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Office Program Business Support Physical Plant Department.

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2 Office Program Business Support Physical Plant Department

3 Why The Office Program Business Support Meetings Were Created?  PPD hired new employees for this position.  Long-term Office Support staff each did things in different ways.  This was difficult and confusing for new employees to understand PPD office procedures.  Meetings were created to form Standard Procedures.

4 Here is how our meetings started

5 Workwomen of Physical Plant

6 All jokes aside… here is how we really look at our meeting!

7 We wish to have all that food!.... Maybe Sal could provide the budget for that?

8 2012 was the beginning of our meetings with Judy Martelle We developed standard payroll procedures

9 In 2013 – Steve Peary joined our Team  One of our first meetings, we brainstormed in order to find out who we are and what we do for this institution.

10 We also created a slogan for our team. Thoughtful Helpful Effectiv e Business Office Support Staff

11 We are: THE BOSS

12 “Individually we are one link, together we are a strong chain.” Photography by Chris Walker

13 Purpose of meetings:  Bring the Group Together  Cross Training  Consistent Procedures  Improve Skills and Communication

14 Process of our meetings:  Meet Once a Month for One Hour  Agenda  Facilitating and Note Taking  Locations

15 Accomplishments:  Standardized Payroll Procedures  PRQ – Purchase Requisitions  MMW Standard Forms  New Printers  Rave System  Smart Master Forms  Credit Card – Vendor Numbers

16 Work in Progress:  Credit Cards (Scan)  THE B.O.S.S. back up  Training Opportunities  FAMIS Procedures  Work Order Descriptions  Close Work Orders

17 Meet THE BOSS Team

18 Lori Bergevin UVM Employee: 28 Years Grounds: 8 Years

19 Veronica Metivier UVM Employee: 28 Years South, Project & Life Safety Zone: 5 Years

20 Mary Elliott UVM Employee: 24 Years Utility Zone: 18 Years

21 Mary Ann Burlingame UVM Employee: 24 Years Medplex at Given & Davis Zone: 8 Years

22 Jane Raftery UVM Employee: 14 Years Material Management (MMW): 8 Years

23 Jodi Barrows UVM Employee: 12 Years Service Operations (SOS): 12 Years

24 Monica Lafayette UVM Employee: 12 Years Trinity Zone: 5 Years

25 Karen Lemire UVM Employee: 10 Years Financial Operations: 10 Years

26 Tammy Duncan UVM Employee: 7 Years Service Operations (SOS): 7 Years

27 Mary Cannizaro-Barton UVM Employee: 6 Years Financial Operations: 6 Years

28 Lisa Bove UVM Employee: 4 Years Davis Zone: 2 Years Interim at Material Management (MMW) currently

29 Michele Guyette UVM Employee: 2 Years Training & Compliance Office (TCO): 2 Years

30 What THE BOSS team has to say about our meetings:  “The one thing I enjoy about our meetings is a chance to learn something that other areas are responsible for, which in turn that may help me with my job.”  “Sharing software technical tips.”  “I enjoy collaborating with my coworkers.”  “I have learned people can learn from each other, can come up with new ideas and communicate with each other.”  “Main streaming the office support procedures.”  “Sharing information/knowledge.”  “I like seeing what other coworkers do and how they do it. For example, I don't do anything in FAMIS with crafts and it is interesting to listen and learn about how this is used.”  “Learning time saving tools.”


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