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WELCOME TO Welcome to Irmex Zakład Obróbki Mechanicznej Metali [Metalworking Plant] IRMEX – Marcin Brysk has been established in 1986 by.

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2 Welcome to Irmex Zakład Obróbki Mechanicznej Metali [Metalworking Plant] IRMEX – Marcin Brysk has been established in 1986 by Jan Brysk. The Company has been always investing in the employees and machinery development. It resulted in the purchase of other buildings and machinery. Following our customers changing demands, we have implemented ISO 9001:2000. Our machinery is gradually equipped with modern CNC machines and measurement tooling. In 2010 IRMEX Marcin Brysk established a design office, employing constructors experienced in automotive and cosmetic industry automation. Design Office IRMEX is the only Polish design office permanently cooperating with ThyssenKrupp System Engineering of Germany, together we construct complete assembly lines for key manufacturers of car engines. The machinery designed by our engineers works at three continents. Since 1986

3 Offer We offer the following scope of services: - metalworking - precise and technologically complicated parts according to the customer`s or our documentation - broad automation – we are specialized in: 1. Assembly automation 1.1. Complete assembly lines including transportation and identification system 1.2. Assembly stations – independent and integrated with the transportation system 1.3. Final control stations - Vision control - Leak-test control - Assembly correctness control 1.4. Line installation and start-up 1.5. Guarantee and post-guarantee service Since 1986

4 Offer 2. Automation of Technological Processes 3. Manufacturing automation - feeding systems - transportation systems We provide the complete constructing of machinery and equipment: - Design - Construction - Assembly - Software - Construction documents and technical- operating / maintenance documentation (manual, electric plans, FMEA, risk analysis) - Post-guarantee service Since 1986

5 Offer Basing upon a high-qualified and experienced engineers team, we render services in automation, robotics and mechanics. Thanks to the quick and professional reaction we can to solve problems arising from the longer production outages resulting in considerable losses to plants when maintenance service is unable to handle the failure or if there is no maintenance service at the plant. After having analyzed the manufacturing processes and equipment at your plant, we can to offer a servicing system, ending up in a signed service contract. Since 1986

6 Offer We cooperate with: Since 1986

7 Machines We have at our disposal the machine tools of best world firms, such as MORI SEIKI, FANUC, HAAS, AGIE, CHARMILLES, which let the realization of the requiring orders with the unusual exactitude to 2  m, in the short term. Since 1986

8 Machines We have at our disposal with the equipped stock of over 70 machine toolls. Digitally controlled machinery CNC-3-4-demmurage Controlled machines numerally CNC 3-4 axial:  3 digitaly controlled lathes  3 tooling centres  4 Agiecut Classic ED wire-cutting machines Conventional machinery  Conventional machines:  21 lathes  7 milling-machines  17 polishings  8 drills  the slotting machine / mortiser  the boring machine  the drawbench/broaching machine Since 1986

9 Individual and Stock Produce The company produce details both for the quantity of the averagely or multi mass- produced, individual and prototype ones so as to make our clients satisfied and to come up to their expectations. Since 1986

10 Special tools The second sphere of our products is the production, the repair and the regeneration of special tools such as :  injection moldinginjection′s forms  pumps  punches/blanking tools We also realise individual orders in the range of mechanical working Since 1986

11 Full Service All the service is adjusted to individual clients needs.To step forwards into Your expectations, the company offers the solution for each step of the production:  doing the project in the design office, doing the tool on the basis of the standard product or its documentation  the production of the elements with the usage of own tools or delievered by the client Since 1986

12 Our clients We both complete the individual orders in range of ausforming and also we cooperate with clients of the following lines:  Energy lines  Motor lines  Gas-works of energy  Petrolic lines  Shipbuilding lines The knowledge gained during the workers training and direct meetings the clients,constant self-improvement and trends outlook allowed the firm to achieve strong position in the market place. Moreover, the above factors inabled it to evaluate the clients’ needs in a very swift and affective way. Since 1986

13 Quality In May 2008 the firm „Irmex” received the certificate ISO 9001:2008 within the range of complex mechanical tooling which determines the confirmation that all our products and services will be performed for you in compliance with obligatory norms. The firm quality policy resposes the obligatory procedures, which assert solid control of all the processes on the premises of our enterprise. They are currently modified for the purpose of assuring full satisfaction of our clients. Since 1986

14 Contact If you are interested in our offer, we invite to the cooperation. With pleasure we will answer all your questions. 83-000 Pruszcz Gdański ul. Dworcowa 14 Poland tel. +48 (58) 683 20 83 fax +48 (58) 683 20 84 83-110 Tczew ul. Piaskowa 3 Poland tel. +48 (58) 533 92 71 fax +48 (58) 533 92 70 Since 1986

15 For the purpose of the perusal with the full range of technical and productive possibilities of the firm Irmex, we invite to our office or to contact on-line.

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