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Medium Term Plan 17 th January to 25 th February 2001.

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1 Medium Term Plan 17 th January to 25 th February 2001

2 The Blue Groups success criteria is: We would like our pm children to become more confident integrating with their peers. We would like some of our pre-school children to successfully complete their chosen task. We would like the children to contribute in small groups and relate the story in their own words. We would like all children to become more responsible and co-operative with their peers.

3 Our Learning Outcomes: L&E 5 S 9 H&W 18, 23 and 28 SS 4 R&M 7 E&A 2 and 11 T 5

4 L&E5 We are learning to use books to find information about bugs. Paul created his own models using playdough. He said “I love beasties they have got loads of legs and wings.” Jan 2011

5 E&A2-I have the freedom to discover and choose ways to create images. We are learning to create patterns. Feb 2011

6 S9-We know animals use their senses, we are learning to explore our senses. Katie said ‘I’ve not tasted them before but they are lovely. Thumbs up, they taste good.’ (mange tout) Jan 2011

7 H&W23-We are learning to take turns and share. We are using the I-Pad to learn about forest animals. Macy used the I Pad responsibly to look for photo’s and information about the animals from the Gruffalo story. She chose the fox. “His tail helps him balance. He eats wee animals and bugs.” Jan 2011 We are focusing on the Gruffalo story and Kasra looked at pictures of snakes on the I Pad. He was able to share and he used it carefully. “Fangs have poison.” Jan 2011

8 This is what we found out.

9 T5-we are learning to use the camera to record images relating to the story. SS4-We are learning to explore interesting features in our environment. ‘It’s a feather, it’s the birds.’ Katie said it might be from the owl in the Gruffalo story. Jan 2011 Hannah is using the camera carefully and she found a hole in the forest. This image represents the foxes house. Jan 2011

10 H&W23-we are learning to be aware of our own and others feelings. The children are contributing in small groups and relating the story in their own words. Tiernan said “Katie is very good at the story too.” Jan 2011 Aiden is playing a Gruffalo matching game and he completed the task without distraction. He is learning to take turns. Jan 2011

11 E&A9-We are using drama to explore imaginary situations.

12 Our seasonal and cultural focus’ are: Robert Burns Day Chinese New Year Valentine’s Day

13 Burn’s Day Tasting traditional Scottish foods.

14 Chinese New Year We used chopsticks. We did a Dragon Dance.

15 Valentine’s Day Cards and iced biscuits.

16 Evaluation This is what we have learned in nursery. This is what we have enjoyed.



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