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Curriculum Development Storyboard

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1 Curriculum Development Storyboard
Clive Baker and Favourita Blanchard Curriculum Development Officers

2 September 1st Start We started work.
We collated the responses to the overview document. We extended the consultation by visiting 17 schools, PTA’S and school councils. Consultation closed 30th September.

3 September headlines We wrote draft curriculum documents for PE, Health and Social development. We researched the background for our curricula drawing on best practice from around the world.

4 October Headlines We continued to present to schools, PTA’s and school councils during October – 14 in total. The Steering Committee – made up of a wide range of educators and interested parties – met twice to review the consultation responses. A revised document was approved following the incorporation of the respondents’ comments.

5 Further Consultation We were also filmed for Spotlight – shown on our local channels. The clips show us at the Alternative Education Centre, and also reporting back to Curriculum Steering group. You also see Kiva Powell at Savannah Primary School, with her child-centred learning approach.

6 Progress on draft learning outcomes
We produced outlines for mathematics, English, science, social studies, RE, ICT and Spanish These had a common format: An overview – why we study the subject. Subject specific aims – to fit with the idea of an Educated Caymanian. Division of the content into sub-themes called strands. A summary of the what the levels mean. Presentation of the learning outcomes in two formats, by level, then by strand.

7 Work on other Initiatives
We began research and development of the work-related learning curriculum. This involved meeting with other strategy groups – dealing with careers and the training councils. Formal liaison with Early Childhood Unit started.

8 Access curriculum We also presented an access curriculum initiative at the Lighthouse School. This promotes learning in the context of developing students’ independence.

9 Research We continued to explore curriculum frameworks from around the world. A framework provides a way to deliver our own Cayman Islands curriculum The International Baccalaureate (IB) framework is attracting particular interest, as it promotes student-centred, cross curricular learning and global awareness.

10 November headlines Two schools receive the consultation presentations
Completion of Design and Technology draft Curriculum support was initiated in schools – piloting the draft documents Input was received and incorporated from acknowledged subject authorities We were involved in the new high school and senior management conference planning.

11 Subject consultation The next phase of consultation was initiated – on the subject documents School staff were invited to join specific groups Previous volunteers were re-invited PTA’s were asked for a representative Representatives from Industry and the Chamber of Commerce were sought

12 For future developments –
Next steps Complete the formation of the subject consultation groups. Start the next round of presentations in schools – introducing subject consultation. Meet, discuss and revise the outline curricula. Complete consultation by the end of March. Continue research in to the International Baccalaureate (IB). Initiate pilot projects in subject areas and also in the IB framework. Continue developing the work-related curriculum. Continue working with Lighthouse School on the access curriculum. Senior managers conference. For future developments – WATCH THIS SPACE!

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