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Integration In the 1e Style or The History of Our Trip By Marek Imbierowicz.

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2 Integration In the 1e Style or The History of Our Trip By Marek Imbierowicz

3 Games and Activities We Took Part In „The Bomb!” We were divided to sappers and a bomb. Sappers had a task to separate people connected with their arms and legs, whose task was to not get separated. After the game everybody was dirty and tired, but it still was a great fun for us.

4 „Turning the Peg” The whole game was about turning around the wooden peg with your head leaned on it and then running to the appointed place and going back. This resulted with many funny situations as falling on the ground or running into other people.

5 „On a Tank!” Divided to pairs we were supposed to react only on two commands „garisons on a tanks!” and „off the tanks!”. During the first one person was supposed to jump on the other person’s back, and during the second a person on a back was supposed to jump down, run around the circle made of people, walk under the so called tank legs and jump on to it. The slowest pair was off the game.

6 „Flags” Divided to three groups we had a task to eliminate our opponents with clapping, getting back the flags from eachother and to defend those collected already. Flags were settled in the circles, after being clapped we were supposed to report it to the protector, as he could turn as back to game. In my opinion it was one of the best games during the whole trip.

7 „Bonfire” At the end of the day the bonfire was organized for us. We were singing and dancing to the scout songs. Sometimes it is good to act a little as a child and then go back to the reality. After the wild dances it was a time for sausages and a conversation with friends.

8 „Climbing” We were brought to a clearing with the climbing wall in the middle. There were harnesses in different sizes and colours laying on the ground. „Ania!”, „Agnieszka!” „Marek!”.The instructor was giving us the harnesses starting from the thinnest ones. We were put into pairs, the first person was climbing and the second was protecting her. I can only add that this second activity wasn’t very pleasant.

9 „Archery Competition” After the climbing we went on an archery lesson. We were divided to three groups and the 3 modern wooden bows were given to us. Averyone from the group shot three times, and another type of bow was given to us. Those were also wooden but smaller and shooting from them was much harder. At the end we organized the archery. But I don’t think anybody was a winner because the most of our shoots were based mainly on the luck.

10 Conclusion On the whole it was a great experience for all of us, I hope we feel much better integrated and we can only wish this experience will be repeated in future.


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