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Bespoke software Designer and builder of your specialist software We want you to be our customer

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1 Bespoke software Designer and builder of your specialist software We want you to be our customer

2 Chalestra Ltd 2 Chalestra offers a bespoke software service specialising in commercial and business software Our clients include 3 investment banks, a world renowned business consultancy, and a host of SMEs We’ve worked in nearly every industry We specialise in systems that do business These systems —Drive business —Enable business —Build relationships We don’t make software games or other speculative software: we make software that develops businesses We’re not the most expensive, or the cheapest: and we have software to sell And the bills we leave you with, are some of the lowest around We’re looking to develop long-term relationships That will see you become technologically advanced with software that drives your business We’re in a recession Now is the time for you to develop systems that drive your business, cut costs and build relationships with new and existing customers Here’s our pitch…

3 Chalestra Ltd 3 If you haven’t already started on a technological quest… We’ll listen to your objectives and what you want to achieve If you wish, we’ll have a look around your business and tell you what we think you need We’ll see what can be done to improve relations with customers, and how you can create more buy-in We’ll see if there are areas where technology can save you money We’ll look for ways in which you can interact more with potential customers We build Windows applications The systems we design are —Professional and gorgeous: they are designed to create buy-in —Designed to provide the very best solutions —Open ended: they’re built bearing in mind that you may want to develop them further And we build web applications Most businesses, if they have a web presence at all, have a static website We can make websites do more useful things —Such as actively building relationships, or sharing information, or targeting information, or enabling customer interaction We can mix Windows and web technologies So everything becomes possible

4 Chalestra Ltd 4 … and if you have… We’re aware that you know what you need And we’ll waste no time getting on the case And we are willing to follow your ideas faithfully Remember our business experience We just might make a few suggestions too —And bring our experience to bear And if you’re not sure We should be able to propose ideas that will help you improve business capabilities And put you on the road to your goals We’ll focus on ways in which you can you use technology to power up your business Whether it’s developing relationships, creating cost effectiveness or just general efficiency We want you to have competitive advantage

5 Chalestra Ltd 5 We aim to offer you a service that’s fast from the point of contact We offer a very hands on and practical approach We won’t write books about your problems before we get started —We’ll listen to what you have to say, and start coming up with ideas and designs —We’ll quickly offer you something tangible that’s on the road to your goals We have component software to help you get started Some of the software we’ve made is incredibly expensive By offering it to lots of businesses, we can bring the price down for each business It’s not software that you can plonk on a computer and use: it’ll need a bit more than that But it could save you fortunes and offer you kit that’s only available to large businesses And it will save time and money We won’t spend fortunes of time consulting We get to the point quickly We’ll offer you solutions quickly And, we hope, at a very sensible price We have often provided solutions on the same day that a customer has approached us

6 Chalestra Ltd 6 In addition, Chalestra has a number of other services that might help you A business consultancy Conversely, we offer business advice to large financial institutions —And small businesses Chalestra has worked in practically every industry —And gained an enormous amount of experience —And can bring new ideas and solutions to business practices Pitch specialist Chalestra started off as a design agency Much of our income has come from creating pitches for very important projects They’ve been very successful —And we can bring this to you We focus on the messages that matter —To achieve maximum buy-in, and sales And we can bring this service to everything we do —Even software has to look good to gain buy-in We’ll focus on helping you

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