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“Providing Premium Packaging solutions for the 21 st Century”

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1 “Providing Premium Packaging solutions for the 21 st Century”

2  Ansa Mcal shall be the leading conglomerate in the region, continuously maximizing shareholder value by achieving exceptional performance, fostering long term confidence and respect, while generating sustained growth for all stakeholders

3 Mission  To continuously enhance shareholder value through the delivery of outstanding returns on investments  To become a value driven producer and reliable supplier of high quality plastic packaging solutions  To develop and retain competent and highly motivated employees  To provide a stable, safe and healthy working environment for all employees  To partner with all our stakeholders, especially our customer Vision To be the preferred supplier of plastic packaging solutions, by consistently delivering an experience that the customer is delighted with through high quality products and services

4 Ansa Polymer offers our customers quality, cost effective flexible and non flexible plastic packaging solutions which are tailored to our customers’ specifications and integrate seamlessly into their processes. Ansa Polymer value offering is built on the following ◦ Experience with 40 years history in the business ◦ Strong brand name as part of the Ansa Mcal group of companies ◦ Highly trained and customer oriented sales and support staff ◦ ISO 9001 certification ◦ Best in class products and services ◦ Best in class production capabilities ◦ Flexibility and customization to meet the needs of customers

5  We are committed to providing the best quality products and services that meet and exceed our customers’ needs.  We will continually monitor, review and improve our business processes and quality objectives thereby increasing the effectiveness of our ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems to enable long term growth and sustainability.

6 Ansa Polymer has two diverse divisions, Film and Moulding.  The Film Division provides flexible packaging solutions: ◦ Customised Plain and Printed Film (Bags/Sheeting) ◦ Laminated Film (Bags/Sheeting) ◦ Shrink Film ◦ Garbage Bags (Flat packs & Bag on Rolls) ◦ Industrial Film ◦ Stretch Wrap (Hand & Machine) ◦ Stock Bags  The Moulding Division provides rigid packaging solutions: ◦ Beverage Crates ◦ Construction Buckets ◦ 25L Basins ◦ HDPE Bottles ◦ PET Bottles


8 We are the regions leading manufacturer of garbage bags, producing our own brands as well as contracted brands. We manufacture High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bags, both degradable and non degradable. Our superior products open easily, have excellent odour barrier and tensile strength. We are constantly engineering solutions to the real world challenges of manufacturing, marketing and product development for this industry.

9 Our range of custom made products are unmatched in their quality and durability, our expertise and commitment to the consumer are paramount to the success of these films. The range includes Construction Film both Clear and Coloured, Shrink Film, Liner Bags, Bags on a Roll, Plain Tubing and Sheeting, Stock Bags Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). We help the environment by using recycled materials in our manufacturing process. Industrial Film

10 Give your novelty items the premium look they deserve and the competitive advantage they need. Our packaging films provide an excellent, high gloss print surface for breakthrough appearance, and our high opacity packaging films conceal what is on the inside, so your graphics pop on the outside. We print customized package designs on Laminated and Non- Laminated films based on each customer’s requirement. Printing is done using the process called flexography, which is especially suited for printing on plastic. Our packaging are used for rice, sugar, pasta, ice, bread, beverages, confectionary, snacks, toilet paper, garments and poultry, just to name a few. Material includes customized sheeting and bags such as wicket bags, round bottom bags, ventilated bags, gusseted bags and handle bags.


12 As a member of the Ansa Mcal Group of Companies, we are committed to ensuring that our products and personalized service meet your highest standards. Our team of highly qualified graphic artists has developed some of the most successful product packaging today, on both local and regional shelves. We have the computer technology and machinery to transform ideas into attention grabbing visuals that pass the “wow factor” test. We can work with clients from the initial design stage to the final end-use packaging stage. Performing these processes under one roof make the finished product extremely cost effective, greatly reduces lead times and ensures that clients get exactly what was conceptualized. Our technical and quality control staff is available for site visits to ensure that the premium packages we produce satisfies each customers’ specific needs.

13 With flexibility and strength to meet all your application requirements, we are the leading distributor of stretch films in Trinidad & Tobago. We distribute two of the leading North American brands and are available in a number of sizes, lengths and gauges. We currently stock 18 inch and 20 inch with 70 and 80 guages stretch film. Our stretch Films exceed the industry’s standards in a number of factors:  Holding Force  Stretch ability  Cling  Puncture  Tear Resistance  Film Optics Our Film can be used both manually and on automatic pre-stretch machines.

14 We at Ansa Polymer have enhanced our rigid plastic packaging capabilities to include blow moulding plastic bottles. As an alternative to glass, our technology affords blow moulded barrier bottles, food service bottles and an extensive standard range available for shelf use. We use plastic because it is versatile, lightweight, low cost, energy saving, tough and durable, and most importantly recyclable. We can supply bottles for pepper sauce, seasoning and other sauces, fruit and vegetable juices, milk drinks, personal care, industrial and pharmaceutical applications.


16 Our injection moulding department is one of the largest producers of beverage crates and construction buckets in the Caribbean region. With our diverse range of injection moulding capabilities, we also manufacture a range of industrial and consumer products. Our specialty is beverage crates, especially beer and soft drinks. With our existing moulds we can customise your crate using various colours and prints to emphasize product identity and brand awareness. Given our code for excellence, we can assure you that your product is well protected when using products made by us, and our quality standards are extremely high. Our products include Basins, Heavy Duty Construction Buckets, Half depth and Full depth Beverage Crates.


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