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1 Organic Master Toolbox Presented by Organic Software Systems Limited

2 We are on the Adobe Stand 1501 Organic Master Toolbox is a must see product It runs under Acrobat 4.0 & 5.0 (Windows Only) It is easy and fast to learn and use It provides unrivalled power and flexibility Oh Yeah? – let me show you…

3 Here are the tools MacroBatch Stamper DocuMerger TOCBuilder Eraser ContentScaler MediaSizer Flattener LinkManager OrganicOnline DogEars ImagePlacer BookMarker PDFBuilder PDFSplitter ThumbNails OpenOptions InfoSetter SecuritySetter Toolbox Palette

4 Seen It All Before? OK but…. Here they all work together and can be built into a MacroBatch sequenced run A what? Lets run through a quick example…

5 Lets do some work We start with a document –First we erase two areas of it (Eraser) –Then we shrink the content (ContentScaler) –Then we merge it with a letterhead (DocuMerger) –Then we change the open options and security settings (OpenOptions & SecuritySetter)

6 Eraser gets rid of content at the top and bottom of page.

7 Now lets use ContentScaler We shrink the content of the document by 10 % to bring it away from the edges. Note ContentScaler has saved settings! Note ContentScaler does not alter the media size.

8 ContentScaler shrinks the page contents away from the edges.

9 Now DocuMerger Note that you can browse to find a template file Note that you can use a saved setting Note merging can be over all pages or controlled by range selection

10 DocuMerger will merge the template PDF file over the selected range in the target file, in this case all pages.

11 Now we change things using OpenOptions & SecuritySettings We start with OpenOptions and select TJB’s Preferred open options Then we set restrictions on the Security so for example a password is required to open the document

12 OpenOptions & SecuritySetter

13 We like the result! The trouble is we have stacks of files just like this. Time for MacroBatch !! Here you will see the last sequence of tools automated and run over a directory of PDF files

14 Running MacroBatch over files in the New Folder directory.

15 Like what you see? This has been a simple example of the power of Organic Master Toolbox’s MacroBatch We have not even touched on the of Stamper or ImagePlacer & the 17 other tools. See us on the Adobe Stand 1501 for more Information Thanks for your attention Note: no trick photography was used in the creation of this presentation

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