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Fostering Reflective Writing and Interactive Exchange through Blogging Lina Lee University of New Hampshire American Council on the Teaching.

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1 Fostering Reflective Writing and Interactive Exchange through Blogging Lina Lee University of New Hampshire American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA November 20, 2010


3 “I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” --Albert Einstein 21st Century Learning

4 Transform your classroom into a creative learning space and provide the opportunity for students to collaborate.

5 Welcome to 21st Century Learning

6 Part 1: Blogs



9 What is a ?  Weblog (website) – online diary/journal  Single or multiple authors  Postings in a reverse chronological order  Read postings and make comments  Link to other sources  Instant publishing  Social networking

10 Why ?  Learner autonomy  Decision-making; transparency; accountability  Reflective thinking  Personal and social space  Collaborative interaction  Collective intelligence through exchange  Immediate feedback  Responses and comments

11 Types?  Native speakers’ blogs – reading skills and cultural perspectives  Voice blogs – listening and speaking skills  Group/class blogs – collaborative writing  Exchange blogs – intercultural learning  Personal blogs – reflective writing and interactive exchange

12 Let’s

13 Reflective Writing  Personal blogs over a 14 week period  Spanish 631 (fifth semester Spanish)  Participants – 17 undergraduate students  A four-skill integrated approach – Teacher-assigned and free topics – Two 150-200 word entries per week  Web 2.0 technology – Blogger, Podcasting, iMovie

14 Four-Skill-Integrated Approach  Assigned readings from Revista textbook  Free topics  Listening to podcasts – Notes in Spanish – Cody’s Cuentos  Speaking practice – 3-4 minute oral recordings for “Tertulia”

15 Topics for Each Type of Task Assigned Readings “Another circle” “Four scientific formulas for happiness” “ TV garbage” “I was my own path” “Ten minutes” Free Topics Women’s rights Red Sox in Boston Country music Swine influenza A (H1N1) in Mexico Listening to Podcasts Energy saving Facebook Eating out and fast food Adoption Smuggling iMovie: Oral Recordings Ideal personality Use of imagination Immigration Euthanasia Globalization


17 Free topic

18 Free Topic

19 Free Free topic

20 Assigned Reading Assigned Reading

21 Assigned Reading

22 Listen to Podcasting

23 Listen to Podcasting

24 Oral Recording via iMovie Oral Recording via iMovie


26 Ratings of Task Types

27 Students’ Comments

28 Role of Feedback  Linguistic feedback from the instructor – Fluency vs. accuracy – Focus-on-form – Error correction  Peer feedback on the content – Reflective thinking – Affective support

29 Ratings of Feedback

30 Podcasting: Spanish Food “Tapas” Podcasting: Spanish Food “Tapas”

31 Assigned Reading

32 Reflective Thinking: Facebook “Your point was interesting. I have never thought about the parents. My mom has a facebook but She only uses it to post family pictures. I agree that facebook is a wonderful tool for us to connect with people. However, I think people spend too much time online. Also there is not much privacy. I actually prefer email.” (translated to English - podcasting)

33 Affective Support: Energy Saving “I really enjoyed reading your entry about having New York City go dark after Earth Hour. I did not know about this and I think it is a great idea to shut off the lights to save energy. I wish people would turn off the light when they leave the room. We wasted too much energy in this country. Well done!! Matt.” (translated from Spanish - free topic)

34 Comments on Readings “Most people made similar observations about the readings and some of comments were repetitive. I did not find this assignment engaging and useful.”

35 Comments on iMovie #1 “Making voice recordings was time consuming because it took a lot of time to upload a video to Blogger.” #2 “I did not feel comfortable making voice recordings in the language lab and the quality of the recordings was not very good. ”

36 Comment on Linguistic Issues

37 Linguistic Improvement (Week 3) El año pasado mi familia hizo un viaje a europa. Este fue mi primer viaje afuera de los estados unidos y mi primera vez en un avión. *Estuve muy emocionada y *tuve mucho miedo también. Cuando llegamos a Barcelona, *fueron casi las once de la tarde. Nos quedamos en Barcelona tres días y … Al final, *era muy contenta con la experiencia.

38 Linguistic Improvement (Week 8) Me gustaban mucho estos podcasts. Empecé mirar la tele española y a veces, es muy dificíl comprender. La historia que Mariana y Ben hablaron [era] muy interesante. Un hombre [robó] muchos bancos y la policía no [pudo] cogerlo por 15 años. El hombre [llevaba] una peluca y [tenía] armas. La policía descubrió que robó casi 600,000 euros y mató dos guardias civiles.

39 Goals of Blog Projects  Four-skill approach to task-based instruction  Less-structured controlled tasks  Meaning-oriented interaction  Focus-on-form reflection  Community building  Teacher role in critical thinking process

40 For more information Lee, L. (2010). Fostering reflective writing and interactive exchange through blogging in an advanced language course. ReCALL, 22(2), 212-227. PowerPoint: Look for ACTFL2010

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