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Organix Sales Challenging the norm Rachel Kingdon Head of Food Exploration.

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1 Organix Sales Challenging the norm Rachel Kingdon Head of Food Exploration

2 – Who are we? – What do we stand for? – Introducing Goodies – A Taste For Life

3 Organix History Founded in 1992 by Lizzie Vann Entrepreneur with background in Food and Finance Knew there was an opportunity to improve children's food Started making food in her kitchen Acquired by Hero Group in Feb 2008 but have kept our identity £34M turnover FY10 Outsource all manufacturing

4 Organix Mission Why we exist: – To give Children the best start in life What we want: – A world where healthy, nutritious food is a real choice for everyone What we do: Best Start in life Create Good Food Empower Parents Challenge the Government & Food Industry

5 Our founding philosophies: Always Organic No Junk! Nutritious foods Safe foods for babies/children Convenient for mum, not niche

6 Create Great Foods - Introducing Our No Junk Promise NJP underpins our brand NJP is a trademarked stamp of reassurance present on all Organix Foods It is based on our beliefs and wish “to give Children the best start in life with no unnecessary ingredients and the best nutritional practices” This is not a legal or industry requirement and the definition of “Junk” is set by Organix It’s easy to make foods with them, it’s harder to do it without – but not impossible! We all live & breathe it!

7 SAFE We promise that the levels of harmful pesticides in our foods will be the lowest that can be achieved or detected. PURE We promise to only use ingredients you recognise and no unnecessary additives or thickeners NUTRITIOUS We promise to set strict limits on fats, sugars and salt that are far tighter than any regulations. By using higher quality ingredients to provide natural flavours and sweetness we believe in natural taste without compromise. So what is the No Junk Promise?

8 No to: Added salt Added sugar, sucrose, fructose, lactose, glucose Colourings or flavourings – including “natural flavours and colours” as they come out of a bottle! All our flavour and colour comes only from the food ingredients we use. Additives Emulsifiers MSG, yeast extract or other flavour enhancers. Hydrogenated Fats Minimal processing aids – have to be ‘kitchen-recognisable’. What we say Yes or No to..... Yes to: 100% Organic Ingredients. Best nutritional practice – Clear targets for saturated fats, sugar and salt Clear & honest food labelling Lowest possible levels of pesticides Ingredients that are recognisable by parents Sugar from fruit or fruit juice only

9 Organic Corn 71%, Organic Sunflower Oil 15%, Organic Cheese Powder 12% (50% Organic Mature Cheddar Cheese, 50% Organic Skimmed Milk Powder), Organic Dried Parsley Less than 1% Maize, Vegetable Oil, Cheese Flavour [Cheese Powder (7%), Lactose (from Milk), Flavour Enhancer (Disodium 5' Ribonucleotide), Colours (Paprika Extract, Annatto), Natural Flavourings], Salt, Potassium Chloride No Junk Promise – Organix vs Competitors Snacks *4 times less sodium *Half the amount of fat & sat fat * Real tastes & colour, not artificially enhanced

10 Introducing Goodies!

11 Born in 2004! Range of foods especially created for babies >12 months to take the “perceived” guilt out of snacking Our foods are reinventions of adult snacks – recognisable to mum but with a twist Our focus is on taste, texture, nutrition & FUN! Snacking is essential to little ones – they need 2-3 nutritious snacks a day Our challenge for “good food” is slightly easier as babies have not yet been exposed to high salt, sugar & fat foods!

12 About Goodies Retail Value of £19M, just over 50% of out total business 80% Share of Toddler Snacks (12months +) Growing at 15% YOY ahead of total baby food Penetration at 37%* of Mums with Toddlers from 12 months up to 4 years 2007,2009, 2009, 2010 Voted by mums as their favourite baby food brand!

13 Cereal Bars - Challenges vs Opportunities!

14 Our ingredients vs competitors Organic Wholegrain Oats 45%, Organic Raisins 33%, Organic Sunflower oil 10%, Organic Coconut 5%, Organic Apple juice concentrate 4%, Organic Raspberry juice concentrate 3% Glucose Syrup, Whole Grains (15%) (Oat Flakes, Wholemeal Wheat Flour), Raisins (15%), Vegetable Fat, Sweetened Condensed Skimmed Milk, Maize Sugar, Rice Flour, Humectant (Glycerol), Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Wheat Dextrin, Salt, Demineralised Whey Powder, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, E471), Vegetable Oil, Barley Malt Extract, Flavouring Wholegrain Oat Flakes (33%), Dried Fruit (25%) (Strawberry & Blueberry Flavoured Diced Cranberries (20%) (Sugar, Cranberries, Natural Flavouring, Blueberry Juice, Grape Juice Concentrate), Raisins (4.5%), Strawberry & Raspberry Flakes (.5%) (Strawberry Puree, Raspberry Puree, Cornflour)), Glucose Syrup, Wholegrain Oat Flour, Raw Cane Sugar, Honey, Vegetable Oil (Rapeseed Oil, Palm Oil), Rice Flour, Chopped Almonds, Natural Flavouring.


16 Our Audience: 2 Million Toddlers that go to Nurseries every day 12,000 Full time Day Care Nurseries Looking after 700,000 Children

17 Objectives / Rationale 1.To campaign to the Government to improve the standards of food served to children in nurseries (supporting Nursery Food Campaign) 2.To empower parents and nursery workers about healthier eating for toddlers 3.To build and sustain awareness and trust in the Organix and the Goodies brand amongst parents with nursery age toddlers NURSERY FOOD PROGRAMME Supported by NURSERY FOOD PROGRAMME Supported by

18 Taste for Life Nursery Activity Pack (sent once nurseries sign up)

19 Website for nurseries and parents Downloadable PDFs of the Core Resource Pack plus additional templates and links

20 More Toddlers across the UK explore and enjoy Fruit and Vegetables. Nurseries are empowered to support the Better Nursery Food Now Campaign to lobby Government to introduce nutritional standards Parents are aware and engage with Organix and Goodies through at home and online activities Desired Outcomes from Programme

21 Food for thought……

22 What have I learnt about being ‘Organix’? Give a purpose to what you do – Ask yourself why are you doing something – Do you care if it happens or not Think big – Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world Create a ripple – Think what happens if you don’t do something It’s usually very frustrating to yourself What a missed opportunity.......if only...... – And be inspired by what could happen if you did It’s usually something amazing that people admire from outside And you feel really proud of.......


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