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Nutrition and Health By Marta Nogales & Thais Plaza.

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1 Nutrition and Health By Marta Nogales & Thais Plaza

2 The importance of Nutrition Nutrition are a group of processes in which the organism receives, processes and uses the substances which it obtains from food. The diet of an organism refers to what it eats. Dietitians are health professionals who are specialize in human nutrition. They know how to provaide safe and prevent injurious impacts on health and on the organism. The most common reasons of diseases are poor diets or diets with many fats or lipids..that can produce obesity..which now a days is very common on young people.

3 Types of nutrients: There are seven different types of nutrients : Carbohydrates or glucids: Are the most abundant of the four major classes of biomolecules, which also include proteins,lipids and nucleic acids. The most common in our diet are starches (potatoes) and sugars like glucose.

4 Fats: Lipids or fats have many functions but the most important is providing energy to the body. They are an important part of the diet of human beings. In big quantities they can be dangerous for our organism.

5 Fibres: Are found in vegetables and are also glucids they move food through the digestive system, they absorb water and they produce and easier defecation. They are necessary for the organism..

6 Minerals: Are from the group of micro-nutrients, because are substances which are in food but in very small quantities. They are chemical elements that dont form part of the living matter but that they are necessary -Iron. -Calcium. -Chloride. -Magnesium. -Phosphorus. -Potassium. -Sodium.

7 Proteins: They are macro-molecules. (As the majority of the components of food). They are necessary for forming in a good way our cells. They are found in food which have a vegetable or animal origin

8 Vitamins: Are also on the group of micro-nutrients because we can find it on food in very small quantities, but they are necessary for our Organism, if not their absence can cause serious disasters. -Vitamin A (retinol) -Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) -Vitamin D (calciferol)produced by the skin. -Vitamin E (antioxidants)

9 Water : The human body is anywhere from 55% to 78% water. Water is a fundamental component of living matter. Is necessary to drink about three litres of water a day. Also we take water from the aliments we eat.

10 Our own diet Our typical diet on : -Mondays Total Kcal : 1969.6 Kcal -Sundays. Total Kcal : 1201.6 Kcal.

11 Mondays Breakfast: -A glass of milk with sugar and Cola-cao. 125 + 12 + 10= 147 kcal. -Orange juice. 46Kcal. -A breath of milk (like croissant). 115 Kcal. Total Kcal : 308 Kcal.

12 Snack -1/2 Spanish omlette sandwich. 300 Kcal. Total : 300 Kcal.

13 Lunch: -Boiled rice. 130 Kcal. -Roast chicken. 232 Kcal. -Peeled apple. 57 Kcal. Total Kcal : 419 Kcal.

14 Snack: -1/2 Chocolate palm. 290.6 kcal. -1 Actimel. 33 Kcal. -1 Banana. 135 kcal. Total: 458.6 Kcal.

15 Dinner: -Smoked salmon. 117 Kcal. -Salad. 306 Kcal. -1 Natural yoghurts. 61 Kcal. Total: 484 Kcal.

16 Sundays Breakfast: -A glass of milk with sugar and Cola-cao. 125 + 12 + 10= 147 kcal. -Orange juice. 46Kcal. -Cereals rich in fibre. 264 Kcal. -A piece of bread. 102 Kcal. -Strawberry jam. 30 kcal. Total Kcal: 589 Kcal.

17 Lunch : -Paella. 286 Kcal. -130g of apricot or strawberry. 52 Kcal. Total : 338 Kcal.

18 Dinner: -French omelette.104 Kcal. -Green beans. 28.6 Kcal. -1 Kiwi. 46 Kcal. -1 Glass of milk. 96 Kcal. Total : 274.6 Kcal

19 Does our country have something to do with our nutririon? Yes. Spain is different from other countries in nutrition. We think that the food we eat is healthier than the one eaten in America,for example. Spanish nutrition is based on the mediterranean diet. In which is normally to eat many fruits and vegetables, and many varied types of meats and fishes. We have less fast food restaurants,and normally,we eat it once or twice a month… This,doesn’t damage our organism,although it has lots of calories and fats.

20 Importance of the quality of food Transgenic food are those that contain ingredients or that were produced from a genetically modified organism. They come mostly from transgenic plants such as corn or soybeans. The transgenic foods do not always contain the proteins encoded by the genes transferred, because many of them are expressed in different parts of the plants to harvest organs. The concept fast food is a style of food where the food is prepared and served to consume rapidly in specialized shops. The most widespread example of premises worldwide, is the multinational McDonals. This food isn’t good for our organism,because it has too much fats and it isn’t healthy. This doesn’t mean that you can’t eat it,but only once or twice a month…

21 Illnesses related with food… - Anorexia: This is a very serious illness. Many teenagers suffer it.why? Because of many spots on tv where they see for example,models or actresses that are so thin… We must care about this. The abuse of certain drugs can also cause lack of appetite, mainly those with central nervous system stimulants. It is also a side effect of some drugs (antidepressants, Methylphenidate, etc.) -Bulimia: Its key feature is that the person suffers episodes of compulsive binges, followed by a great sense of guilt and sense of loss of control. Often alternated with periods of fasting or very low food intake, but soon returned to suffer episodes of binge eating.

22 Goals for a good diet -Eat varied food (all kinds although you don´t like it.) -Don´t eat many fast food, it isn´t good for the organism. -Play sports regularly or at least walk. -Not eating between hours.

23 Our Conclusion… Well, we think that for having a good body..and a good health is necessary to have a varied diet, practise sports …and if you think that you are getting fat, don´t stop eating…just practise more sport and eat less fast food or sweats or all that food that contain more sugar and which can also produce some internal ilnesses not just psicological.

24 The End

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