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Identifying outstanding talent in the retail sector.

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1 Identifying outstanding talent in the retail sector

2 Pzazz Retail provides a high quality recruitment service to clients and candidates alike We’ve built great long-term relationships with some of the most exciting brands in the ever-changing, endlessly stimulating world of retail Our philosophy is simple; we deliver results quickly, cost effectively, professionally and with real attention to detail What We Do…

3 5 brief case studies…

4 We’re working with one of the world’s most high profile luxury technology brands 3 years on, we’ve placed more than 50 experienced, charismatic and talented retail managers with them Quality AND Quantity Placements have been made right across the UK, including in Scotland and Northern Ireland This brand has unbelievably high standards and never, ever compromises, so this success has been doubly rewarding We’ve developed a great understanding of the brand and the requirements of the roles and have identified candidates who will have long-term careers with the company, adding value as they develop and grow

5 Ensuring Cultural Fit We’ve built great relationships with each of the Area Managers (with the blessing of the HR team) and have grown to understand their preferred backgrounds and personalities when recruiting for each of the areas The company’s own stats confirm that we’re consistently out-performing all of our competitors combined We’ve been working with this market-leader for over 7 years During that time, we’ve placed almost 100 Managers and Assistant Managers with them The brand is a bit of a “one-off”, so it’s essential that we source candidates who will enjoy and thrive in their environment. Cultural fit is essential

6 We’ve also built a great relationship with the owners of the business, so much so that we were recently invited to join them as they celebrated the 60th anniversary of the business We enjoy a true “partnership”, rather than a “client/ supplier” relationship Part of the Family! We’ve enjoyed a 4-year business relationship with this high-end accessories retailer They have a growing number of thriving stores across the south So far, we’ve placed 23 Store and Assistant Managers with them

7 We’ve worked with this group of companies for a number of years and have seen them grow through both acquisition and the creation of a new retail brand Roles we’ve worked on across the group have been hugely diverse and have included Buyers, E-Commerce Director, HR Assistant, Supply Chain Manager, Marketing Manager, Head of IT, Merchandisers, Recruitment Manager, Project Manager, Systems Engineer, SEO Manager, Allocators, Database Administrator and Garment Technologist – as well as numerous store staff This demonstrates that once we fully understand the culture of a brand we can source the right candidates at every level and within every discipline You name it, we’ll find it!

8 This sports retailer, currently the darling of the City, is a relatively new addition to our client portfolio In the past 4 months, with no previous relationship with them, we’ve sourced 15 new additions to their team and have established ourselves as their number one supplier of people We’ve honed our sourcing criteria to a point where we now know that every CV we forward will result in an interview and our interview: placement ratio is outstanding

9 We believe that we have a blueprint for success. Yes, it may need a few gentle tweaks here and there to accommodate your systems, but we’re good at this - and we know what we’re doing. We’re lucky to have been invited to build relationships with some incredible retail brands who are serious about recruiting genuine talent and want to work WITH their recruiter.

10 If you want to try a different approach, with experienced consultants who genuinely care about what they do, please give us a call today on 020 8605 4185 or email

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