most advanced and complex quota settings

9 D ATA C OLLECTION PRIMARY RESEARCH We have Captive stations to conduct sophisticated, large-scale telephone surveys for our clients globally. We are known to provide data collection services that delivers actionable insight and industry perspective on the critical decisions our clients are required to make. Team composition is an average of 2+ years in Market Research and hands on experience on data collection methods with good domain knowledge and probing skills and is well trained with ability to conduct research across different functions and industries for Business to Business Research and different market segments for Business to Consumer Research. SECONDARY RESEARCH Our Desk Research team is expertly skilled in finding the most relevant information from the infinite source of data available on public and private portals. They are well skilled at gaining value from various sources of information and presenting it as per the client requirements. We have hands on experience in preparing company profiles / company trees; the team is constantly upgrading and updating contact list of English and non‐English markets for in house team and enhancing the calling database to support our primary research team, this directly impacts the timelines and success rate of each research agenda that we execute. ONLINE RESEARCH We execute Online Research Agendas for our clients with the help of our experienced team of programmers in house, who are well qualified in using Java Script, ASP and have experience of programming online surveys on various other industry tools, they are well qualified at handling complex branching, piping, randomization etc. and have the ability to support audio/video and flash programming to ensure the respondent is affianced. Our Programming tool supports translation and programming of almost all possible languages globally and is able to manage quotas with any complexity. We work on very secure and dynamic hosting infrastructure which has the ability to host several thousand surveys simultaneously and can share real time data access to clients. We work with large pool of panel providers globally and have access to millions of panels

10 Q UALITY M ANAGEMENT We are ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems Certified Company with dedicated quality personnel for voice and data management for each project we execute. Our team works on continuous monitoring and feedback mechanism To conduct questionnaire training with the team as a regular practice following an extensive training on significance of the questionnaire and the importance of proper guidelines to be followed while interviewing the respondent. To conduct mock call sessions with the team to measure if the objective of the study is correctly understood and team is adhering to the required parameters with the help of multiple rounds allowing us to get better quality results; where basic evaluation is done on the following  Questionnaire understanding is correct  Pronunciations are proper,  Definitions are well understood  Question types are properly administered  Open end responses are properly captured  Probe the respondent unless specified in the questionnaire. Live call monitoring, while the interviewers are on surveys and share real time updates and feedback with the team. Conduct regular voice call audits on random basis to check primary research interviewing standards and Techniques are followed and adhered. To map the data collected along with voice recordings and share the final results with the Data Processing team. Interact with clients to provide recordings and raise queries on how to handle particular issues in a questionnaire from a technique and quality perspective. Responsible to implement client feedback if any and sharing the same within the primary research workgroup. To check if responses are correctly coded adhering to logical patterns as outlined in the questionnaire and also conduct ad-hoc 10 – 15% back checks. To perform re-calls if needed and get responses validated which are not in sync with the questionnaire logics after confirmation from Project Managers (Client Side)

11 D ATA A NALYSIS & D ELIVERABLES Our team of Data Analyst operates 24 hours 365 days covering APAC, Europe and Americas. We pursue an integrated approach for analysis and reporting requirements as we understand their importance and give due weightage at all stages of our research model. We believe critical phase of analysis mainly occurs during data collection and during the clarification and finalization of the dataset hence, we run customized cases for data checking, integrity testing and quality control procedures as per the checklists which are internally designed and are pre-approved by our clients Our analysis and reporting techniques include the production of tabulations, Infographics and selected and appropriate advanced quantitative and statistical tests, creation of a full range of charts, and report writing. We have the data analysis and reporting expertise to understand and present what the research means and to identify and highlight critical insights and communicate the same to our clients.  Data Analysis team ensures project data deliverables are in accordance to client standards  Develop data maps, and reviews client data maps  Run test data on finalized programming before field launch.  Run daily data integrity tests on all data from multiple markets for live projects  Produce final files, cross‐tabulations and charts as required by the client.

12 O UTLOOK T OWARDS R ESEARCH We are incorporated to facilitate clients with top class and high end Market Research services with an expertise to execute our clients 'Research Agendas' Effectively and Efficiently - we provide the research back end and our clients focus on the front end. We are not a full service firm and don’t intend to reproduce the domain expertise of our clients - we complement. We are equally fluent in both quantitative and qualitative form of research and are well-versed with both consumer & business-to-business research practices. We have executed research agendas with almost all target audiences. We prefer to work as an extension to our client team and hence are always open for innovative approach and based on our experience. We have been providing services to our clients for almost a decade now hence we try to share our suggestions on which approach may work more effective and efficient for Specific Research Agenda. TYPES OF RESEARCH  Feasibility Research  Consumer Research  Usage & Attitude  Benchmarking Studies  Brand Image and Equity  Tracking Studies  Product Research  Segmentation Research  Positioning Research  Audience Measurement  Customer Satisfaction Research  Baseline Surveys  Impact Assessment Research  Profiling Research SECTORS WE SERVICE  Automotive  IT & ITES  Telecom  Retail  FMCG  Healthcare & Pharmaceutical  Energy  Media  Education  Real Estate  BFSI

13 T ECHNICAL A RCHITECTURE  State of the art technology, with top quality software systems, advanced programming technology and service delivery environments.  Improvised database management applications and solutions.  Advanced infrastructure to help clients with customized services and solutions catering to diverse business needs.  Data Centre with latest technology, designed with carrier‐grade redundant connectivity, power backup, safety, security, and monitoring systems.  Dedicated 8MB leased line for uninterrupted speed  Dedicated IPPBX for Outbound Calls  High End DELL servers for Data and Voice security abiding to the regulations from DOT.  Network security and content filter from Sonic wall (DELL) for data security and prevention from external internet threats.  CISCO switches and CAT 6i networking to ensure seamless connectivity.  DELL Work stations with Linux operating system providing optimum station performance with no treats from virus and complete measures can be deployed for data security.  IP Router Phones with noise reduction and cancellation from CISCO which provides best voice clarity.


15 CONTACT US: PROLIFIC RESEARCH PRIVATE LIMITED CONTACT: We Appreciate your Time and look forward working with you. PROLIFIC RESEARCH PRIVATE LIMITED Prolific Research Pvt. Ltd. A1, 1 st Floor, Safal Profitaire, Corporate Road, Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad 380 051 Email: RESEARCH DEFINED CREATIVELY Our Offices Ahmedabad (Research Operations)Mumbai (Sales Office)Singapore (Sales Office)London (Sales Office)


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