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SouthView Energy overview

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0 Chief Executive Officer David Bole President
Jack Schanck Chief Executive Officer David Bole President Three Allen Center  333 Clay Street, Suite 1000  Houston, Texas  (281)  FAX (281) 

1 SouthView Energy overview
A new company formed in 2005 SouthView Energy overview Who we are How we got started Value creation experience Public company Private company Cash return focus What are we looking for? Investment return focus Emphasis on sound technical and financial evaluations Develop long-term relationships Complementary relationships with other capital sources Opportunity for cross-referrals Separate entities with similar objectives/share market insights Non-competing products 1

2 Who We Are Focus on domestic drilling deals North American Upstream Investment Fund targeting drilling deals in the $2MM to $20MM investment range Low to moderate technical risk Project specific deals (e.g., multi-well drilling program) Incubation deals – Invest in growing new companies Prospect generation teams Capitalization $50MM initial funding provided by Jefferies Capital Partners Potentially scaleable with easy access to funding Option to add additional $50MM Our concept is a technical lead approach to drilling investment participation Deep industry knowledge Willing to share a drilling risk Participate with people we know Target areas and plays that we know Create value via the drill bit

3 Samson Resources Company
How We Got Started Climbing the ladder to head a large company; running a big private company; starting an independent E&P company Growing number of independent and start-up E&P companies SouthView Energy LLC Public and private independents Samson Resources Company Major companies and large independents Unocal Corporation 5

4 Primary Target Areas Focus on active areas with high quality deal
flow – leverage our existing knowledge East Texas/ North Louisiana Mid-Continent Permian Basin Upper Texas Gulf Coast

5 Investment Focus Exclusively domestic upstream opportunities
We are a non-operating industry partner Exclusively domestic upstream opportunities Lower risk, close-in drilling deals (development and small “e”) Types of investments: Project specific, e.g., a multi-well drilling program; leverage with portfolio debt as appropriate Incubate a company Hybrids: could encounter some projects that have the ability to leverage into optionality Land investments Technology investments Prospect generation End Game Project Specific deals (30% to 40% of capital) expected to result in leveragable streams of cash flow Incubation deals (60% to 70% of capital) expected to grow companies for continued growth for future financial gain A-2

6 General screens We will work in areas we know with people we know North America upstream only with a bias toward natural gas Less future price volatility expected due to supply bottlenecks Small “e” and development Multiple pay areas Not interested in single zone objectives Known/proven oil and gas finder – we want to see track records “Known by one of us, or by someone we trust” Project specific deals are stand alone events with good returns that are leveragable Providing cash flow streams to grow company Could become hybrids with sufficient critical mass Incubation/hybrid deals have sustainable growth – plan for 36 to 40 months Land Technology application Data Specific expertise Repeatability to build critical mass Land and combination of land and technology applications are the critical concepts

7 Technical Screens A proven technical approach to deal screening Known technical risk – no technically difficult projects No mechanical innovations No heavy oil, California steam, deepwater, international, CO2 floods Scalability Size Multiple pay zones Technology Applications Under-balanced drilling Drilling with casing Re-frac

8 Deal Structure In general, looking for direct participation
We want to keep it simple – full alignment with the operator In general, looking for direct participation Willing to invest up to 100% of required capital for drilling projects Each deal will be a separate transaction Participation agreement Joint operating agreement Keep it simple Industry deals with people we know in plays that we know Continue to build long-term relationships Contract terms will include performance standards Goal is not to be operators Contract terms may include a discussion of pre-determined exit points, e.g. Target exits at defined levels of production Leave sufficient upside to attract purchasers

9 Current Projects Field development in Los Angeles Basin
With one exception, all current projects are in Texas or the Ark-La-Tex area Field development in Los Angeles Basin Well known reservoir Participation with capital provider Minority equity position/scalable Acquire/develop/monetize strategy Potential for well workover and drilling program Multi-well drilling program in the Ark-La-Tex area Close-in and development drilling/analogous production Well-defined structure/confirmed hydrocarbon presence One-well promote (25% BIAPO) Heads-up on all subsequent wells (20+ wells over 2-3 years) One-well drilling commitment in Upper Texas Gulf Coast Yegua development/Wilcox potential 25% carry to casing point for first well Establish relationship with excellent prospect generator Like the trend/looking for greater exposure

10 Current Projects One-well drilling commitment – multi-well development
With one exception, all current projects are in Texas or the Ark-La-Tex area One-well drilling commitment – multi-well development Yegua potential updip from show well 25% carry to casing point Known operator with excellent track record Exploration joint venture Participate in LGG – for 15% WI Upper Texas Gulf Coast Yegua/Hackberry Seismically driven Multi-well exploitation program in East Texas Shale oil requires special stimulation Funding leasing and multi-well drilling 1/3 for 1/4 for 50% WI

11 Prospective Client Overview
Focus on domestic drilling deals We will participate in your domestic onshore drilling program if you have: A demonstrated record of drilling success in the target area Committed your funds to a drilling program and are looking for a partner to share lower to moderate drilling risks A drilling investment opportunity in the $2 million to $20 million range with growth potential A well developed technical premise for our review A desire for a long-term relationship to help grow your company

12 Contact Information We want to hear from you Jack W. Schanck Chief Executive Officer (281) David L. Bole President (281)

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