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8.2 Integration by parts.

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1 8.2 Integration by parts

2 Formula for Integration by parts
The idea is to use the above formula to simplify an integration task. One wants to find a representation for the function to be integrated in the form udv so that the function vdu is easier to integrate than the original function. The rule is proved using the Product Rule for differentiation.

3 Deriving the Formula Start with the product rule:
This is the Integration by Parts formula.

4 Choosing u and v dv is easy to integrate.
u differentiates to zero (usually). Choose u in this order: LIPET Logs, Inverse trig, Polynomial, Exponential, Trig

5 Example 1: LIPET polynomial factor

6 Example 2: LIPET logarithmic factor

7 Example 3: LIPET This is still a product, so we need to use integration by parts again.

8 Example 4: LIPET This is the expression we started with!

9 Example 4(cont.): LIPET This is called “solving for the unknown integral.” It works when both factors integrate and differentiate forever.

10 Integration by Parts for Definite Integrals
Formula Integration by Parts Formula and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus imply the above Integration by Parts Formula for Definite Integrals. Here we must assume that the functions u and v and their derivatives are all continuous. Example

11 Integration by Parts for Definite Integrals
Example (cont’d) By the computations on the previous slide we now have Combining these results we get the answer

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