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Global Information Services QUICKLY – KNOWLEDGE ON DEMAND GIORGIO SACERDOTI AWARD 2008 World Computer Congress Milan, 9 th September 2008.

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1 Global Information Services QUICKLY – KNOWLEDGE ON DEMAND GIORGIO SACERDOTI AWARD 2008 World Computer Congress Milan, 9 th September 2008

2 Global Information Services PROJECT OBJECTIVES Our need: to improve Network efficiency, giving people an innovative tool for solving procedure problems An easy and user-friendly tool, available for every single user… a tool able to give just in time access to updated and trustable information… easy to explore and problem solution oriented information, straight from the desk… a quick unified approach to the training of the new users.

3 Global Information Services WHAT IS QUICKLY? It is: a place where documentation, normative, rules and experience are collected, through a technological platform (KANA IQ), in order to make Company Knowledge accessible in a simple and quick way a self-help tool that provides solutions to the users’ questions about errors due to the lack of knowledge or due to a non correct use / functioning of the applications a problem solving oriented tool that gives: direct solutions (FAQ, compilation of masks instructions) indirect solutions (addressing toward other structures, chat) InFormation (the merge of Information and Formation)

4 Global Information Services HOW TO ACCESS? UniCredit Intranet Portal The homepage of Quickly is accessible from the Support Area of the Intranet Portal. Every user can see different Knowledge Bases according to the Company he belongs to Help on-line Users working on a procedure can directly reach the needed information - and its linked subjects - by simply clicking on a button integrated in the menu of the application they are using Norm@net Users reading Rules Circulars on Norm@net (UniCredit normative application) can find a button that drives them directly to the knowledge base that is strictly connected to the subject of the Circular Bank Business Portal On this portal there is information about bank products and users have a search function in this site. Each result related to a subject included in Quickly is directly linked by a button to the Knowledge Base.

5 Global Information Services THE SYSTEM STRUCTURE Knowledge Base Procedure problem ? solution YES Contact Center NO Chat/Ticket Remedy solution YES Chat on-line Remedy NO solution 1 23  Solution found within the KB PU/DT “O” Bank  Solution with the intervention of a PU-DT / Bank Organization Service and – if possible – KB updating.  Straight solution with the help of a CC operator via chat – KB updating NetworkNetwork

6 Global Information Services  The total amount of daily help requests is almost steady, but with a reduction of the help requests via telephone and an increase of the accesses to the Quickly Knowledge Bases  the number of chats grows much more slowly than the accesses to Quickly. This means that most of the times, Quickly satisfies its users by itself: without the necessity to involve a Contact Center operator in the process. QUICKLY TREND Help via Phone / Quickly Trend

7 Global Information Services What Quickly users choose for their 1° inquiry Which part of the Quickly users don’t need to ask a Contact Center operator for further support. HELP CHANNELS  About 47% of the Bank users’ favourite channel is Quickly  they are as many as the ones who still use telephone to ask for help on the Bank applications. EFFICIENCY  82% of Quickly users are satisfied with the simple research within the knowledge base; only  18% need to chat with a CC operator for more specific details or for the lack of the information Continous updating of knowledge base allows these important efficiency standards! QUICKLY EFFICENCY

8 Global Information Services The migration to EuroSIG was significantly supported by Quickly from the point of view of help and assistance. More than 5’000 daily contacts on average and immediate solution of the problem in 80% of them (without using the chat). This experience shows that it is possible to have interesting results in the field of help and assistance by using Quickly since the beginning of the training phase (just in time detailed information, no need of manuals, very clear and simple description of the application and organisational aspects, less waiting time in the contact) as well as a better approach to end users in the delicate phase of change management, without any additional cost. FOCUS ON CAPITALIA INTEGRATION PROJECT: UNICREDIT BANCA DI ROMA

9 Global Information Services  Phone calls decrease / growth of Quickly accesses (with stability of the number of chats)  reduction of the waiting time for the users / optimization in terms of time and quality of the CC service  translation of the users’ interest towards the use of the knowledge tool  elimination of traditional and uneasy-to-update manuals  gradual release of Quickly on the X-Frame applications (Help online), the release of new KBs that cover further procedures and applications, will sensibly improve the telephone operators’ work  An effective tools / support in change management phase (Information / Learning)  Released KB: over 100.  average daily Quickly accesses (before EuroSIG migration in Capitalia Banks): 2.700  average daily Quickly accesses (after the EuroSIG migration in BiPop Carire / Banca di Roma ): 7.500  monthly accesses (before EuroSIG migration in Capitalia Banks): 43.000  monthly accesses (August - after EuroSIG migration in Capitalia Banks): 105.000  percentage of users satisified with Quickly: over 80%  ratio of the daily Contact Center activity faced with a KB: 40% FIGURES AND OTHER CHARACTERISTICS COST SAVING TIME SAVING QUALITY IMPROVING

10 Global Information Services  Non interconnectable KB (vertical vision)  procedure view only  help online on few procedures  information over-writing  no re-usability of knowledge atoms  company profiling  link to Norm@net application  Intranet - Extranet access  Unique integrated KB (“Cross” vision)  procedure - commercial - normative/org view (automatically recognized by the system with the access channel)  help online on every procedure  archiving of all the deleted and updated information  no duplication of knowledge atoms  user profiling (company, role, language, etc.)  certified Circular (parallel updating between Norm@net / Quickly)  Internet – Intranet – Extranet access  e-mail / sms delivery for warning about new releases NEXT STEPS FROM QUICKLY TO QUICKLY²

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